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“The Asunta Case” Summary

The Netflix crime series “The Asunta Case” is based on the true story of a child’s murder. The Spanish-language thriller is written by Ramón Campos and tells a dramatic version of the police investigation into Asunta’s murder and the mystery surrounding her parents. 

“The Asunta Case” weaves between past and present-day events that led to the breakdown of Rosario Ponto and Alfonso Basterra’s marriage and the murder of their daughter. Detectives Christina and Rios are on the case, and a determined judge is adamant that Rosario and Alfonso are responsible for Asunta’s murder. Multiple mysteries shroud Rosario and Alfonso’s separation and the events that took place the day their daughter went missing. As media pressure increases and the public demands answers, Asunta’s murder becomes more murky than ever. “The Asunta Case” details events that happened during Asunta’s disappearance, the investigation, and the trial that took place. 

the asunta case

Content Information

“The Asunta Case” is rated TV-MA for child abuse, profanity, nudity, smoking, and suicide.

“The Asunta Case” General Information

Network Netflix
Genre(s) Crime



Non-English (Spanish)

Created By Ramón Campos,  Gema R. Neira,  Jon de la Cuesta, and David Orea Arribas
Based On the Asunta Basterra  murder case 
First Aired April 26, 2024
Written By Ramón Campos
Director(s) Carlos Sedes and Jacobo Martínez

Please Note: The content below contains pertinent spoilers, descriptions are updated as new information is presented, images are changed as better ones are captured, and this is not an exhaustive list of every cast member, guest star, or recurring role. 

Notable Locations & Items

  • Teo, A Coruña, Galicia, Spain (1.1): The location where Asunta’s body was found and where the investigation takes place. 

Rosario Ponto

asunta case 1
EL CASO ASUNTA (L to R) Candela Peña as Rosario, María León as Cruces in episode 02 of EL CASO ASUNTA. Cr. JAIME OLMEDO/NETFLIX © 2023

Played by: Candela Peña

Description: Rosario is Asunta’s adoptive mother. may initially seem like a happy, blessed mother, but her anxiety and depressive episodes leave her frantic and sometimes lying. Her sexless marriage to her husband results in her cheating and separation, but the impending trial of her daughter’s murder leaves Rosario weak and fragile, and she turns to her ex-husband for support. 

  • Introduced in: 1.1, “September 21”
  • The actor is also known for their role in “Princesses,” their role in “Take My Eyes,” and their role in “A Gun in Each Hand.”

Alfonso Basterra

the asunta case 2

Played by: Tristan Ulloa

Description: Alsonso is Rosario’s husband and Asunta’s adoptive father. He’s described as a pragmatic man who’s detail-oriented. But when he discovers his wife is cheating on him, Alfonso’s rage is terrifying. It’s this rage and need for control that make him a suspect in his own daughter’s murder.

  • Introduced in: 1.1, “September 21”
  • The actor is also known for their roles in “Sex and Lucia” and “Modesty.”

Judge Malvar

asunta case 4

Played by: Javier Gutierrez

Description: Judge Malvar knows that Rosario and Alfonso are behind Asunta’s murder, if only he could prove it. As Malvar’s ailing father needs more help, Malvar distracts himself by digging deeper into the murder case. His rage and determination to find Asunta’s parents responsible grow stronger with each episode. 

  • Introduced in: 1.1, “September 21” 
  • The actor is also known for their role in “Aguila Roja,” their role in “Marshland,” and their role in “The Motive.”

Cristina Cruces

asunta case 3

Played by: Maria Leon

Description: Cruces is a police detective and one of the few people open to any possibility in the murder case and, therefore, suspicious of all. Cruces and her husband are trying to conceive their own child, so the murder case feels personally closer to her. 

  • Introduced in: 1.1, “September 21”
  • The actor is also known for their role in “SMS” and “The Sleeping Voice.”


asunta case 5

Played by: Carlos Blanco

Description: Agent Rios is the more veteran agent in the Asunta murder case. He partners with Cruces and is less empathetic towards the parents. At home, he’s raising his granddaughter.

  • Introduced in: 1.1, “September 21”

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