She’s Gotta Have It: Season 2, Episode 1 “#I’mFeelingMyFeelings” [Season Premiere] – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Title Card - She's Gotta Have It s2e1

18 months have passed since the first season finale, and while everything may not be stable, things are at least cool.

18 months have passed since the first season finale, and while everything may not be stable, things are at least cool.

Director(s) Spike Lee
Writer(s) Spike Lee
Air Date 5/24/2019

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Money Always A Major Issue: Lulu, Mars

Thanks to gentrification, Mars’ old day job is no more, and with him not much for saving, Lulu has seemingly had enough of his crap. Leading to her kicking him out, likely hoping it would force him to grow up. Something which isn’t likely to happen sooner rather than later, but someone has to be immune to his charms right?

To Know Mars Is To Love Him – Spite Of: Nola, Opal, Mars, Clo

Nola and Mars on her bed.

That is, as opposed to Nola and Clo who may recognize the man is childish, yet he makes them laugh and smile so he gets away with much more than he should. Yet, after 18 months of Nola being with Opal, Nola’s ex moving in is a major red flag for her. Leading to some issues that Nola has to quickly squash.

Though, luckily for her, Clo is another option for Mars, and even if they aren’t smashing, she too has a tolerance for his antics.

Adjusting To The Domestic Life: Greer, Nola, Jamie, Cheryl, Opal

However, there are more issues than just that. Nola likes taking ownership of Skylar, using terms like “our,” but is a bit too laissez-faire compared to Opal and that causes issues. Though, on top of that, with Nola being loose with money still, like going with Greer to spend her rent money on a camera, there is that issue too. However, while Nola is dealing with a rocky moment, Jamie is watching the dissolution of his marriage. Which Cheryl claims she wants to be amicable but you know that’s not going to happen. Based off how she likes to argue, and how she makes it seem Jamie used her, something will definitely go down.

Nola saying that Skylar is her and Opal's daughter.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • 18 Months have passed since season 1’s finale.
  • Their Eyes Were Watching God is Nola’s favorite book.
  • The music artist at the end of the episode was Stew & The Negro Problem, and the songs played are real songs – made before the show.


Opal’s New Family and Its Challenges

Co-parenting is tough. Especially since Skylar isn’t a baby and Opal isn’t new to parenting. So to see the struggles they have brings to light what usually exists in sitcoms more than dramedy type shows like this. Particularly in the realm of being raised by two women, Black women at that.

Mars’ Charm

Weirdly, Greer and Jamie are a bit downgraded while Mars still plays a strong role on the show. Which I’m not complaining about for we see why he still remains prominent. Unlike his peers, Mars can be the most annoying person on the entire program, yet his silliness helps him recover in ways you don’t expect. Be it his mispronunciations of words like “debut” which he phonetically says “Day but,” or his pinky swear thing. It’s his manic personality which really makes it so you can’t just take note of Mars but Anthony Ramos as well. Making me wish, if John Leguizamo ever compiles his stage work into a movie, not like Fugly!, Ramos gets that role since they seem like they could be in sync.

Stew and the Negro Problem

Stew making a comical face.

In general, the music on She’s Gotta Have It is ace. However, there is something about seeing a live performance, well filmed, assumingly live, performance which is different from deep cuts from artists you know. Plus, with a lot of the music, it is easy for it to fade into the background until you see that album cover pop up. With Stew and the Negro Problem, it was in your face and demanded to be seen. Add in it is a real band and it makes seeing them all the more interesting for you can venture out to see them, can listen to more music, and they don’t strictly live in Nola’s Brooklyn.

On The Fence

This Episode Flew Right By

I don’t know if it is because we’re in new territory, since the movie’s storyline has been exhausted or things just were kept light, but the episode went by in a rush. Which isn’t a bad thing, who wants an episode to drag on, right? Yet, at 9 episodes and DeWanda Wise’s profile benefiting from this show, among other opportunities, who knows if she and Spike Lee may pull a Donald Glover and have this take another year and a half. Making the speed of the show a mixed bag.

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