Station Eleven: Season 1/ Episode 10 “Unbroken Circle” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Jeevan looking at a promotional poster for the Traveling Symphony

In the series finale, so comes the question will the Undersea create beacons for Station Eleven, or will Tyler decide to spare those he once called home?

In the series finale, so comes the question will the Undersea create beacons for Station Eleven, or will Tyler decide to spare those he once called home?

Aired 1/13/2022
Network HBO Max
Directed By Jeremy Podeswa
Written By Patrick Somerville
Introduced This Episode
Hugo Paul Nusbaum
Jim Timothy C. Simons
Haley Kate Moyer


The One Who Saved Them All – Miranda, Hugo, Jim, Clark

Unbeknownst to us all this time, Miranda is the one who saved Clark and Severn City airport. How? Well, first by picking up Clark’s call, despite not talking for years due to Arthur and her deciding to leave her room, which was sealed off. From there, she goes to Jim’s room, despite him being infected, and uses him to look up the airport, the pilot, Hugo, and then she talks the pilot into not letting the passengers of the plane off. In doing so, Miranda not only left a book behind, which has affected dozens, maybe hundreds of children, but also saved Elizabeth, Clark, and the community they formed.

Rearrangements to Cast & Crew – Alex, Elizabeth, Tyler, Kirsten, Clark

With Tyler refusing to talk to his mother, Kirsten comes to the point of having enough. It has been over 20 years since she has seen her parents and almost 18 since she saw Jeevan or Arthur, who was like a father to her. Alex has never met her parents and seemingly has sought a maternal figure and paternal figure for the last few weeks or months, as she comes into her own. So when it comes to Tyler and Elizabeth? Kirsten shuts down the drama and forces them into Hamlet, with Elizabeth playing Gertrude and Tyler playing Hamlet.

This isn’t something Alex likes, at first, because it means not getting to play the lead again. However, lest we forget, it is a rare opportunity to see people unite, especially parents with their children. So while partly upset, it seems Alex’s admiration for both is set aside. Thus allowing Elizabeth and Tyler to reconcile, and maybe Tyler and Clark as well?

Hello, Goodbye – Sarah, Jeevan, Kirsten, Alex, Tyler, Haley, Elizabeth, Clark

However, while things end on a good note for Tyler, Clark, and Elizabeth, which includes Elizabeth leaving with Tyler and the Undersea, there was a moment things could have went left. You see while celebrating another performance, and mourning Sarah’s passing, one of the Undersea, Haley, was ready to repeat what we saw at Pingtree. Now, as for who her target was? We could assume it was the Traveling Symphony, but it could have been Clark, Elizabeth, Miles, who knows?

Thankfully, Kirsten impedes this tragic event by talking with Haley, introducing her to her copy of Station Eleven, and maybe starting to deprogram her a bit. In fact, for a moment, it even seemed that, as Alex preps to move on and join Elizabeth and Tyler, maybe Haley would become Kirsten’s new Alex?

But that ends up not being the case. Haley steals Kirsten’s copy of Station Eleven and brings it to Tyler as they leave. But, as if fate knew Kirsten needed a solid win, no sooner than Haley runs off does Kirsten see Jeevan in front of her, and the two reconnect and talk from that night until the Traveling Symphony, which has been granted permission to leave, reach a crossroad between their next stop and Jeevan’s way home.

Jeevan being promised that The Circlr will include the airport

But, to leave us on an ellipsis, it is noted that while they will separate, with Kirsten seemingly taking over for Sarah, the Museum of Civilization will be added to their stops, and Jeevan is encouraged to bring his family next year.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Raising kids is hard. You go in and out of sync. It’s like a yo-yo. You love them, but you get angry. You scare them, they run away.
— Jeevan



The Miseducation of Tyler and the Undersea

While we saw what happened, I think Tyler’s take on Clark, Elizabeth, the situation which led to that man’s death, was limited to his viewpoint as a child. One with a thick delineation between right and right, with no sort of gray in between. Because of this, each time he was confronted with who they are versus how he perceived them, he felt the need to run away or shy away even.

And, as Elizabeth said, what Tyler is, is a stunted young man who still has the mind of that kid who ran away. Which, unfortunately, has spread to the Undersea, who seemingly have pulled a 180. While Tyler runs from situations that confront who he is and what he thinks, members of the Undersea seek to destroy.

Yet, with Tyler reconciling with his mom and how he saw her, combined with a member of the Undersea having the source material which has a happy ending, versus the parts Tyler dwells on because of his trauma, it seems the Undersea might be reborn. Specifically, they may all find themselves moving on from their shared trauma and misery and perhaps find the hope, love, and sense of belonging they truly need.

The End of Miranda

I love that Miranda has had such an impact on everything we’ve seen. Because of Miranda, Kirsten and Tyler have a book that got them through the worst period of their life and even gave Tyler a sense of community. One he’d sacrifice to make a point, but let’s not get into that. The point is, Miranda saved those two kids and saved the whole Severn City Airport despite it meaning the ultimate sacrifice from her and not necessarily having a close relationship with anyone who benefited from what she did.

Kirsten Saving Everyone From The Beacons

One of the things we really have to give Kirsten credit for is her emotional intelligence. We know she can fight and perform, but it is one thing to put on a mask and enrapture people with a persona and a whole other to offer your person. Haley didn’t know Kirsten beyond her brief time in the Undersea. So for Kirsten to gain the child’s trust and sway her away from her mission? That shows that, despite Kirsten’s own trauma, she hasn’t a wall up or anything which would keep her from reconnecting again.

And in a way, that shows something beyond growth but rather an understanding that, as we saw with Jeevan, Kirsten has a knack for knowing who she can and can’t trust and maybe what they are capable of. Which, yes, you could submit, “What about Tyler then?” but let’s not forget Tyler showed himself capable of training children to kill others. It’s just that there was more to him, and Kirsten eventually saw beyond the façade.

Jeevan and Kirsten Reuniting

This was just a moment we were hoping for. Jeevan is the blueprint for Kirsten, in terms of how a parent should be, despite having her own parents for more than ten years. Yet, this man, who others claimed couldn’t be consistent, was always on the run, and a mess, look at what he did. His influence led to a badass young woman who might have abandonment issues, but she is working on that. And I think like Tyler, she found healing in reuniting with someone from her past, and perhaps could move forward with the understanding a goodbye is for now, but it shouldn’t be seen as the end.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

Haley (Kate Moyer) getting ready to create a beacon
Haley (Kate Moyer)
  1. So, did Haley tell the others not to send Severn City Airport sky high because they didn’t really resolve that issue.
  2. I assume we should just see Siya as someone who died from exposure, and that be it, right?
  3. Did Alex want Tyler to kill Clark or someone else? Hence her giving Kirsten’s knife? Was that meant to cause chaos and give her the means to escape with him and show her loyalty?
  4. How many kids are part of the Undersea?! Also, I know begging is one of the methods but, how does begging feed the field of children we saw ahead and around Tyler?

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