"Katarina," Ready To Love, "Dallas Reunion Special – Part 2," directed by Luke Terbieten, 2023, (OWN)

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Release Date (OWN) October 6, 2023
Director(s) Luke Terbieten
Writer(s) N/A
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Self Keyra
Self Quinton
Self Maurier
Self Chris
Self Jessica
Self Janelle
Self Katarina
Self Lee
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Plot Recap

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It Is What You Said And What You Meant – Keyra, Quinton, Maurier, Chris, Jessica

“Chris,” Ready To Love, “Dallas Reunion Special – Part 2,” directed by Luke Terbieten, 2023, (OWN)

Apologizing is hard, especially when there is video evidence as to what you said. Chris, for example, has issues with calling Jessica “Combative,” and while he said he didn’t during the retreat, the tape rolls back, and he decides to try to add context and nuance so that he can push the narrative he didn’t exactly say combative how she took it.

But, the real kicker is he apologizes multiple times, but only for how he said something, not what he meant. The same could go for Maurier and Keyra’s beef over her Blackness, which features Keyra’s take on Quinton only dating White girls, or pale Latinas because he is from Florida. Everyone makes some sort of effort to apologize, but similar to Habibi, it is the kind of apology that seems to be about not wanting to come off like a bad person rather than genuinely wanting to say sorry due to delivery and content.

Why Are You So Obsessed With Me? – Janelle, Quinton, Katarina, Lee

“Janelle,” Ready To Love, “Dallas Reunion Special – Part 2,” directed by Luke Terbieten, 2023, (OWN)

Throughout the entire reunion, comments have been made about Janelle and her relationship with Quinton. Katarina has pushed the idea if she came in early, she might have had a chance. Lee pushes the idea Janelle wouldn’t let Quinton really talk to anyone else, and Janelle’s response? Everyone was OBSESSED.

In her mind, there is and was too much focus on what she did and said, and when it comes to accountability? Oh, she isn’t like the men and even offers a half-ass apology. She deflects and puts it on the ladies who feel a certain type of way, and seemingly, in order to build herself up, she puts them down.

We Good – Aries, Phil, Janelle, Quinton

So, what is going on with the others who made it to the end? Well, Aries and Phil aren’t together since his stability issues remain unresolved in her mind, even if he has a stable day job. As for Janelle and Quinton? They are dating. They hit a few bumps, but from what it seems, they are still together with no interest in dissolving their partnership or doing anything but being exclusive.


Notable Performances or Moments

The Janelle Call-Outs

I can’t explain why, but I still like and enjoy Janelle. Maybe it is because you can’t paint her to be a villain, no matter how many try. Rather, Janelle is just someone who is not for everyone. As shown via Jessica, she can make friends with women, and while some of the men don’t like her, others seem to be willing to be silent supporters.

However, there is no denying that Janelle does like to start things and doesn’t seem to understand, in the pursuit of upping herself, she often steps on toes or outright steps on others. Her putting people down in regards to Quinton not being interested in them was uncalled for. As Kat said, her delivery, like many this season, was terrible in conveying their opinion.

The only difference is, and maybe this is why I enjoy Janelle, she doesn’t back down just because she gets put under public pressure. She said what she said, she’ll say it again and will keep the context and change the content so that her point will come across.


Poor Tommy

A part of me feels bad for Tommy. Why? Because I don’t think he realizes until the reunion how bad things get on the journey. Yes, he is aware of certain things, but as for how bad the beef gets and how much feelings get hurt? Either they keep it from him, he isn’t as invested as needed to know, or he is obtuse to what is going on.

Either way, sometimes his shock about the back and forth makes me wonder if he realizes, like viewers, how bad things are increasingly getting on this show, no matter what city or area the season takes place.

On The Fence

How To Do A Proper Apology

“Keyra,” Ready To Love, “Dallas Reunion Special – Part 2,” directed by Luke Terbieten, 2023, (OWN)

I’m not going to pretend apologies are easy. Most people, I’d submit, don’t apologize unless there is guilt and/or pressure. But considering there are both on that stage, it makes watching what are supposed to be grown people in their 30s and 40s struggle with the concept so wild. Especially since there is a video of what you said, so you can apologize in a very specific manner, and there are witnesses who can tell you what happened.

But you and I know that “Ready To Love” isn’t what it used to be, and maybe nostalgia pushes me to think it was better at one time when it wasn’t.

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Ready To Love: Season 9/ Episode 14 “Dallas Reunion Special – Part 2” – Overview


Honestly, I’m at the point of wondering if this new version of “Ready To Love” being released is an acknowledgment that the original format isn’t working, similar to how “Last Resort” was a test of whether keeping everyone in the same place could have made things better.

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  1. Smh, TX displayed some drama filled ladies and men. Lee and Kat! I love them. Janelle ….42 yr old bye….Jessica…. Bye. Tommy this season you sucked with this, must be because you from this area. You let them do too much. The men pffff. Gave me a bad vibe about Texans.

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