Joel (Jon Glaser)
"Joel (Jon Glaser)," Single Drunk Female, "Grant Me The Serenity," directed by Heather Jack, 2023, (FreeForm)

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Plot Recap

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So This Is Love? – Felicia, Pete

Felicia is struggling with how good her relationship with Pete is. He is attentive and nice, and when he reaches a milestone in his career, she struggles to figure out how to celebrate or reward him beyond sex. Thankfully, he extends his patience, even when she gives him a very basic card that lacks anything heartfelt, and it leads to a conversation that helps both understand where they are and where they could be going.

I’m Not Bearing This Weight Alone – Joel, Brit, Daniel, Constance

Joel is done. He isn’t going to help Brit continue to play pretend and use his Amazon Prime or home address for deliveries. He forces a lunch with Brit’s parents, Daniel and Constance, and rips off the bandaid. Thus forcing Brit to deal with the shame she has brought on her family, though knowing the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, the likelihood of her parents hiding that their child is separated seems high.

Sitting In Your Discomfort – Sam, Nathaniel, Olivia

While Sam is comfortable at her new job, Nathaniel being hired as her manager and him bringing up who she was when she was out of control is a trigger. He does this in front of everyone and completely removes her control over her narrative, so she quits.

In time she realizes she shouldn’t, especially after talking to Olivia, but Nathaniel shows that, as much as Sam has grown, he has not, and the reminder of who she was, who he is, and perhaps having to reconcile all of what Sam who she is, is going to be tough. But what doesn’t help is Olivia revealing she is leaving the area and Sam will be on her own more than she may like.

Collected Quote(s)

You always have a choice, you just need to give yourself more time to make it.
— Olivia



Joel Forcing Brit To Face The Facts

Daniel (Yvans Jourdain) and Constance (Marie-Francoise Theodore)
“Daniel (Yvans Jourdain) and Constance (Marie-Francoise Theodore),” Single Drunk Female, “Grant Me The Serenity,” directed by Heather Jack, 2023, (FreeForm)

At this point, it is hard to see either Brit or Joel as assets, so if this means Joel’s exit, we’re fine with it. I just don’t think his whining and attitude add much to the show, and Brit needs to move on. Plus, it would be nice to see more of who she is and where she comes from and get a sense of where she is going when she isn’t checking off boxes and potentially on autopilot.

Pete and Felicia

Felicia notes that all she has really known is hook-up culture so to see her with a good man, a patient man, one who recognizes she needs time to grow and adjust? I love it for her, the show, and the representation so much. Because Felicia has a life, a career, a business, and to now see her have love? Yes, it isn’t easy, but it appears as fruitful as all else she has put her mind towards, and I just want to see this go the distance.

On The Fence

What Will The Show Be Like Without Olivia

There is a deep need to question what this show will be like whether Olivia slowly but surely exits or it is abrupt. She provides wisdom and guidance, and when it comes to the FreeForm shows I’ve loved and watched, she is that character who is the lighthouse for the lead. And while it is understood Sam needs to learn how to make it on her own, be her own lighthouse, and maybe help others in time, I don’t know if she or I am ready for Olivia to go.

General Information

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Release Date (Freeform) April 13, 2023
Director(s) Heather Jack
Writer(s) Jessica Watson
Newly Noted Characters and Cast
Daniel Yvans Jourdain
Constance Marie-Françoise Theodore
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Felicia Lily Mae Harrington
Pete Ben Thompson
Joel Jon Glaser
Brit Sasha Compère
Sam Sofia Black-D’Elia
Nathaniel Jon Glaser
Olivia Rebecca Henderson
Joel (Jon Glaser)
Single Drunk Female: Season 2/ Episode 2 “Grant Me The Serenity” – Recap and Review (with Spoilers)
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Pete and Felicia
Joel Forcing Brit To Face The Facts
What Will The Show Be Like Without Olivia

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