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Burn Out - Title Card
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While Burn Out has exhilarating races, which may give you a tad bit of anxiety, everything else is very run of the mill.

Director(s) Yann Gozlan
Screenplay By Yann Gozlan, Guillaume Lemans
Date Released 3/15/2019
Genre(s) Action, Thriller
Good If You Like Motorbikes
Isn’t For You If You Think You Should Have An Emotional Connection To The Characters

Need Strong Villains

Noted Cast
Tony François Civil
Leyla Manon Azem
Sofiane Naël Rabia
Miguel Olivier Rabourdin
Jordan Samuel Jouy

Burn Out Plot Summary

26-year-old Tony is trying to go pro in the world of motorsports, raise his young son, and maybe get back with the mother of his child. However, thanks to her losing €50,000 worth of goods, from a major underworld gang, it seems Tony might end up a single father. However, before he lets Leyla get hurt, perhaps killed, he steps in to clear her debt. How? Well, by doing runs, multiple times a week, for two months.

But so comes the question between a warehouse job to pay bills, a kid who can’t be more than 6, trying to go pro, and running drugs and/or money, will Tony survive? Heck, will his dreams come true? Never mind, will he not find himself sucked into the underworld of Paris with no way out?

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How did Tony, allegedly, go from someone born middle class, or higher, to hanging about estates and with seemingly no contact with his parents or family?


You Almost Feel The Adrenaline & Anxiety Of Racing

Tony (Francois Civil) racing
Tony (Francois Civil)

With us either seeing out of Tony’s helmet or right up on his face, listening to the engine roar and seeing him so close to the ground, it freaks you out a little bit. To the point that, even though Tony doesn’t have any grand chases or does any wild stunts, it makes him on a bike the best parts of the movie. Go figure.


We Barely See The People Tony Is Doing All This For

If Leyla and Sofiane are the reason he is doing all this, why is it we rarely see either? I get he is trying to be a good dad, maybe win her back, and prove he can protect her but, them not being around sometimes leads you to forget what he is doing all this for. Making it so, when he is close to death, or bad things happen, you don’t factor in what will happen to his family, no matter how often someone threatens their lives. For on top of not knowing much about Leyla, his relationship with her and his kid just aren’t given the meaning they need to feel significant.

On The Fence

The Criminal Underworld Is Bland

Miguel (Olivier Rabourdin) on the phone.
Miguel (Olivier Rabourdin)

Despite how Miguel is made to seem like a big dog, or Jordan in some ways, neither one have the presence, the dialog, or performs the actions to make you think they are at the top of the pyramid. Be it in Paris, the estates, or their province. Now, this isn’t to say they don’t participate in some violence, and don’t have a decent looking operation. However, considering how easily Tony takes one on, it quickly kills any sense that these dudes are formidable on their own or as a group.

Burn Out Overall: Mixed (Divisive) | Available on Netflix

Burn Out is a bit of a disappointment. Granted, it didn’t have much to stand out with since it relied on the usual wife and kid dynamic to create a sense of urgency and danger, but I still had hope. Unfortunately though, between lackluster criminals and a bit of an emotional disconnect, Burn Out left me divisive. For while you had to love how it presented the thrills of a motorbike without doing anything extra, it seems that was supposed to compensate for the entire movie and it couldn’t. Hence the mixed label.

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