The Birch looking over Wes.

We’re back to seeing things from Thur’s point of view, and it seems clear that Evie’s death note is absolute.

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We’re back to seeing things from Thur’s point of view, and it seems clear that Evie’s death note is absolute.

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Director(s) John William Ross
Writer(s) J. Casey Modderno
Air Date 10/18/2019

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Bad Enough I’m Stuck With You: Sebastian, Gavin, Thur

Gavin is at a crossroad. With his and Thur’s father in jail, mother getting drunk who knows where, it makes Sebastian the closest thing to an adult role model he has. Which worries Thur since it is becoming clear Gavin is starting to go down the wrong path. Yet, with him not being 18, or having the money to take Gavin elsewhere, so comes the question of what can he do?

Well, one of Gavin’s teachers recommend a boarding school named “Excelsior,” but with the price tag for that, unless Gavin gets one hell of a scholarship, Thur may have to sacrifice his escape for Gavin’s.

What Happened To Ryan?: Ryan, Wes, Thur

Surprisingly, the Birch let Ryan live, but his time in this world isn’t long. However, before he kills himself, he is visited by Wes and Thur and warns them of what is to come and mentions Evie’s name. Thus Wes goes after her and Thur decides to go with the original plan for the junkie Wes killed to frame Evie for murder.

If We Go Down, We Go Down Together: Wes, Thur

Thur burning the junkie's body.

After framing Evie and calling the cops, Thur races to Wes’ home, but all he sees is what the Birch left. A body, cut in half, hanging like a Christmas ornament.

Other Noteworthy Facts, Moments, and Random Thoughts

  • They really should, considering this and the last episode, just combine Evie and Thur’s episodes together




The Horror Element Kicked In

Before this episode, The Birch seemed more like a YA drama, with minor horror elements to it. However, with seeing the Birch in action? Viewers getting some blood and gore from the monster, things have changed. We now have jump scares, and if you’re someone like me, who is easily creeped out, you may find yourself pausing or looking away for you know what’s coming.


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The Horror Element Kicked In - 85%


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