Stuck With You: Season 1 Episode 1 “Chapter 1: Lemons and Oranges” [Series Premiere] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Title Card - Stuck With You Season 1 Episode 1 “Chapter 1 Lemons and Oranges” [Series Premiere]

In its premiere, “Stuck With You” may remind you of many a Black celebrity couple, especially those where it shifted who is the star and the big-time success.

In its premiere, “Stuck With You” may remind you of many a Black celebrity couple, especially those where it shifted who is the star and the big-time success.

Directed By Patricia Cuffie-Jones
Written By Patricia Cuffie-Jones
Aired (UMC) 2/13/2020
Introduced This Episode
Luvell Timon Kyle Durrett
Candace Tammy Townsend
Stephanie A.J. Johnson
Vaughn Monti Washington
Tee Khalilah Joi
Quasir Terrance Green
Mora D. Woods
Katrina Jessica Obilom

Episode Recap

The Perfect Couple: Luvell, Candace

In the vein of Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith, we have Candace and Luvell. They are seen as the perfect couple, #Goals, and their book is the talk of the town and has led them to seem like relationship gurus.

The Arrangement: Luvell, Candace, Stephanie

However, the truth is, the spark is gone, Luvell has cheated on Candace, and to atone he is trying to help her enter the next stage of her life. Which her manager, and friend, Stephanie, is doing her best to help with since Candace’s music career is been on ice, her fitness program isn’t what it used to be, and now she is simply Luvell’s wife. Which, considering his story ranging from White House security to world-renowned actor who semi-retired to take care of his mother, unless Candace eviscerated Luvell, a breakup, at this point, wouldn’t do her any good.

The Ex In The Wings: Candace, Vaughn

Vaughn (Monti Washington) encountering Candace.
Vaughn (Monti Washington)

While it isn’t made clear if Candace is a serial dater or the full details of her and Vaughn’s relationship, what is clear is that he’d like to reconnect with her. But, whether or not she is willing to play that game is rather hard to say. After all, she loses quite a bit of sway over Luvell if she slips like he did and there are surely a multitude of reasons Vaughn is not her husband.

Yet, the hot and cold nature of her marriage, the attempts to keep up appearances, which isn’t always possible, it is becoming draining.

What’s The Tea?: Candace, Tee

Case in point, Candace goes on a podcast with someone who is like old-school Wendy Williams, who not only confronts Candace but slices her up like she is deli meat. Thus putting into the ethos the need to question why Candace’s relationship is so public? Why is she consistently pushing what she and Luvell have and what is the real deal behind the Instagram captions?

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself: Candace, Tee, Luvell

Tee (Khalilah Joi) talking to Candace on her show.
Tee (Khalilah Joi)

Candace being checked on Tee’s show pushes her to clap back. Which was a necessary move since Tee got Candace all up in her feelings and, because of how hot that interview was, Candace was scheduled for repeat visits. But, while that interview helps Candace save face, it doesn’t necessarily help her reach the goal of making a potential life beyond Luvell. Someone who has a non-profit up and running that, alongside his previously mentioned accomplishments and life choices, furthers the idea he is a good guy.

Review/ Commentary


It’s Approach To A Celebrity Marriage

I cannot say for sure whether Luvell and Candace’s relationship is inspired by anyone, but you do get the sense of what a marriage like that can be behind closed doors. Especially considering you don’t just belong to one another, but your relationship belongs to the world and is seen as something to put on a pedestal. An ideal which is hard to maintain for you may also find yourself eventually wanting what other people see and not being able to have it creates the kind of frustration you have to step back from.

So while Luvell has cheated, and Candace is struggling with her next move, you can understand why they haven’t ended things. For, when it comes to both parties, they are unfortunately stronger together financially, and in terms of career opportunities, than apart.

Tee Calling Out Candace & Candace’s Clapback

What you have to love about Tee calling out Candace is because it was a wake up call. To Candace’s face, she was forced to deal with people thinking her and Luvell’s relationship was manufactured. And with being put on notice, it seemingly sparked a need to focus less on the sense of “Us” and more on the idea that, while she is with Luvell for financial and career-related reasons, she has to remind people of her resume. She is far more than his beautiful wife, Candace had a whole career, a business, and while things have slowed down, what is Tee’s accomplishment beyond exploiting people’s lives for revenue?

I don’t know about you, but I was LIVING!

The Supporting Characters

While many were not noted in the recap, let us just note when it comes to Mora, Candace’s assistant, and Quasir, Luvell’s business partner, things do pick up. Heck, in this episode, watching Mora be young and in love was so cute. It pushes the idea D. Woods could make an excellent romantic lead, with the right director/writer.

Then with Quasir, seeing him and his wife Katrina, you get the taste of what a celebrity couple is like when they are young and got together before the come up. And seeing him deal with the fact his career isn’t what it used to be, and he is starting to have to deal with things like presentations and the possibility of fatherhood, how shook he comes off makes you hope they explore realizing you are a legit adult. For while, yeah, you were making millions before, now you are making possibly less and yet still have the same, if not additional, responsibilities.

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  • Pacing - /100
  • Value For Intended Audience - /100
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