Super Drags: Season 1 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Super Drags goes beyond what you may expect to be by having a few touching stories, amongst all its comedy.

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Goldiva during her concert.

Super Drags goes beyond what you may expect to be by having a few touching stories, amongst all its comedy.

Creator Anderson Mahanski, Fernando Mendonca, Paulo Lescaut
Noted Cast
Lady Elza Ralph Velez
Safira (Ralph) Wagner Follare
Lemon (Patrick) Sergio Cantu
Scarlet (Donizete) Fernando Mendonca
Champagne Silvetty Montilla
Reverand Sandoval Fernando Mendonca
Goldiva Pablo Vittar

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Super Drags is about 3 drag queens, Ralph, Patrick, and Donizete who, thanks to an old queen named Champagne, are given superpowers thanks to their gaydar. A piece of equipment they need in order face off against “The Terrible Forces of Shade” of which the season’s big-time villain is Lady Elza. Someone who might have been a peer of Champagne but went to the dark side and now is trying to suck the highlight out of young gay boys and girls to be young again. However, with the Super Drags getting smarter after every fight, they get one step closer to taking Lady Elza down.

But, I should note, the show isn’t just about the fight to take down Lady Elza. It is also about the girls’ personal lives as well. We have Ralph, who deals with a homophobic dad; Patrick, who is dealing with being far from a Eurocentric beauty standard; and then Donizete who deals with his mom not liking his means of gender expression.

Luckily, despite hardship as superheroes and people, they find power from the legendary Goldiva. Someone who they must protect and help to put on a concert to heal those whose highlight was stolen. But, that is easier said than done.


It’s Not Trying To Appeal To Everyone

A guy complaining he wasted time doing a enema.
My enema was all for nothing!

With balls shaking, asses all up in the screen, it is clear this isn’t trying to have mainstream appeal. This is a show for those who see themselves as one of these characters if not part of the community. Well, and those who appreciate the community. For as much as you can claim universal feelings from being rejected by family or society, there are certain things which make it clear this is what a gay man would go through. Not that lesbians don’t get a shout out here and there, but this is a cartoon for those who want something which can be raunchy, comedic, yet also touching.

On The Fence

It’s Balance Between Comedy & Serious Subjects

Patrick looking sad, after being rejected.

But, I should note, the show doesn’t always balance those three things out well. In fact, one could argue it kind of gets worse as the season goes on – perhaps making the show being 5 episodes merciful. For the show starts off strong with Patrick who is having dating issues because he is overweight, femme, and aging. Then it goes into Ralph being kicked out of the house and Donizete dealing with a mother who doesn’t like that he doesn’t dress and act more masculine. These are topics that, with there being so few shows which hone in on the LGBT experience, don’t get highlighted often. So, to see them in a cartoon, albeit one for adults, makes it so it has a special place.

Problem is, after the strength of Patrick’s episode, we get Ralph’s. Someone who goes to gay conversion camp to be what his father wants but, sadly, we don’t hear from others at the camp, some who are there by force, and hear their reasons for going. Which is a shame since you’d think they’d mention they’re doing it for more job opportunities, because of harassment, and other reasons. The kind which could give Ralph’s episode the same oomph as Patrick’s.

Then, when it comes to Donizete, being that he is clearly not white, it makes you so badly wish we got from him, and Goldiva, the experience of queer men of color more. Especially since Champagne swoops into Goldiva’s life like a fairy godmother. Something that pushes you to wish there was an episode 6 so that the show could develop their relationship more.

We’re Dropped Into The Middle of the Story

There isn’t any sort of origin story when it comes to any of these characters. They have their gaydars and have been working with Champagne for a while. Also, while Champagne seems to have had a life before becoming the Boseley to the girls’ Charlie’s Angels, it isn’t clear what that was. We just find ourselves in Belt Buckle Bay with this man named Reverend Sandoval trying to ruin Goldiva’s concert and Lady Elza trying to suck the highlight out of everyone.

Overall: Positive (Watch This)

Community Rating: 0.00% (0) - No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below)

Goldiva showing up to the conversion camp and announcing a pool party before it shuts down.

For the demographic this is going for, I rate it positive. However, for those outside of said demographic, this would be mixed. However, this show so clearly doesn’t give a damn about them, but welcomes them to enjoy, that I’m giving this a positive based on who this is for. Which isn’t to say there isn’t room for improvement. The balancing between the jokes and serious moments need work, and getting some character backstory wouldn’t hurt. But this show is but 5 episodes and clearly is a labor of love.

Hence the positive label. As the world screeches diversity, we have lost programs which cater to certain cultures. Yet, between Pose and now Super Drags, it seems the LGBTQIA are getting the best kind of diversity there is – seeing yourself on multiple platforms and in different mediums. All the while having characters who look old, young, fat, skinny, have fat asses, no ass, etc. This is on top of addressing different issues the community faces which may get glossed over elsewhere, arguably a bit in some of Super Drags’ episodes as well, but is put front and center. Making Super Drags certainly something to watch to tickle your funny bone, jerk some tears, and lead you to ooze out satisfaction.

Has Another Season Been Confirmed?: Nope

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  1. I was watching “Big Mouth” and came across this as a recommendation on Netflix. I’m not gay but I’ve seen gay shows and films, some really good some not that really good. I’m mixed in my reaction but probably not in the manner in which you speak in the article. I found the first episode hilarious and the somewhat dramatic parts endearing but it seemed too much and not enough squeezed into five episodes.

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