Freiya, Eve, Kureha, Setsuna, and Norn before heading on a new adventure with Keyarga
Freiya, Eve, Kureha, Setsuna, and Norn before heading on a new adventure with Keyarga

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In the season finale of Redo of Healer, we get another top-level fight scene, but also a slew of sex scenes that, if cut, would make this episode extremely short.

Director(s) Takuya Asaoka, Ryō Ōkubo
Writer(s) Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
Aired (VRV) 3/31/2021

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Putting A Legendary Weapon To The Test – Hawkeye, Keyarga

With Georgius in hand, Keyarga feels capable of taking on Hawkeye, for with having his stats increased, they are closer to being a match. Mind you, this doesn’t mean Hawkeye is quickly handled at all. But with now not needing to touch someone to use “Heal,” like so many soldiers, Hawkeye’s body is left in bits and pieces, like a random eyeball.

A Family Affair – Norn, Keyarga, Freiya

Thus, Norn is left unprotected, and after Freia’s speech, she loses the support of the Gioral military. You know what that means, right? REVENGE!

So, what does Keyarga have planned this time? Well, honestly, he goes easy on Norn, compared to the others. Not to downplay Keyarga smacking the mess out of Norn or punching her so hard that she loses consciousness, but she doesn’t experience the extremes Keyarga is known for. Unlike her older sister, she isn’t raped with a hot poker or has three men tear her apart. Instead, he hits her a few times, chokes her to the point of being near death, but everything after that?

Well, between Freiya licking various parts of her body, including Norn’s privates, the whole situation is rather tame. Even Keyarga joining in, while still rape, isn’t the violent, shocking kind this show has made a staple. And after it is all over, Norn is reborn as Freiya was, but as Ellen, Keyarga’s little sister who has just reconnected with him.

Freiya, Norn, and Setsuna waiting for affection
Freiya, Norn, and Setsuna waiting for affection

This all leads to an orgy between Ellen, Freiya, Setsuna, Kureha, and Keyarga. As for Eve? Well, she still refuses to join in but has settled into being a voyeur.

Onto The Next – Bullet, Keyarga

Which leaves Bullet. At this point, Gioral is thoroughly embarrassed as a kingdom, with its two crown princesses abducted and its army retreating from Branica. So, Bullet is called in and is oh too excited to be reunited with Keyaru! Which makes you wonder, thus far, Keyarga’s revenge has mostly been against women so, what would he do to a man?



Hawkeye v. Keyarga

Keyarga’s fight against Hawkeye was on a similar level to when he went against Kureha as well as Blade. It reminded you, while Redo of Healer perhaps is most known for its hentai elements, it does have more than that to offer. Now, granted, the way Keyarga defeated Hawkeye kind of cheapened the fight but, it’s made clear, without Georgius, Keyarga would be dead.

Low Point

For The Censored Scenes, They Could Do More

I generally watch this twice. The first time is the broadcast, censored version, and then I watch it uncensored, and honestly, one thing I wish Redo of Healer did was either make the censored version more interesting. If not, just cut the scenes altogether and not have us looking at the ceiling or other parts of the room. Because even random facts about the world, stats, or anything would have made more sense.

But maybe I’m expecting too much since this is perhaps one of the first anime I’ve watched that has sex scenes that are mostly violent or gratuitous.

On The Fence

Having To Wait For Revenge Against Bullet

With no outright announcement this is getting a second season or OVA, we don’t get to see the last name on Keyaru’s list handled. Rather, they appear, clearly are the next target, but whether we’ll get to see the revenge happen is unknown. Never mind, after Keyaru gets revenge on Bullet, what does that mean for him?

Bullet being called upon to save the princesses of Gioral
Bullet being called upon to save the princesses of Gioral

Technically, he could become the hero he was supposed to be and defeat the demon lord, maybe the King of Gioral, and bring peace? However, with Keyaru feeling fueled by the hatred in his heart, will he ever allow himself to fight for a sense of justice that isn’t inherently selfish?

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Having To Wait For Revenge Against Bullet - 72%
For The Censored Scenes, They Could Do More - 64%
Hawkeye v. Keyarga - 85%


Redo of Healer ends in a similar fashion to how it began – with the potential to be shocking, violent, and interesting, but at this point, we know the story is a ends to a means to get to its sex scenes.

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