Nephew Tommy
"Nephew Tommy," Ready To Love, "It’s Getting Thot In Here," 2023, (OWN)

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General Information

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Episode Title It’s Getting Thot In Here
Release Date (OWN) July 14, 2023

Plot Recap

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I Think I’m In Love…. Again – Keyra, Janelle, Red, Taquilla, Habibi, Sierra, Herbert, Jessica, Chris, Aries, Quinton, Lee, Eunik, Marvin

While I won’t say there are clear end-game couples, people are putting in the work. Janelle and Red spend some time together, and apparently, Quinton and her have good chats, and Herbert is still in the running for her heart. But, unfortunately for her, Keyra has a feigned interest in Red, Quinton is in high demand, and Herbert has some fans too. Quinton has Aries interested in him, as well as Lee, and Herbert? Sierra has really bonded with him.

“Eunik,” Ready To Love, “It’s Getting Thot In Here,” 2023, (OWN)

As for the others? Chris and Jessica are close. Also, Marvin has Eunik thinking lustful thoughts and some of the ladies curious, leaving the only ones not competing for someone being Taquilla and Habibi, who seem to get one another.

I Said What I Said – Taquilla, Janelle, Keyra, Quinton, Red, Eunik

Janelle finds herself in the middle of a few spats in this episode. The first was in the form of her vs. Keyra over Red’s attention. They were on a group date, and Red getting too chummy with Keyra led to Janelle making it clear she likes Red through some jealous and admittedly petty comments. Be it about Keyra’s age, her bag being fake, and the funny thing is, while Keyra talked like she liked Red, she said she thought he was for the streets during the elimination! Still enjoyed his company, but damn near co-signed Eunik’s whole thot comment.

Which, by the way, is not something he could let go of. He confronted her about it, and with her doubling down, he decided to insult her, and now she is ready to poison the well. She isn’t alone in planting seeds, however. Keyra, with a co-sign from Taquilla, push the narrative that Quinton isn’t into Black women and through footage we see, it seems he felt none of the women are his type during the mixer. There is even an accusation he only likes White women, and the only reason he might be chatting up Keyra is because her personality is akin to a White woman in her mind.

“Taquilla,” Ready To Love, “It’s Getting Thot In Here,” 2023, (OWN)

Janelle shuts that down alongside Aries and Lee, and you can tell Janelle and Keyra are going to have issues. But, the one who really comes out of pocket is Taquilla, and damn if Taquilla didn’t seem like she was ready to fight and had to be escorted off stage for a moment.

Too Boring vs. Too Reckless – Habibi, Red

So the issue when it comes to Red and Habibi is that they exist in extremes. Habibi is honest and open, but his mouth is reckless, and his level of honesty, while appreciated, causes a crimson wave of red flags. Red? Despite being a DJ and comedian, the issue with him is he is boring.

However, it’s still early on, so the ladies don’t have tough decisions yet. They can get rid of the people with the baggage, who are still too aggressive, vulgar, or weird, and that is why Habibi gets the boot.

Other Noteworthy Information

  1. Next Woman To Be Eliminated: I imagine it will be Taquilla as the next eliminated, with Eunik likely in the bottom two if Red has his way. However, between the two, Taquilla likely is to be kicked since the men have better options, and I can imagine Janelle, maybe others, bringing up what happened during the elimination and that raising potential red flags for the men – even if it was to defend someone she liked.
  2. Next Man To Be Eliminated: Marvin will definitely be one, based on the way the ladies talked about him, and I can imagine Maurier being at the bottom.
  3. Final Couple(s): I feel like Janelle is going to end up with someone, alongside Quinton ending up with someone, but I’m unsure if we’ll get a third couple.


Notable Performances or Moments

Janelle Always Ready For A Fight

“Janelle,” Ready To Love, “It’s Getting Thot In Here,” 2023, (OWN)

Janelle may very well present us the best of both worlds. I believe she is looking for love, but at the same time, she also has no issue entertaining viewers. For whether it was the shade, the complete overcast she threw at Keyra throughout the group date the two were on, or how she and Taquilla had a back and forth? I’m not saying she starts every altercation, but she somehow comes out on top, and it’s rather comical.

On The Fence

Tommy Still Not Doing Much When Things Escalate

To be fair, what can Tommy really do? He isn’t going to get between two people and potentially get injured, never mind if women are fighting? I don’t think he wants to potentially touch or harm someone in a way that could get him in trouble. However, there is still something about his Willy Wonka way of feigning a “Stop. Don’t” that is comical but frustrating.

I would even add that when it comes to the whole thot thing, Tommy could have said something to Eunik to help her understand that comment was offensive. Tommy himself is a comedian and a host, and while he may not DJ, he shares a lot with Red, outside of him being more prominent in the industry and also married. Yet, that went unchecked, and, as usual, when there is a need to step up to course correct the small things, they aren’t noted, and only when big moments happen do you get some form of a reaction.

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Nephew Tommy
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Janelle Always Ready For A Fight
Tommy Still Not Doing Much When Things Escalate
Janelle Always Ready For A Fight
Tommy Still Not Doing Much When Things Escalate

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