As the girls prep for prom, quite a few obstacles try to stand in their way.

Topic 1: Saz’s Date – Saz

Topic 2: Daddy’s Home/ The Prom – Holli, Amber, Viva, and Rocky

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Topic 1: Saz’s Date – Saz

Thankfully Gabriel was allowed to stick around and, on top of that, he likes Saz’s aloofness.  Though there is a bit of an issue with those two dating, which is primarily his mom. For, you see, his mom is very controlling and really is pushing his academic career to the point it seems she has full control over his schedule. Add on the boy can’t lie to his mum, and you see Saz getting frustrated. Especially since, until he breaks his finger, she thinks he won’t even be allowed to go to prom with her. However, with a broken finger means he can’t be forced to stay home and practice violin.

Then, to top things off, before prom he shows up with a corsage for Saz and they share a rather nice kiss. Also, it seems Saz has plans to have sex with him before the night is over.


I’m truly happy for Saz, to the point that this being the season finale is a bit saddening. Add on we don’t know if her and Gabriel got to do the deed and it makes this being the end, until likely next fall, even more unfortunate. However, with her having Gabriel could mean a decent storyline, meeting his controlling mom, and maybe him meeting her family. All which could make for an interesting season 4.

Topic 2: Daddy’s Home!/ The Prom – Holli, Amber, Viva, and Rocky

With Viva giving Holli ten quid for prom decorations, she has all the money she needs to get her mom’s jewelry back. Meaning, when her dad comes home, he won’t have to see how hard they had it. Possibly leading to the man feeling guilty. However, right before Holli enters the pawn shop, she gets robbed. The reason? Well, Amber wanting to take selfies with the money.

Luckily, though, being that Viva would rather ride a bus to prom, versus a pink limo they had on reserve for months, Holli gets the money she needs to make it seem her family did alright without her dad. Though, thanks to Rocky knowing the tattoo artist of the mugger, he finds a way to get the money back. Leading to the actual prom in which, thanks to Viva decorating [1], the girls arrive looking top gear. Saz looks more beautiful than we perhaps have ever seen her; Holli looks like she is going to the club, and could get past the bouncer; Viva is stunning as usual, and Amber looks like the blonde girl from The Princess and The Frog, but with curls.


I must admit, after all this build up to Holli’s dad getting out, I would have liked some dialog and tears rather than just a family hug. Also, a part of me wishes we got to see the final product of all of Viva’s work. Especially after how much Amber hyped this prom being a big deal. I mean, would it have been too much to show them dancing during the credits?

Things to Note

[1] Anna forces Viva, due to someone getting sick, to handle the prom decorations. Something she did not want to do at all but was forced into due to threats of Rocky maybe getting fired. So, between Holli donating rotten coconuts and pineapples, and Viva’s dad helping to make palm trees, the night should have been a success.

Viva’s brother is seen in the episode.

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