Lanie comes back into focus, and finds herself getting revenge on Thad. Leaving you to hope her parents are next.

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Lanie comes back into focus and finds herself getting revenge on Thad. Leaving you to hope her parents are next.

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Director(s) Amy Wang
Writer(s) J. Casey Modderno, David Aslan, Dylan Mulick
Air Date 10/25/2019
Introduced This Episode
Brenna Tierra Valentine

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Why Did I Have Sex With Him?: Lanie, Thad, Darren, Brenna

Thad has moved on with a girl named Brenna, who seemingly doesn’t care Thad is a bully. As for how Lanie feels? Well, considering how special he once made her feel, she is jealous but only to a certain point. She knows who he really is, and Thad reminds her every time he bullies Darren. Someone he tries to expose the genitals of, publicly, so she stabs him in the cheek.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. What was Brenna’s reaction to Lanie stabbing Thad and him bullying Darren? Is she an ass too?

The Evil Step-Parents: Lanie, Don, Rachel

With Don being the mayor, having a violent daughter, one who just disappeared for months, isn’t the best look for him. So, while suspended, it is agreed Lanie won’t leave the house. Then, to add insult to injury, Rachel has a lock put on Laura’s door to make sure Lanie can’t see her.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. What are Lanie’s biological parents like, and why was she up for adoption?

Let The Revenge Begin: Lanie, Thad, Brenna

Tierra Valentine as Brenna in the woods.
Tierra Valentine as Brenna

After being grounded by her parents, and her father trying to control and manipulate her, Lanie doesn’t necessarily snap, but she does seek some type of release. She finds that in her dreams as she intrudes on Thad and Brenna’s date. One in which it seems Thad wants to get Brenna drunk, possibly to the point he could do as he pleases. However, Brenna isn’t stupid, and when Thad goes to pee, somewhere out in the woods, she pours out the drink she was given.

Thus leading to Thad, all alone, and Lanie somehow projecting herself within a dozen or so feet from him. And as Thad finds himself suddenly alone, we see the usual roots attack and bound Thad to a tree. But, whether he gets hurt or just scared, we’re not told.




Lanie’s Revenge

While Lanie’s life was far from perfect, getting a taste of what it is at its worst was a bit eye-opening. Making her begin her revenge plot so satisfying. But, with learning she is more so a witch than calling upon the Birch, so comes the question of how did she get these powers? Also, with us seeing Rachel killed by her, is it safe to assume, after a certain point, Lanie eventually becomes the Birch which aides Evie?

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Lanie’s Revenge - 85%


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