As the show has been lackluster, so is its ending which sets up a second season which could begin with some hijinks.

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As the show has been lackluster, so is its ending which sets up a second season which could begin with some hijinks.

Director(s) Mateo Stivelberg
Writer(s) Ana Maria Parra, Diego Vicanco
Air Date 2/1/2019

Prepping For One More Battle: Carmen, Sandra, Det. Corcel, Ninibe, Aldemar

How to take on a man when you have no magic is a huge question. For while Aldemar is kind of an idiot, it’s purely because of his ego. So, it’s decided to lay a physical trap for him as plan A and use Detective Corcel as a backup. As that plan is put into action, Ninibe is trying to make her own moves by pushing Sandra to get her Book of Shadows, and when she fails to do so, Aldemar turns her to ash. Making it clear he is the Fire Killer.

Carmen and Johnny.

Betrayals & Twists: Aldemar, Lucien, Johnny, Carmen, Mayte, Ninibe, Alicia, Daniel, Det. Corcel

The battle between Aldemar and Carmen was already one-sided since Carmen didn’t have magic. The issue because exacerbated as Ninibe bewitches Mayte and Alicia, when they try to snoop on her, and then Daniel is bewitched by Aldemar. Add in Lucien seemingly being bewitched, and it means only Johnny is left to assist Carmen. Which he does by continuing to undermine everything we see on this show.

What do I mean by that? Well, despite how powerful Aldemar has become, Johnny finds a way to steal Aldemar’s shadow. He doesn’t hold it for long, it gets passed through hands quite a bit. However, it eventually ends up in Carmen’s hands, and she releases it. Combine that with Detective Corcel showing up with guns drawn, and we see Aldemar, in fetal position, turning to dust to either get away or sacrifice himself to not end up in jail again.

The End of One Thing, Prelude To The Next: Johnny, Carmen, Esteban, Cristobal, Ninibe, Det. Corcel

With Aldemar’s powers gone, as is he, the spells he had on everyone, including the spells Ninibe had on the girls, strangely, are undone. Leaving, for a moment, a sense of peace. Not for Ninibe, who is dealing with Det. Corcel suspecting her of evil, but with her filming all that has happened with Aldemar, including him turning Sandra to dust, she has gotten what she proposed in a previous episode – exposing magic to the world. However, whether Det. Corcel decides to keep this under wraps or not is a story to be told in season 2.

Johnny being taken away by pirates.

Speaking of season 2, the possible second season is made interesting due to the following things: First, Cristobal has made his way to the present. Second, Johnny went to the past, after Carmen tries to give him closure by letting him speak to his parents. However, Johnny doesn’t get to go back and maybe change his parents’ fate but ends up going back hundreds of years and captured by pirates.

Thus setting up the hijinks Carmen will have to deal with in season 2.

Low Point

How It All Ends

Let’s be fair: I think expectations for this was a bit too high. We have a Black witch transported to modern times, seemingly to escape persecution – that is what we were all expecting right? But then we got her in love with her slave master, magic not being treated as this special thing but kind of in a ridiculous way, and while Johnny and the rest grew on me, if they died in the finale it would have honestly been fine.

Which is the problem here. We’ve spent ten episodes with these people but can you say there was a connection? Is there anything besides Carmen’s skin color being darker than the rest which makes you invested? We’ll sum it all up in an upcoming season review but, let’s just say that coming up with positive things, that go beyond “Well, at least the witch was dark-skinned” may not happen. Heck, even with that, Carmen damn near felt like a token since only her and Hilda were dark-skinned people with a speaking role. But more on that later.

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