Annie finds herself taking on her insecurities, even Gabe, after going to an inclusive pool party.

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Annie finds herself taking on her insecurities, even Gabe, after going to an inclusive pool party.

Director(s) Shaka King
Writer(s) Samantha Irby
Air Date 3/15/2019

Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right: Lamar, Fran, Annie, Ryan

After a rather pleasurable night with Lamar, Annie is a bit chipper, and while Fran likes the idea of them becoming closer to being sisters, naturally, she doesn’t want the details. If anything, she is just hoping this means Annie had moved in but with Ryan showing up at her job, and that being a catalyst to talk about him, she lays down the law. No speaking of him, definitely don’t bring him to the house, and Annie tries to hold to that – though it is difficult.

Paradise: Annie

Annie smiling in a photo, while in a bathing suit, with Fran and the woman who organized the pool party.

While Annie dresses girly, in dresses which show her arms and legs, that doesn’t mean she is comfortable in her body. However, a pool party featuring women who look like her, to varying degrees, it creates a sense of comfort. Particularly since they are, like the woman Annie saw in the previous episode, on the next level. They are in bikinis, one-pieces, lounging, dancing, and carefree in ways Annie has long not had it in her to be. Yet, here these ladies are and not only do they make her comfortable but remind her there is no difference between them and her besides who are dancing and who is using a table like a safety blanket.

Do You Hear Yourself Right Now?: Vera, Gabe, Annie

But, with going to that party means missing Gabe’s Forced Fun company event. Well, not missing it but showing up two hours later and Gabe making subtle comments about Annie’s body, work ethic, and just triggering Annie to remember things Vera has said over the years. Not just said, when I think about it, but did. Take note that Vera gave her daughter Special K for dinner, instead of what the other people were eating for dinner, so her daughter could slim down. Mind you, Annie was in the 4th grade at the time, so she was around 10.

So, how does Annie deal, cope, process, and release this rage? She writes an article. Annie writes an article and, without Gabe’s permission, posts it to the website. Meaning, if it isn’t a hit, she is in for a serious tongue lashing.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What did Annie’s dad say and do while Vera was making all these comments and doing what she did?


Annie Finding Her Bliss

I cried. When Annie, after being tugged at repeatedly, finally let go of her inhibitions and danced, you felt that sense of freedom. It wasn’t just words on a script, directions spoken to Bryant, but a whole vibe. The kind which easily could become personal if you ever had some form of body dysmorphia or insecurity. What Annie got is the freedom you see in others, question sometimes, yet don’t see yourself having. And yet, Annie pushes the idea that if she can find it, so can you. Maybe it is just you need to find your people.

Finding Fashion As A Big Girl

Annie talking about how horrible fashion is for women her size.

In one of the previous recaps, I noted how fashionable Annie seemed and lo and behold it is noted how terrible finding something cute, but not nurse scrubs cute, can be. Now, unfortunately, Annie doesn’t get more than the designer’s first name, but this could and should be followed up on. Though, for now, kudos for mentioning the struggle.


Gabe, like Vera, I think don’t realize their comments are more harmful than helpful. Yet, I bet you, if Annie made a big stink, publicly, in a realistic environment, not everyone would call them out. If anything, they’d ask why Annie was overreacting or tell her to calm down. Yet, as Annie said, you know what you are, what people think, but to hear it – repeatedly – with this fake sense of caring, it gets to be a lot. Especially if you’re trying but what you are doing isn’t working.

On The Fence

Do We Need To Talk About Fran?

Um, between the drugs and seemingly not liking to be single, is there more to Fran than being the sassy Black best friend? Is she trying to break out of a trope but is being held back? What’s going on here?

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