As we finally learn who Star’s baby daddy is, most of the cast is trying to deal with their past so that it doesn’t impede the joy pending in their future.

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As we finally learn who Star’s baby daddy is, most of the cast is trying to deal with their past so that it doesn’t impede the joy pending in their future.


Director(s) Chris Robinson
Writer(s) Nina Gloster, David Gould
Air Date 10/3/2018

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No Snitching: Cassie, Maurice, Carlotta, Cotton, Jayden, Noah, Andy

Can we re-establish that no snitching has almost always been you don’t tell on someone who you did the crime with? That is, versus this new definition of not saying nothing just because? Because, with seeing Jayden draw Jahil shot, talking about how another person in his life was also gunned down, it really forces you to think about how many people are scot-free over how that street code got warped. Which, of course, Cassie is taking full advantage of. Hell, she even, to Cotton’s face, talks about helping her find Jahil’s killer like she didn’t shoot the gun.

But hey, what you gonna do? Cassie got Carlotta’s lips sealed and while she may roll up on her and threaten her, she doesn’t seem to have it in her to take her out. Which, at this point, might be the only way Cassie won’t figure a way to come back and try to make a move. You see what she is trying to do with Maurice right? Start a whole music business, with a streaming platform and even a residency, just to get back at Carlotta. She even goes for Noah to make it sting a bit.

However, Noah may not have much, but he knows Carlotta got him through thick and thin. So Maurice approaching him, after not visiting or calling till he wants to make a deal, it’s no bueno. Also, while Cassie can talk a good game, it isn’t good enough for Noah to just toss Carlotta aside. Even at his worse, she stuck by him. Probably paid for his rehab stint. But, while Cassie may not get the win she wants, Noah does let it slip Andy is around. So she’ll get something out of all this work she is putting in.


Cassie, in all her glory.

I’m tired of Cassie and she has barely even gotten started. As said countless times, this show has enough obstacles in the girls trying to make it and stay on top. Carlotta got enough issues with trying to keep the girls from breaking up and doing right by Mary. All this extra drama? Honestly, it’s too much. I get the star power helps but I’d argue it only helps short term. Long term? All it does is make this show feel bloated.

Which, yeah, each year the show does shed weight, but I wish it wouldn’t add replacements like Cassie to make up for the numbers lost. There has yet to be one good thing from Cassie, even Christine, coming onto this show besides a little bit of background on Carlotta. Something that isn’t even worth all the trouble and nonsense Cassie has brought to this show.

Putting The Pain Behind Us: Simone, Angel, Ruby, Derek, Alex, Nina, Mateo

Ruby, with her bruise featured, and Derek in the background.

So, unfortunately, Derek and Alex didn’t pop up and stop the rape. It happened. Thus leaving Ruby shook and feeling unsafe in her own home for the first time in 20 years. The neighborhood may not have felt safe, because of robberies and gun violence, but she never got violated as she did in the last episode. But, one possible good thing which came out of this is her and Alex growing closer. For with them both dealing with PTSD, sharing a spliff even, they reach an understanding they didn’t have before. Something which deepens their love for one another to a whole new level.

Switching to Simone, it’s over for her and Angel. She loves him, thanks him for believing in her, loving her, without conditions, but she can’t be trapped in the DR when her life is in the ATL. Atlanta is where her sister is, her future niece or nephew, and she is finally taking control of her career and life. Granted, like every step of her career thus far, it is because of someone pushing her too.

In the latest situation, it is Nina. She says Simone should demand her time be taken seriously and while it first applies just to Take 3, she lets it spill over into her own career as well. Leading her to push for a role in this movie Mateo has announced which will star Noah. Meaning Simone is ready to step out on her own.


All I know is, they better not drop Ruby like a hot potato after this. You can’t give an actress, an audience, a story like that, let them have an emotional moment and then put them on the bench for half a season. If not relegate them back to being a comic relief. We’re three seasons in, eventually, there has to be a point where we can’t blame growing pains anymore. Especially for a show which isn’t started by some fresh face writers, directors, or showrunner. There isn’t any real asterisk to hide behind at this point.

With that said, I really do love Simone’s development over the past few seasons. While she still needs outside sources to validate and push her forward, her wanting that lead role in Black Ivy was all her. Nina didn’t push for that, Carlotta, nobody. She is finally taking control of her career and instead of walking away, she is taking the wheel. Here is just hoping the pressure doesn’t lead her to drive off a cliff. It isn’t like the girl wasn’t just popping pills and probably in need of rehab, as well as whichever therapist gives drugs, but a couple of episodes ago.

One last thing, does this divorce announcement mean Angel is being written off? Evan Ross is cool and all, but he can’t come back to America so… can the time dedicated to him be used for someone else?

You Are the Father: Noah, Jackson, Star, Bobby, Mateo, Carlotta

As you can imagine, living a life as Star has, it makes it so you want as much control over your narrative as you can get. So with Carlotta telling Mateo about her pregnancy, and him having it put on Gravity Media’s gossip site? Oh, she is pissed. So pissed she ups her antics to puking on the man. Which, I don’t know about you, but since it was clearly on purpose, f*** a contract, I’d blacklist her on the spot.

Yet, you know anyone who is the authority figure on this show lets Star get away with whatever she wants to do. She even blows up at a press conference, when people ask about her baby, her being a role model, etc, and nothing happens to her. It’s just another day for Star. However, there remains the question of who is the father? It isn’t Noah, based off Star’s timeline. Instead, we learn it is Jackson. You know, the guy who kind of fell off last season but apparently still got enough pumps in to get a baby in Star. Showing, once again, people need to stop treating the pull-out method like it’s a real thing.

Jokes aside, while Noah isn’t the father of Star’s kid he does find his dad, Bobby, reaching out to him again. This time it isn’t to save the boy but ask the boy to save him. He is homeless, destitute, and while too proud to ask for help he wouldn’t mind getting some. Which, despite Noah’s issues with his dad, he doesn’t have the heart to turn him down so he lets him into his house, and life, once more.


Jackson learning he is to be a father.

You know, I understand the music industry isn’t like the regular day jobs you and I have. Where if we even mumble the wrong thing that could be our ass. However, no matter the talent, I can’t imagine getting away with vomiting on someone. Especially when you knew it was coming, you was going to a garbage bin, but you decided someone’s clothes would be a better option. Like, it’s not a spit in the face but it’s just as disrespectful and nasty. If she did that to Nina, pregnant or not, I’d be on Nina’s side if she smacked the mess out of Star.

But, what can we expect really? Star has been enabled this entire series. I mean, she got away with attempted murder and never saw a judge or jury. There hasn’t been an authority figure yet she didn’t check and make clear they got no power over her, they solely just control her budget. Honestly making Simone such an essential figure since she is one of the few who can still get Star in her feelings.

Speaking of feelings, I wonder how the show is going to explore Noah’s feelings and issues with his dad? One of the few storylines that introduced a new character that is welcomed. Because, Noah’s issues are deep-rooted and a lot of it he sources in his father’s actions. So hearing his dad’s side, maybe them working things out, and hopefully Bobby not ending up a mid-season or season finale “Did he die?” character, may give us a whole new level to Noah.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Star has decided to call her fans the “Starlets”

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Is it fair to say Simone’s type, when it comes to women, are those who exert power or seem a little bit like a rough neck? Who sort of got some Star swag to them? Just less rude?


  1. Bobby coming into Noah’s life.
  2. Jackson being revealed to be the baby daddy of Star’s child vs. it being dragged out.
  3. Simone stepping up and pursuing something she cares about vs. continuing to sing to support Star’s dream.
  4. Juanita Jennings, aka Ruby, giving us full emotion. Being allowed to show us range and capability beyond being the comical, often drunk or high, grandma. Alongside Alex, we were shown growth and the kind of potential you hope doesn’t get wasted or benched.

Low Points

  1. How you going to vomit on someone and still have a job?!
  2. Does anyone really care about Andy anymore?

On The Fence

  1. I feel like, Cassie gets a reaction out of me so that means Brandy is doing her job, as are the writers. Yet, like the mob storyline in season 1, Arlene and her twin in season 2, Cassie feels like that unnecessary villain who needs to be killed off or who gets forgotten about.

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