Ready To Love: Season 9/ Episode 12 “The Finale” – Recap and Review

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Excerpt It’s time for final decisions, and, as usual, we don’t end up with three final couples. However, do we at least end up with one that’s believable?

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Plot Recap

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Janelle and Quinton

Kids are the major craw of whether or not they will last. Quinton says he would like three. Janelle, who is in her early 40s, can commit to one, but in the case of having a biological child, it isn’t something she is excited about as she has said multiple times at this point, if not forever, she would rather adopt.

This may lead you to think maybe she would be okay with one biological child and adopting two, but when Quinton meets her cousin, it seems the idea of a big family was never in the cards for her. One child, a husband, and a dog was how big she wanted her household to be, yet in the end, both still chose one another.

Aries and Phil

“Aries,” Ready To Love, “The Finale” 2023, (OWN)

Stability and money remain a rampant issue when it comes to Aries and Phil, and her mother and sister only double down on this being a problem. Add in Phil not being a devout Christian too? It really pushes if his kind gestures and speaking as if Aries has nothing to worry about is enough. However, with her father gone and her being raised to think of a man as a provider, and that potentially being more important than him being a partner, while Phil chooses Aries, she picks herself.

Jessica, Maurier, and Katarina

Maurier is in a bind. With Jessica, the issue was that he has plans to go to Africa; he is spiritual more than religious and regarding kids? He isn’t necessarily trying to have more but is open to it. None of this is brought up on the date, so that goes well.

Now, as for Katarina? Her family member goes in from Maurier’s height, him wanting to move abroad, and she really puts him to the test. However, while he doesn’t necessarily win her over, Katarina likes his answers for the most part.

But in the end, Maurier chooses Jessica because their connection was longer; it didn’t seem like it was sputtering in the friend zone, and while they have differences, it seems Jessica was willing to compromise for the sake of the relationship. Plus, Maurier is big on family, and Jessica’s cousin is far more inviting to be part of the brood than Katarina’s.



Understanding Without A Father, Aries Realizes She Doesn’t Have A Safety Net

With meeting Aries’ family, you are pushed to understand that men, the way she was brought up, are supposed to be everything and all things. They should be the provider, head of the household, protector, all the things that likely stress men out and have them die before their spouses. But, for them, that is the norm, that is the expectation, so Phil being someone who isn’t old school in any way imaginable? That is a matador-sized red flag.

Never mind, with losing her father less than a year ago, I would submit Aries might be looking for someone who provided that sense of safety and reliability her dad did. Perhaps similar to how men are looking for a woman who cooks and provides consistent affection like their mom, or how they expect a mother to, Aries wanted a replacement more than a partner.

Maurier’s Decision

“Maurier,” Ready To Love, “The Finale” 2023, (OWN)

In the end, I get it. Yes, Katarina seemed more open from the get-go to be flexible about traveling and spirituality and has experience being a stepmom, but what a lot of the matches often give are honeymoon phase. From the start of the series, it seemed, because of everyone’s baggage, they wanted something easy, breezy, overtly romantic, and exciting. They wanted that teenage love affair feeling despite being 30+ years old.

With Maurier and Jessica, it was something far more grown. They didn’t need to be happy and gushing over each other all the time, privately and publicly. Sometimes, they had disagreements, needed space, and even said the wrong thing at the wrong time. However, as shown by Maurier’s gift and Jessica making Maurier a plate, they are the type of grown and sexy this show assumes they’ll cast.

Both sides know and want something that can last once the cameras go away, and seemingly, they might be the only ones who talked about what that means. Never mind, unlike the rest, it does appear they actually talked, off camera, about their differences, came to compromises, and recognized that while you can be ready to love, in a relationship, you won’t always be liked, be happy, agree with your partner and more.

With these two, I feel like with them having disagreements early on and being forced to confront their differences, they were able not to settle but become settled in what their relationship could be and look like.

Low Points

Jessica’s Cousin Didn’t Ask About Any Of The Things Which Were Issues In Jessica And Maurier’s Relationship

With that said, Jessica’s cousin was too easily won over and didn’t ask any of the hard questions. While Jessica seemed willing to move to Africa by the end of the season, the religious issue wasn’t touched upon or Maurier’s lack of excitement regarding having additional children. But, I can only assume that, unlike others brought on to grill who their friend or family member are into, Jessica’s cousin was operating from a place of wanting to welcome someone in rather than find a way to keep them out.

Feeling Like Janelle and Quinton Won’t Make It Past The Honeymoon Phase

“Janelle,” Ready To Love, “The Finale” 2023, (OWN)

I think the issue here is that Janelle is on a timeline, and Quinton is not. She wants to find someone nice, and attractive and get off the market within a year. Quinton isn’t held to the same need to move that fast, and I don’t think either one has really had a tough conversation. It’s all joy and giggles, but addressing how Janelle handles confrontation hasn’t been spoken of. There wasn’t any resolution to his desires for multiple children and her willingness to have one.

In my mind, a slew of conversations that weren’t had, albeit maybe just not on camera, make it hard to believe these two can make it past the honeymoon phase.

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Ready To Love: Season 9/ Episode 12 “The Finale” – Overview


As has been said since the midpoint of the season, “Ready To Love” at this point is far more a build-up to the reunion show than the final couples, as this show has only been able to offer drama consistently rather than the possibility of someone finding their true pairing.

  • Understanding Without A Father, Aries Realizes She Doesn’t Have A Safety Net - 82%
  • Maurier’s Decision - 84%
  • Jessica’s Cousin Didn’t Ask About Any Of The Things Which Were Issues In Jessica And Maurier’s Relationship - 67%
  • Feeling Like Janelle and Quinton Won’t Make It Past The Honeymoon Phase - 66%
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  • Maurier’s Decision
  • Understanding Without A Father, Aries Realizes She Doesn’t Have A Safety Net


  • Feeling Like Janelle and Quinton Won’t Make It Past The Honeymoon Phase
  • Jessica’s Cousin Didn’t Ask About Any Of The Things Which Were Issues In Jessica And Maurier’s Relationship

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