Some Girls returns with a lot of old issues revisited, and one new one for Viva to deal with.

Review (with Spoilers)

It has been more than a year since the last 6 episode season of Some Girls, and to be quite honest I was a bit shocked when the show returned. For while I do like the series, and follow Adelayo Adedayo and Mandeep Dhillon on Twitter to see what new productions they are in, the announcement of this coming back for another season came out of left field for me. With that said, let’s talk about the episode.

Topic 1: 600 Pounds – Holly

For reasons left unsaid, Holly is trying to get 600 pounds. Leading her to work with her uncle Eddy.


While the girls have a lot of out there theories as to why Holly needs 600 pounds, considering her family’s background, I think it has to do more so with her family needing it more than her. After all, her parents aren’t in the best state of finances, and with all the siblings I’m sure money is tight. So who is to say rent isn’t due soon and her parents don’t have it? Leading Holly to trying to keep her family from being put out?

Topic 2: Where is Brandon? – Amber

With Brandon not replying to Amber, she worries maybe something awful happened to him. So, naturally, she tries to get the girl to help her investigate. All that happens though is they end up getting into Brandon’s house, eating all his food, and drinking his mom’s vodka, and Brandon’s mom freaking out when they wake her up from sleeping. Leaving the question of. “Where is Brandon?” unanswered. However, Saz does discover some panties and a name tag in Brandon’s room so there lies a possible answer.


Sometimes I really do wonder who is more simple: Amber or Rocky? Also, I wonder: why are the white girls on this show such stereotypes? For with Amber being a dumb blonde, and Holly your quintessential chav, it leads you to wonder if the writers are having a go at people they used to know. Especially when you consider how Viva and Saz are such odd and intriguing characters.

That thought aside, I find it sad how often Amber and Brandon go back and forth, especially after he slept with her sister. Though I must admit, I thought the orgasm conversation was nice to have. For while there are many shows which deal with female friendships out there, despite the stereotypes used in the show, there is something strangely authentic about some of the conversation in Some Girls. Especially when the show isn’t focusing on something which seems completely random.

Topic 3: Will You Marry Me? – Rocky and Viva

Due to Rocky feeling stupid, to the point he thinks he is allergic to school related things, he seemingly plans on dropping out of school. That isn’t his only rash decision, though, also he decides to propose to Viva. Something which, at first, she is against; but with seeing him freak out during the proposal, and see his grandmother’s ring, and all the preparation, she comes around and says yes. A shock to all of her friends.


With this show being 6 episodes, and it being a year since the beginning of last season, I thought Viva and Rocky were broken up. However, as I write this, I remember she dumped, or was dumped, by the pompous guy and ended up back with Rocky. A decision which I’m trying to remember if it was a good idea. If for the sole reason that opposites attract seems a bit too stretched of a concept between these two.

Though I must admit, I’m quite curious where this who marriage thing may go. Especially since it likely means meeting Rocky’s folks. Something I don’t think we have done yet.

Things To Note

In the episode, Saz reveals she has made a fake Facebook profile mostly to keep her parents off her back. Though, about mid-episode, she reveals how she sort of wishes her life was as active, or interesting, as fake Saz.

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