Title Card - Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 4 “Chapter Four Dear Billy”

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Victor Creel is met face to face as Max finds herself face to face with Vecna. Oh, and things get interesting for those in California/Alaska.

Aired (Netflix) 5/27/2022
Director(s) Shawn Levy
Writer(s) Paul Dichter
Introduced This Episode
Victor Creel (1986) Robert Englund
Victor Creel (1950s) Kevin L. Johnson
Yuri Nikola Djuricko
Director Hatch Ed Amatrudo

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


Hopper has prepped to escape with the impression that Antonov, aka Enzo, had everything set for who knows how long. However, what he didn’t expect was for Yuri to betray him. But with getting money from Joyce and Murray, money for helping with the capture of an escaped prisoner, money for revealing a corrupt guard, and money from the KGB over capturing Joyce and Murray? That was too much to pass up, so now it seems Murray and Joyce may still reunite with Hopper but in Russia.

As for how things are in California? El is not seen the whole episode, but Sam’s people are supposed to be guarding Will, Mike, and Jonathan. However, about midday, men with guns come and kill one of the two agents tasked with protecting Mike and the Byers boys. Luckily though, the boys were already planning an escape, and no sooner than things go to hell, Argyle pops up and is able to drive everyone off.

Meanwhile, back in Hawkins, Nancy and Robin again team up and leave Steve to watch the freshmen. He protests, but what can he do? Nancy thinks she and Robin are a better bet to talk to a man named Director Hatch so that they can see Victor Creel, and they are right. However, Nancy wouldn’t have guessed that Robin would be the one to talk Director Hatch into letting them see Creel, never mind that Creel would be so forthcoming.

He breaks it down like this: He and his wife inherited money from a dead relative and moved into a house where they had peace for one month. After that, Vecna started killing animals around them, then went after Creel’s wife, his kids, and him. He only escaped due to hearing a familiar song that gave him a way out of a WWII nightmare when he was reminded he killed innocent people, including a baby. However, between seeing his dead wife and kids, he went a bit insane and tried to kill himself by cutting his eyes out but got to live.

With the information that music saves people from Vecna, after escaping from Director Hatch and his guards, Robin relays this to Dustin, who is watching Max rise up and prepare to die. But, thanks to hearing her favorite song, she escapes the place where it seems Vecna is feeding off of Chrissy and Fred and even rips one of his tentacles out before returning back to our world safely.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. If Victor was trying to kill himself, why go for the eyes?
  2. All those bullets flying, and you’re telling Mike, Will, and Jonathan didn’t get hit by one?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Everyone sharing their favorite songs to keep safe from Vecna
  2. Us not seeing Vecna for a few episodes, so he can plan a comeback
  3. Yuri having trouble getting Murray and Joyce to the KGB
  4. Hopper and Enzo sharing a cell
  5. Argyle and everyone else going on a road trip to Hawkins or wherever El might be
  6. Max and Lucas getting back together
  7. Jason finding Eddie



Max’s Emotional Goodbye To Billy

It was expected that Max would deliver an emotional performance, and damn if she didn’t deliver. While her letters and goodbyes to everyone were sweet, that message to Billy? It brought tears to my eyes, and when Vecna got her, I genuinely thought this was the end for her. Which is saying something, for it means the suspension of disbelief was in full effect since you and I both know they are not killing off a series regular.

Victor’s Story

If you are going to bring a legend like Robert Englund on, why wouldn’t you give him a lackluster storyline? Luckily, “Stranger Things” doesn’t do that. It gives him one of the most interesting backstories for an adult character and probably the most interesting storyline for an adult all season, as it dives into how Vecna killed his family.

Things Just Got Interesting In California and Alaska

The west coast has been the B-Team since episode 1 of the season. Hawkins was where all the action was, and everyone else? They were in waiting. Hopper was waiting to escape/be rescued. El was waiting for Mike, Will waiting to have a life, Jonathan waiting for Nancy to break up with him, and it was dull. But with Hopper’s escape failing, the Russians getting Joyce and Murray, and us seeing Mike, Will, and Jonathan barely escape a shootout?

They now have our attention.


At one time, Dustin was the most comical character on the show. But it seems with him taking on a leadership position, while he still has his moments, Robin has stepped in, and she is hitting home runs left and right. Whether it is with Nancy or anyone, Maya Hawke is definitely proving her last name and parents, may have made things easier, but she can earn her keep.

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Title Card - Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 4 “Chapter Four Dear Billy”
Stranger Things: Season 4/ Episode 4 “Chapter Four: Dear Billy” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
With nearly all storylines now giving you a reason to have an active interest and not just focused on its potential, “Stranger Things” season 4 has hit its stride.
Things Just Got Interesting In California and Alaska
Victor’s Story
Max’s Emotional Goodbye To Billy
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Max’s Emotional Goodbye To Billy
Victor’s Story
Things Just Got Interesting In California and Alaska

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