Stranger Things: Season 3, Episode 7 “Chapter Seven: The Bite” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Title Card - Stranger Things Season 3, Episode 7 Chapter Seven The Bite

Two secrets are revealed, we experience the first notable death of the season, and the gang begins to converge as the Mind Flayer makes its first major move.

Two secrets are revealed, we experience the first notable death of the season, and the gang begins to converge as the Mind Flayer makes its first major move.

Director(s) The Duffer Brothers
Writer(s) The Duffer Brothers
Air Date 7/4/2019

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Goodbye Comrade: Alexei, Murray, Larry, Joyce, Hopper, Grigori

With it being unclear when the US government could show up, the journey to Hawkins begins and with Joyce and Hopper bickering so much, Murray calls them out. How? Well, the same way he did Jonathan and Nancy but yelling. Thus making things really awkward as Joyce and Hopper, at the July 4th fair, look for their kids as Alexei and Murray hang out.

Which, at first, seeing the two hang out, was kind of nice. Alexei is thinking of migrating to America, maybe starting a new life, and while Murray is jaded, he is fun. Also, he has become a true friend. Hence why Grigori, after being tipped off by Larry that Hopper is around, probably kills him first.

Alexei recognizing he got shot.

Leading to Hopper, once Murray informs him of what happened, going into a funhouse to throw off Grigori since they want to handle him before Joyce. Someone who, with Murray, gets in a getaway vehicle that Hopper joins them in later. With Grigori, though shot, very much alive.

A Major Blow To El: El, Mike, Max, Lucas, Nancy

Despite fending off one of the Mind Flayer’s minions, with a major leg injury, El isn’t moving quickly and might not be the killer we know her to be. However, between Nancy with a shotgun, Lucas with his fireworks, alongside Mike and Max caring for her, maybe El might make it through all this. After all, she and Mike have to say they love each other verbally.

The Gang Is, Mostly, All Here: El, Erica, Steve, Robin, Dustin

Dustin and Erica have a hard time dealing with Robin and Steve. They are drunk off of truth serum and are hot ass messes. However, after vomiting, they’re a little better. Yet, to test if they got it all out of their system, they decide to ask questions of one another. For Steve, it deals with being in love with Nancy, which is no longer a thing. As for Robin? Well, as Steve makes it clear he likes her, she reveals she is gay.

Robin fearing how Steve will react when she rejects him and tells him she is gay.

At first, Steve takes a minute to process, and this worries Robin since, lest we forget, this is the 80s and we’re in middle America. However, after processing that, he is joking about the girl she had a crush on and things seem as they were before. Thus continuing to make Steve one of the most accepting and awesome characters on the show.

Also, one who was about to die with Erica, Dustin, and Robin. Why? Well, when they escaped, the Russians knew and alerted their comrades upstairs. So they were chased until they were trapped behind a counter and nearly shot to death. However, El appears, kills them, and so they are saved. At least for a moment since she collapses soon after due to her injury. One which looks like a mini gate on her calf.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What’s the likelihood of Murray being gay or sexually fluid? Or was he just getting close to Alexei and that’s it?
  2. So El murdering 3 or 4 people isn’t going to be made a big deal at all? They were bleeding, and everything – a pool of blood.
  3. Is Suzie real?




Honestly, Robin being gay is even better than her being with Steve. It’s like a late pride present. But, most importantly, it is nice to see a boy, and girl get along, especially at their age, without there being any sort of sexual tension. Yet, there still being chemistry which makes them good scene partners.

Hopper’s Comeback

After Grigori whooped Hopper’s behind, of course he had to make a comeback. Not one big enough to possibly eclipse the finale, but remind us that Hopper can still fight and take someone out. It’s just, after a few months of peace, he got rusty. However, with Alexei dead, he now has a real fire in his belly which will surely drive him to be a more formidable opponent.

On The Fence

Alexei – We Hardly Knew You

I wouldn’t compare Alexei’s death to Bob or Barb’s. We just got to the point where he didn’t seem like an ass, and while he was showing a softer side to Murray, it just started. So his death either can be seen as a warm-up of what is to come, or just someone killed off to legitimize Grigori and show it isn’t just El, Nancy, and Jonathan who don’t have any issues with murdering people.

This Season Is Making Nearly Every Romance Bleh

Mike prepping to confesses his love to El.
Mike: I just, like, I’ve never felt like this, you know, with anyone before…

Don’t get me wrong, I recognize Mike struggling to confess to El is cute, but after Robin and Steve, you increasingly get this sense of obligation when it comes to many of the couples on here. That just because two people get along, even have some chemistry, it means they have to date.

Leading me to appreciate Lucas and Max’s barely ever seen or acknowledged relationship. For, at this point, they come off more like an interracial brother and sister duo than two people who are off and on.

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