Nephew Tommy
"Nephew Tommy," Ready To Love, " Dallas Reunion Special – Part 1," directed by Luke Terbieten, 2023, (OWN)

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General Information

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Release Date (OWN) September 29, 2023
Director(s) Luke Terbieten
Writer(s) N/A
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Himself Maurier
Herself Jessica
Herself Eunik
Himself Marvin
Himself Red
Himself Habibi
Herself Taquilla
Herself Janelle
Herself Sierra
Himself Phil

Plot Recap

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So, Are They Together Or No? – Maurier, Jessica

Jessica and Maurier
“Jessica and Maurier,” Ready To Love, ” Dallas Reunion Special – Part 1,” directed by Luke Terbieten, 2023, (OWN)

With Maurier and Jessica seeming like the mature couple who made it to the end, the sheepishness of their commentary on their relationship status may raise an eyebrow. Granted, it is transitioning from public to private, but it makes some wonder if they are being coy because they want to save face more than anything else.

It’s Only A Warm-Up – Eunik, Marvin, Red

If “Ready To Love” loves anything, it is men and women having multi-episode fights, and to start off, they give us Eunik and Red, who still have not moved on from the “Thot Job” comment. Red is still beating that dead horse, Nephew Tommy joins in to poke the situation to see if it still has life, and Eunik pushes the idea that she doesn’t realize she is being baited.

But, at the very least, she isn’t just used to show that drama and then tossed aside. While Marvin has moved on, it is also made clear he did open up something within her regarding the BDSM community, and though she may not further explore things with him, we do learn he has found someone to do that with – off the show, of course.

You Said You Wanted A Dramatic Reunion Show, Right? – Habibi, Taquilla, Janelle, Sierra, Phil

“Taquilla,” Ready To Love, ” Dallas Reunion Special – Part 1,” directed by Luke Terbieten, 2023, (OWN)

Habibi and Taquilla are not only together but the entertainment for the night. For if it isn’t Habibi giving “I’m sorry you felt that way” apologies to Janelle and Sierra, it is Taquilla doing that rocking motion when you know someone is just waiting for a reason. Hence, her popping off on Phil, mentioning him being broke to the point of bankruptcy once.

But, while her mouth is as reckless as Habibi’s, there isn’t any threat of a physical altercation – on stage. Yes, Janelle was making faces, but she was trying to keep it cool after walking away from Habibi. However, backstage, she made an off-hand comment that sparked Taquilla, and, as usual, Janelle pushed a button that led to a theatrical response.

Other Noteworthy Information

  1. Katarina and Maurier are still friends
  2. Red keeps in contact with Keyra, Taquilla, and Janelle
  3. Katarina seemingly gets under Janelle and Jessica’s skin since she, rightfully so, thinks if she wasn’t a curve ball but part of the original cast, she could have potentially had any man she wanted



The Drama

While I do hate seeing grown Black folk fight, I can only assume this is what a guilty pleasure feels like. It’s hard to turn away as Eunik tries to be shady and bring up Red being a bad father. Never mind, watching people like Habibi struggle to apologize because they meant what they said and are only apologizing because they are being shamed into doing so. Then, with Taquilla? Don’t get me wrong, I get Janelle does push it, but there is always that one cast member about that action, and Janelle seemingly wanting to set it off? I know it won’t get to the point of fist-flying, but there is something about the tease of it.

Low Points

Tommy’s Corny Jokes

Let me start off by saying comedy is subjective. But, with none of the episodes mentioning this show has writers, we’re left to assume when Tommy makes a joke, he wrote it. So, the jokes and puns regarding people’s lives or relationships, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that was Tommy’s doing, and it wouldn’t be wrong to question if this is really his ceiling of funny or if, off this show, he produces better.

On The Fence

Sometimes Feeling The Backstage Commentary Is Better Than What’s Said Onstage

“Katarina,” Ready To Love, ” Dallas Reunion Special – Part 1,” directed by Luke Terbieten, 2023, (OWN)

Since the first reunion show, the commentary from those not on the couch has usually been what is the most memorable. For part one, it was Kat’s reactions to everything, and it is kind of sad in a way. They are delivering what viewers are likely thinking, but because Tommy is very selective about who and when he wants to be messy, usually the best times for him to stir the pot, he misses, and the worst times, he latches onto like he got something.

But, at least the show has recognized these moments are gold, hence a steady for shots of the break room and a picture in picture during most couch conversations.

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It truly is a damn shame the most exciting thing about “Ready To Love” at this point is the reunion show where, finally, you can see all the snide comments address and people properly confronted on what they said or did.

  • The Drama - 83%
  • Tommy’s Corny Jokes - 68%
  • Sometimes Feeling The Backstage Commentary Is Better Than What’s Said Onstage - 78%
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  • The Drama


  • Sometimes Feeling The Backstage Commentary Is Better Than What’s Said Onstage
  • Tommy’s Corny Jokes

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