“Ready To Love” returns with its ninth group, and it seems the casting people have toned down the dramatic picks and got less socially awkward people. However, did they find at least six people who can form the final three couples?

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General Information

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Episode Title Bigger In Texas
Release Date (OWN) July 7, 2023
Newly Noted Characters and Cast
Himself Chris
Herself Jessica
Himself Phillip
Herself Aries
Herself Taquilla
Himself Habibi
Herself Sierra
Herself Leiann
Himself Herbert
Himself Marvin
Herself Eunik
Herself Janelle
Herself Keya
Himself Quinton
Himself Red
Himself Brandon
Herself Lee
Himself Maurier
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Himself Nephew Tommy

Plot Recap

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Different Faces, But Familiar Personas

Each “Ready To Love” season may feature new faces, but you can easily begin to see who may fit into what persona and who can struggle. Thankfully, with starting off with 18, we may not get people who come in halfway through for a shakeup. However, people still do get eliminated in the season premiere.

But, this time around, there isn’t that shy person who you question, “Why are they here?” Pretty much everyone is extroverted, or at least an ambivert, and while there is awkwardness as Brandon mentions having four kids and getting married and divorced from the same woman twice, it isn’t across the board red flags. Yes, having an erotic author in Marvin is going to become an issue for someone like Taquilla, who is a bit more conservative, and some like Leiann, maybe are just here because they like speed dating.

Yet, with most into health, fitness, or something creative, paired with a good mix of people who have kids and don’t, it seems the casting folks at “Ready To Love” made a concentrated effort so that, even if you are a big girl like Janelle, you aren’t on here just to get the boot because the men want someone who looks and acts like someone barely in their 30s.

Ladies First (To Go) – Leiann, Taquilla

For most of the ladies, they easily fly under the radar. At most, you learn about their job, if they ever were married or engaged, and if they had kids. Beyond that? You might learn things like Sierra being from New Orleans or Janelle being adopted. It’s just the first episode, so what you expect?

With that said, between Leiann and her astrology, as well as paying a man named Maurier dust as he opens up about his dad dying in the past year, and how that has affected him as a person and someone’s father? Never mind comparing losing a dad to putting down a dog? Oh, she had to go in the bottom two. Joining her is Taquilla, who just got caught up in that “she is interesting but isn’t doing enough” trap. You know the one if you’ve watched past seasons. Either you are doing the most, being too aggressive, or being too timid, likely because you haven’t spread yourself around enough.

Luckily for Taquilla, she gets to stay, but like most who are part of the first elimination, she is a little shaken. Thankfully though, multiple men reassure her to the point of you thinking she was only in the bottom two because two women had to be chosen.

Too Many Stories, Or Too Soon Divorced?

“Jessica,” Ready To Love, “Bigger In Texas,” 2023, (OWN)

As for the men? Things are a little bit easier. As mentioned, Brandon has four kids, married and divorced the same woman twice, was married to them for ten years, AND has only been divorced for six months. Add in him saying he could cut someone off cold, and it makes it so between baggage and red flags, he was a natural fit for the bottom two.

Picking a second person was a little bit harder, though. Habibi is considered a bit aggressive and an entertainer, making it hard for many women to take him seriously. Red was an issue for Eunik, because Red is a comedian and DJ, and she sees that as thot jobs. Yet, with Red having enough swagger with the ladies, Habibi ends up in the bottom two, and we’re left on a cliffhanger where it is either Brandon or Habibi being eliminated in episode 2.

Other Noteworthy Information

  1. Next Eliminated (Men): Habibi – I think Brandon being too freshly divorced, and having four kids, will knock him out, and then Habibi will follow since, maybe off camera, he is doing or saying something wrong
  2. Next Eliminated (Women): Sierra – Mainly because it doesn’t seem anyone is connecting with her, but we’ve seen many in the past not get featured for half a season, and then suddenly, they boo’d up
  3. End Game Couples: Janelle and Herbert



No Major Red Flags

Currently, it doesn’t seem like anyone on here is just for fame, exposure, or drama. Yes, you can tell some people won’t mesh, and that’s fine. However, with not having the ages, lifestyles, and body types all over the place, it seems there was more curation done beyond who could make good television or bring a diverse perspective.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate them having people in their 50s or 60s on the show, but I can’t recall too many making it to the end. Also, this show has long had an issue with people who aren’t skinny, average, or fit making it. Yes, it is a dating show featuring Black folk, who are of a certain age, but as many show just in this episode, that doesn’t mean they are going to focus on personality and bypass looks and relationship history.

But, again, as of now, while Brandon might have too many kids and is fresh from a significant relationship, there is hope. Not everyone may have a plethora of options, but you can see everyone having one potential match.

On The Fence

No Off The Bat End Game Couples

“Marvin,” Ready To Love, “Bigger In Texas,” 2023, (OWN)

With that said, I don’t see many end-game couples. Most of the people seem like they could be paired with someone, like Quinton and Lee, and Maurier seems like he could be a good match for someone. Yet, while no one has major red flags, you can easily foresee people’s careers, like Marvin writing erotica and being a potential sex worker, being an issue. Alongside Red being a comedian and DJ, if Eunik is able to push the narrative to other ladies about those being thot jobs.

As for the ladies? You know the dreaded “homie vibes” will hit someone and someone having trouble dating more than one man. It’s hard to pinpoint any specific woman that may have this issue, as the ladies are rather drama-free so far, but the previews show that this quiet period won’t last forever, whether it is their conversations with each other or the men.

Let’s just hope, though, amongst the drama, “Ready To Love” tries to improve its record because it seems the series is still striking out when it comes to the final three couples – and it is usually the people who self-eliminate or get eliminated who find people, often without Tommy’s guidance.


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Are There Any Signs Of A Twist?

Right now, we have the usual number of people who fill a season, and Tommy hasn’t mentioned if he is bringing back that option to save someone that was given to the men and women in the last season. So, if there is a twist or something to mix things up, it seems it may be revealed deeper in the season.

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No Major Red Flags
No Off The Bat End Game Couples
No Major Red Flags
No Off The Bat End Game Couples

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