As Jules gains a love interest, and Danny notes an argument with Matt, Leigh attempts to move on but ends up doing the unexpected.

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As Jules gains a love interest, and Danny notes an argument with Matt, Leigh attempts to move on but ends up doing the unexpected.

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Director(s) Rose Troche
Writer(s) Corina Maritescu
Air Date 10/22/2019
Introduced This Episode
Tommy Briana Venskus
Ravi Rene Rosado

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Matt Wasn’t A Saint: Danny, Bobby, Matt

There is something about being the one left behind and hearing how great the deceased is that can bug you a bit. Especially if it romanticizes the person and absolves them of their faults. Case in point, Bobby speaks highly of Matt but disregards him not being around to bury Danny’s father. That’s from picking a casket to consoling Bobby. Yet, who can he express this anger to who doesn’t give him some spiel about how he’ll get past his anger?

From what it seems, like how Leigh doesn’t want to hear “Sorry For Your Loss” or how people think they knew Matt, Danny doesn’t want people to tell him his anger will subside. What they both want are their feelings validated, and the rest people can keep to themselves.

I May Not Have Found Religion, But I Did Find Someone To Have Faith In: Tommy, Jules

Tommy (Briana Venskus) introducing themself.
Tommy (Briana Venskus)

Lacey who? It seems she was just a warm-up for Tommy. Someone who Jules accidentally runs into when looking for an AA meeting, but ends up spending an evening with at a QPoC (Queer People of Color) church. Leading to Jules expressing her skepticism towards religion but also slowly gaining the attention of Tommy.

Someone who accepts Jules is in recovery and seems willing to roll with her being, at best, agnostic. After all, post a hardcore Catholic upbringing, Tommy may still find value in religion, and the community it brings, but the doctrine still messes with her. At least the version she grew up with. Plus, she thinks Jules is cute.

Desperate People Do Desperate Things: Leigh, Ravi, Jules, Danny

While Leigh finally returns to the studio, with a 40% drop off in her enrollments, Jules asks her if her heart is really into teaching anymore. Leigh stumbles, and that’s all the answer Jules needs. So, while she can’t necessarily fire Leigh, that would more so be Amy’s thing, she does give her two months off so she can rediscover herself.

Leading to one of the first acts which seemingly was moving on and dating this guy named Javi. However, in time, it becomes obvious that Leigh didn’t want Javi – she wanted a hoodie he had that likely belonged to Matt. So no sooner does she get the opportunity to steal that hoodie, she is gone.

Javi (Rene Rosado) at a record store.
Javi (Rene Rosado)

But here is the fun part: She ends up at Danny’s, and they make out. Now, the fun part about this is Danny participates. Which means between Danny’s guilt and the need for us to question if Leigh just wants anything close to, or resembling Matt, this could lead to some interesting conversations and reactions.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

People don’t go to church because they’re perfect.
— Tommy

Other Noteworthy Facts, Moments, and Random Thoughts

  • Will we ever get Bobby’s perspective, when it comes to losing her son, and get to spend a day with her? Perhaps without Danny or even Leigh?



Jules May Have A Love Interest

With everyone meeting folks and having sex but Jules, until recently, she deserves Tommy, and also this needs to be some kind of end game couple. If only due to Venskus having that kind of charm you want to see long term. But, minor stanning aside, Jules has made it clear she operates as a Cinderella figure, without the wicked stepmom, for a long time, and she should have someone who makes her feel like more. Because, just watching her, with crutches, clean a whole studio by herself, that was a lot. And the fact she does so much emotional labor with Leigh, which she gets no thanks for really, makes it so she deserves to have a friend and partner.

On The Fence

Danny and Leigh

Danny and Leigh kissing.
Danny and Leigh kissing.

The good about them getting together comes from the conversations that can be had and understanding the reasoning for both. However, there is something about this that doesn’t click. Maybe it is the lack of chemistry or Danny seeming like he deserves a comeuppance in some form. Either way, I’m interested to see what happens but don’t want this long term. Especially since Danny and the girl who robbed him, I’d like to see them reunited.


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