The Fix is a bit awkward in its first season, but the laughs and insight on the topics compensate for that.

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The Fix is a bit awkward in its first season, but the laughs and insight on the topics compensate for that.

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Over the course of ten episodes, in its first season, Jimmy Carr, D.L. Hughley, and Katherine Ryan, alongside correspondent Mona Chalabi, express their views on trending topics and the fix for them. Sometimes with serious, well thought out answers. Though, with this being a dais filled with comedians, of course the most ridiculous way is said more often than not.


Carr and Ryan’s Dynamic

Clearly, Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan are a match made in sarcastic heaven (or hell). Their back and forth is the highlight of the show and really leads you to question why wasn’t this program featuring just them. Between trading barbs and what seems to be a genuine admiration for one another, including similar comedy styles, they seem like a perfect match. To the point it’d be interesting to see them work on other things together.

The Edutainment Factor

With the inclusion of Mona Chalabi, as much as the show is focused on giving us a lot of comical points of view on things like gun control, the wage gap, and more, Chalabi helps bring balance. Her inclusion on the show makes it so, usually in charts or illustrations, complicated topics are broken down so that they can be easily consumed. In many ways, it is sort of like, how comedy makes politics easier to consume, Chalabi’s segments make the stats behind the jokes make sense.

Low Points

Jimmy Carr’s Laugh

This is just a personal preference, but the man’s laugh is the most annoying thing about the show. He literally laughs in such a way like he is trying to make any joke less funny, if not signal it is time for the audience to stop. Not to say that his laugh may not be genuine. It is just, something about his laugh sounding like how “Ha ha ha” is spelled, it kills any joke already in progress.

On The Fence

D.L. Hughley Seems Out Of Place

Be it because Hughley just doesn’t mesh as well as Carr and Ryan, or everything kind of revolves around him being Black, he feels sort of like a token than a valuable part of the show. Not to say he doesn’t say and deliver some funny moments. But it is clear his relationship with Carr is strictly professional and it makes it so his presence is just awkward.

The Format Makes Episodes Seem Too Short

Similar to Red Table Talk, The Fix almost seems like, just when it gets to the meat of the issue, and is starting to pick it apart, so comes the end. Now, on one hand, shows like this could easily overstay their welcome. Yet, on the other, this is Netflix so there is no commercials. So why stick to a comedy show being a half hour or less?

The Guest Are Hit & Miss

Since this is the show’s first season, many of the guests feel a bit out of place like they don’t know what is going on. This, unfortunately, makes it so, by the time they catch on to what Carr and co. are trying to do with this show, it is over. Now, some adapt quickly, like Clayton English. However, others usually don’t get the hang of the show until their second appearance, like Ron Funches, Nikki Glaser, and Nicole Byer. I should note though, as host, Carr tries to keep them from just sitting there awkwardly and attempts to keep them engaged.

Overall: Mixed (Stick Around)

The Fix has a very interesting premise, but it stumbles for a handful of reasons. The biggest one being D.L. Hughley seeming out of place and like this is just another paycheck for him. Which isn’t to say it isn’t for the others, but there at least, in terms of Ryan and Carr’s dynamic, seems to be some kind of friendship there. With Hughley, he is just trying to get some more Netflix money.

But, even with that said, cutting Hughley, or him just developing better chemistry with Carr, is but part of the problem. The rest though, like the format seeming short and the hit or miss guests, that can be fixed with time. Hence the stick around label. While it is impossible to guess if this may or may not get a second season, the first one was okay. The show’s format has potential, it just has to work some kinks out to be great.

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Has Another Season Been Confirmed?: No

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