Assimilate (2019) – Review, Summary (with Spoilers)

Assimilate isn’t the most complicated horror movie, but due to the leads it has, it puts you on edge as their lives are threatened.

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Title Card - Assimilate (2019)

Assimilate isn’t the most complicated horror movie, but due to the leads it has, it puts you on edge as their lives are threatened.

Director(s) John Murlowski
Screenplay By John Murlowski, Steven Palmer Peterson
Date Released (Netflix) 10/25/2019
Genre(s) Horror, Supernatural
Good If You Like
  • Horror Films With Small Casts
  • Alien-Like Villains
  • Films Which Setup Potential Sequels
Noted Cast
Randy Calum Worthy
Zach Joel Courtney
Kayla Andi Matichak
Mrs. Bissette Amye Gousset
Joey Mason McNulty

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Plot Summary/ Review

Community Rating: 100% (1 votes)

It’s senior year, and it seems Randy and Zach don’t have any concrete plans on what to do after high school. So, they decide to start a web series talking about their small town in Missouri. A place they lead you to believe is an utter bore, outside of a few people worth paying attention to, like Zach’s childhood crush Kayla, and Mrs. Bissette.

However, things become exciting quickly as the people of the town become increasingly robotic. Thus leading to Zach and Randy investigating and discovering what is awry. But, the question is: Are they too late to do anything about it?


It Doesn’t Allow You To Think Everyone Will Be Safe

With films like this, often you are left feeling that nothing bad could happen to the lead characters and that anyone whose name you learn will survive. That isn’t true. Many people, whether they are friends or family, they are killed off and replaced. And as one of the major characters suffer this fate, it puts you on notice and reminds you that our heroes are teenagers with little to no discernible skills. So them surviving a takeover of their town is, realistically, slim.

You Care About The Characters

Which makes the fact you care about them so important. For horror films live or die based on you connecting with the leads, and when it comes to Randy, Zach, and Kayla, you want this threesome to live. After all, Zach and Kayla are adorable, and with them nearly being separated by her going off to Peru, you want to see one of them step up and express their feelings.

Then when it comes to Zach and Randy, it isn’t clear how long they’ve been friends, but there is something about Worthy as someone’s friend or love interest which feels so natural. Maybe it is because there is something kind of weird about him, that makes him feel less manufactured, or him just being a natural. Either way, watching Courtney and Worthy play off one another makes it so you could only hope as things get worse, they, alongside Matichak’s character, grow closer and get smarter.

The Ending

Generally, endings that hint at sequels are a bit too presumptuous and, in horror movies, are laughable since they often don’t deserve sequels. Be it due to them holding off major answers to questions for a sequel, or the characters being people you wished died. Assimilate doesn’t have that issue, and that makes the setup for an additional movie not as bad as it could be.

On The Fence

Knowing Little To Nothing About The Villains

Taking note the leads are teens, them not fully understand what or who is taking over the town helps in reminding you these kids are in high school. So while they have some survival skills, when things get really bad, they aren’t necessarily equipped to save the world. Yet, as a viewer, it is hard not to wonder who or what is invading and taking over? Especially since we’re not even given a hint.

Yet, there is also the need to question, with a sequel hinted at, would it ruin things to explain what is going on? Because that is the issue with horror sometimes, the more it explains things, the more ridiculous things get. Making it so you have to really suspend disbelief to stay connected to the movie. However, as much as the genre often sucks at backstory, unless they want to build sympathy for the leads quickly, there is still this craving for an explanation. Making it so the film is in a bit of a lose/lose situation.

Overall: Positive (Worth Seeing)

Courtney, Worthy, and Matichak are the deciding factors on why this movie is being labeled worth seeing. Worthy, who lives up to his last name, continues to prove himself as an actor who wisely chooses his roles and thinks beyond the idea that acting is about learning on the job. For in the process of making mistakes, and trying to become a better actor, often you can ruin your brand and make it so if you are associated with something, it doesn’t bring confidence. However, between The Act, Bodied, and the upcoming The Boonies, he has become a trusted name for us.

So, taking note of characters you’ll become protective over, especially as their lives are threatened, and a potential for a welcomed sequel, check out Assimilate, which is currently on Netflix.

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Assimilate Ending Explained, Recapped, and Spoiled

So, it isn’t clear what exactly is taking over, but we do know they are spider-like creatures. They apparently bite people to get their DNA and develop clones of them. From there, they aim to kill the original and apparently, through methods not explained, absorb their memories. However, while they get their memories they don’t necessarily understand the decisions of the originals and don’t take on enough of their personality to truly blend in.

Hence when Randy shows up, after distracting a horde, it is clear to Zach and Kayla he was not only bit but killed. But, luckily, they are able to reach the satellites, which allows the town access to the internet, and while they don’t know how to amplify the signal, Zach does upload the videos he has so he can warn the world. However, he learns from New York, London to China, the world has long been taken over.

Though, there is hope. While there aren’t too many who might not be replicated, there are some originals that do exist. Now all that needs to happen is Zach and Kayla getting a stable connection and figuring out a way to find these people. Never mind hope the clones aren’t capable of furthering their intelligence.

Is A Sequel Possible?

The film outright sets up a sequel as it makes it clear there are survivors out there. Leaving the only thing to ask being, are those who have survived able to create a network strong enough to save people, shelter them, and maybe even fight back against the horde? After all, with the horde touching down in places like India and China, and them being able to communicate with a roar, what chance does what remains of humanity truly have?

Plus, Kayla and Zach, also her little brother Joey, aren’t the most savvy of people. We aren’t told they have any real survival skills, and while they have tenacity and some common sense, whether they could get through a city without being killed is up for questioning. Yet, we’ve seen many characters grow up quickly when life called for it so let’s not underestimate what Zach, Kayla, and even Joey could accomplish.


Knowing Little To Nothing About The Villains - 79%
The Ending - 80%
You Care About The Characters - 86%
It Doesn’t Allow You To Think Everyone Will Be Safe - 85%


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