SMILF: Season 2, Episode 9 “Single Mom Is Losing Faith” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

We’re gifted a western theme to help remix things as Bridge and Nelson reconcile, and Mr. Daddy gets his.

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SMILF Season 2, Episode 9 Single Mom Is Losing Faith - Title Card

We’re gifted a western theme to help remix things as Bridge and Nelson reconcile, and Mr. Daddy gets his.

Director(s) Zach Strauss
Writer(s) Frankie Shaw, Zach Strauss
Air Date 3/24/2019
Introduced This Episode
Mr. Daddy Clark Gregg

Sloppy Seconds: Rafi, Nelson, Bridgette, Tutu, Larry

Like in actual Boston, in Bridgette’s western Boston there are some issues between her, Tutu, and also Nelson. All of which find Larry in the middle. Why? Well, Tutu thinks Bridgette wants Larry to go to some fancy school because she is ashamed of them and Nelson? Well, with Bridgette thinking Nelson is taking Rafi from his kid, that is a major issue.

However, while Rafi doesn’t get involved with the Tutu beef, which settles itself when Bridge and he can’t afford the pre-school, he does help the Nelson situation. If just by pushing that Nelson has to accept Bridge is part of his and Larry’s life and she has to try to make it work. Which, ultimately, she does.

Mr. Daddy: Nelson, Bridgette, Larry, Rafi, Tutu, Ally, Mr. Daddy

In this alternative reality of Boston, Mr. Daddy, Ally’s now apparent ex, pretty much owns everything. As you can imagine, that is a problem in Bridgette’s Boston since things are largely flipped. Making Mr. Daddy the last remnant of patriarchy in a largely matriarchal society. One which even is gender-flipped by men dolling themselves up and largely making up the sex worker population.

Ally before shooting Mr. Daddy in his genitals.

Yet, there comes the point when enough is enough, so the ladies face Mr. Daddy and have a shoot out. One which ends with Ally getting her revenge for being left with nothing by giving Mr. Daddy a vasectomy by a bullet. Thus bringing peace to Boston and an end to a rather weird episode.

On The Fence

It Shakes Things Up, But What’s Canon?

Season 1 of Smilf also had a very out there episode which left you wondering what is just Bridge dealing with her stress and is legit? For example, are Ally and Mr. Daddy actually through? Also, has she no idea that Bridge has been stealing from her? Also, there is the Nelson question. Is she legitimately jealous of Bridgette and has, once again, made nice with her?

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate how Smilf is trying to shake things up. However being that it also leads you to question what is real and what’s just part of Bridgette’s coping mechanisms, it’s a bit frustrating. Especially considering there won’t be a 3rd season so we’re coming up on what will be the series finale.

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It Shakes Things Up, But What’s Canon? - 70%


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