Supacell: Season 1 Episode 1 – Review/ Recap

Title Card for Supacell

In the London area, multiple Black people begin developing powers as they encounter situations that lead to emotions running high.


Battle For The Estates – Tazer

Tazer is the leader of a small gang that runs a local estate. He seemingly is next in line for leadership after Craig, whom we haven’t met, has gone to prison. But, with getting himself slashed when confronted and his people running, it seems the gang isn’t secure enough to solidify its legacy.

To make matters worse, Tazer’s mom is one of the many people who have been taken due to having powers, and he doesn’t know this. So, while his grandmother is raising him, he curses his mother’s name.

The Boy Is Mine – Shar, Sabrina

Shar and Sabrina are sisters, with Shar being Craig’s ex and Sabrina the nurse who directed Tazer’s friends to his hospital room. But, while Sabrina has a lot going for her, unfortunately, her boyfriend of 9 months has been cheating on her for at least 2 with one girl, who knows how many with someone else. Yet, she gets hers when she suddenly has powers and flings that man back when he tries to get in her face for exposing him.

Anything To Not Go Back – Rod

Rod has just started to deal drugs, and building a clientele is hard. This is notably bad because he doesn’t want to go home, but he isn’t selling much, and he has unreliable transportation. Life is hard for a young man trying to make it. But, he finds himself suddenly gaining super speed powers that, in a snap, lead him to go from London to Edinburgh, which is a four to five-hour train ride, according to Lner, and over 300 miles in between.

Recidivism Is What They Want – Andre, Aisha, AJ

Andre has a record, which makes it hard for him to make legitimate money. His ex, Aisha, keeps Andre from seeing his son AJ because he doesn’t pay child support, but Andre has a new sales job he is an ace in. However, when his employer finds out he has a record, he is let go, just as he was getting on not only Aisha but also AJ’s good side. But with him learning he didn’t get paid and getting mad, he gains super strength powers, and after punching an ATM, his money problems might be solved in the short term.

The Ideal Couple – Dionne, Michael

Michael and Dionne are romantic comedy levels of cute. Michael is a delivery driver, and it isn’t clear what Dionne does for a living. However, they are doing well enough to have a home, a new car, and Michael believes it is time to ask that question. After all, they are adults and have known each other since Year 9 (8th Grade).

But, on the day he is supposed to propose, Tazer and his lot kill Michael. Thankfully, as he lay there dying, he gets the power to travel through time and changes things just enough to survive and propose. However, while having some proposal sex, he jumps into the future that is only months away and looks dystopian, then his future self takes him to a gravesite that shows in only a few months separated from getting engaged, Dionne is going to die.

Additional Information

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  3. Created By: Rapman

Collected Quote(s)

  • “Déjà vu is God’s way of giving you a second chance.” – Dionne

Cast and Characters

Character’s NameActor’s Name
TazerJosh Tedeku
SharRayxia Ojo
SabrinaNadine Mills
RodCalvin Demba
AndreEric Kofi Abrefa
AishaLinda Adey
AJKy-Mani Carty
DionneAdelayo Adedayo
MichaelTosin Cole

New Character Descriptions


Tazer is a young man who was raised by his grandmother and is struggling with his newfound role as leader of a local gang that is being tested.


Shar is Sabrina’s sister who, unlike her sister, lives in an “About That Life” mindset.


Sabrina is a nurse at a local hospital who may have a good part of her life together, but her romantic relationship isn’t included.


Rod is relatively new to London, and to make ends meet, he sells drugs. Specifically weed, but with him not being able to gain much in the way of clientele, he isn’t making enough to avoid flailing.


Andre is the father of one, and he works hard to be a good dad. He is a master salesman, one Rod could learn something from, but due to his past, it seems working a legit sales job is difficult.


Aisha is the mother of Andre’s son.


AJ is Andre’s son.


Dionne is the love of Michael’s life whom he has been with since Year 9 and with whom he shares a home and a car.

  • The actor is also known for their role in “Jet Trash.”


Michael is a delivery driver whose better half is Dionne.

  • The actor is also known for their role in “House Party.”



Dionne and Michael

Dionne and Michael were the initial hook for me regarding “Supacell.” Even though it has nearly been a decade, I still remember Adelayo Adedayo fondly from watching “Some Girls,” which is available on Tubi, and there is still this slight quirkiness that is adorable about her. However, now she is grown, and Tosin Cole is a wonderful match.

I’d even say if you aren’t heavily into sci-fi and the other characters on the show, these two could be the silver lining that helps give other characters time to catch up.

Sickel Cell Shout Out

While by no means a big part of the episode, I must admit seeing Michael with his mom, who has Sickel Cell Amneia, it seems, and “Supacell” presenting the challenges she goes through felt nice. It acted as a means of presenting this show as a program that is about a specific Black experience, since these Black people have superpowers, while also grounding it with topics and issues the community faces beyond the issues Andre, Tazer, and the others exhibit, that have long flooded the market.

On The Fence

The Hook May Take Time To Warm Up To As Well As Most Characters

It could be a bit of a struggle getting into many of the characters’ stories. Yes, everyone has a unique story that helps them stand out, and you will find yourself intrigued by some organization kidnapping Black people with powers. However, the superhuman element isn’t taken to a place where that is the hook.

Yes, you rarely find a predominately Black show in the sci-fi, or perhaps fantasy, genre, but never mind featuring them as superheroes. However, something about each character’s life feels a bit too familiar and not done in a way that drives the emotions behind it. Tazer is a kid being raised by his grandmother, while his mom suffers in a cage somewhere. I get it; there is hurt there from his mom abandoning him and him not having much right now to make her regret leaving him.

Then, with Andrew, it is acknowledged that having a record that is not expunged after you do your time is messed up for it not only limits your ability to get government services, but it also blackballs you from a good portion of positions that could prevent recidivism. Add in the challenge he is dealing with regarding his ex keeping his son from him, and while it is touching on the page, as the show tries to build out all of the characters in one episode, you could easily feel like you don’t get enough for this to stick the landing.

Add in Rod, Shar, and Sabrina, who share the title of least amount invested in the episode, and it could easily leave you feeling like only this romantic plot is worth investing in, while everything else is either the same storyline with new actors or, on a more hopeful twist, maybe Rapman taking the familiar to prep you for something rarely seen.

General Information

Episode TitleMichael
Release DateJune 27, 2024

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Supacell: Season 1 Episode 1 - Review


While “Supacell” brings something different to the superhero genre with a different look to its leads, unfortunately, there are only two characters whose stories are a hook, while the rest have potential you hope gets realized.

  • Dionne and Michael - 84%
  • Sickel Cell Shout Out - 81%
  • The Hook May Take Time To Warm Up To As Well As Most Characters - 73%
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  • Sickel Cell Shout Out
  • Dionne and Michael


  • The Hook May Take Time To Warm Up To As Well As Most Characters

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