While episode 1 dabbled with the supernatural, episode 2, “Postpartum” veers towards the “What the f***?” territory.

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While episode 1 dabbled with the supernatural, episode 2, “Postpartum” veers towards the “What the f***?” territory.

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Director(s) Amy Wang
Writer(s) J. Casey Modderno, David Aslan, Dylan Mulick
Air Date 10/11/2019
Introduced This Episode
Lanie Midori Francis
Rachel Marguerite Moreau
Mitch Isaac Lamb
Don Wayne Pére
Darren Sheaden Gabriel
Thad Nick Cassidy

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Meet Lanie: Lanie, Don, Rachel, Mitch

Lanie, a school-aged girl, had a secret baby, named Laura, who her father, local Mayor Don, and his wife Rachel, are claiming as their own. As for how they covered up Lanie’s pregnancy? Well, by saying she had mono. And after the birth of the child, she has little to no interactions with her newborn daughter or with people beyond her mother or uncle Mitch.

Back To School: Lanie, Thad, Darren

But, within three weeks after giving birth, she is considered ready to head back to school. Mind you, she is still leaking milk but is finding ways to avoid exposing herself.

However, there is something you have to ask: Who is the father? Is it the sweet boy next door Darren, who is slowly going bald? Maybe Lanie’s dad, since he does seem kind of creepy. Nope. It’s actually a boy named Thad. Someone who bullies Darren and seems like a horrible person. Making you wonder, why did Lanie have sex with him?

The questions don’t end there though. While trying to defend Darren, Lanie gets angry and shows signs that she may have magic. The kind which would explain why Lanie is coerced to take Alprazolam – a drug for anxiety and panic disorders.

We Need To Talk About Lanie: Lanie, Don, Rachel

With it being weeks of Lanie just hearing her daughter, not getting to see her, she decides to sneak into Laura’s room and hold her. An act interrupted by Don and Rachel, and it leads to Lanie to freak out a bit. Then when Don takes Laura, Lanie bashes her hid into Laura’s crib, breaking a spoke and seemingly impaling herself onto a jagged piece of wood.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. Is Lanie dead?
  2. Why was Laura wrapped in some sort of black wire?



There’s Something About Lanie

Lanie (Midori Francis) holding her baby.
Lanie (Midori Francis)

Between having powers, her family coercing her to hide her kid, and how she moves through the world, there is something about Lanie that draws you in. That makes you want to put a magnifying glass to her life, and I’d submit, she challenges Dotson. Sort of in a “That was the opening act, and here is the star” kind of way.


Maybe it is because Darren is sweet, or Lanie trying to save him from bullies, if not him being so young to be balding. Either way, like Lanie, there is something about Darren which calls your attention. Maybe even lead you to hope he gets an episode dedicated to him.

On The Fence

Is There A Pattern Emerging?

A girl who had something important taken from her, a group of boys, who move in a group of threes, who are antagonistic towards her and a male figure who is family, but she has a relationship with that doesn’t fit how you think their interactions should be. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, at all, just more so curious. Making you wonder, in episode three, will we get a third one who fits this pattern or jump back to Evie?


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Is There A Pattern Emerging? - 75%


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