With things coming to an end, one person realizes they are, and may have been for a while, wasting their time.

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Release Date (OWN) September 15, 2023
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Herself Aries
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Plot Recap

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Same Ole Issues – Aries, Phil, Jessica, Maurier, Katarina, Janelle, Quinton, Lee

Despite being towards the end of the journey, old issues remain. Aries can’t get past feeling like Phil isn’t financially stable enough, no matter how much he explains what his situation was, is, and why he changed his career path. For Jessica? Maurier’s spirituality over commitment to a specific religion remains an issue, and for Lee? It is Quinton prioritizing Janelle at the getaway and often paying her dust.

Making it so, only Katarina seems to be in a good place as she is aligned with Maurier on many things. Be it an attitude of being open to children and not needing to have them or moving out of the States being okay.

A Waste Of Time – Lee, Quinton

Quinton giving a notable side eye
“Quinton giving a notable side eye,” Ready To Love, “Meet The Family,” 2023, (OWN)

Lee can see the writing on the wall. Quinton may verbally say he is torn or still interested, but his actions when they were on the getaway say otherwise and how far along he is with Janelle compared to her. Because of this, she speaks to Tommy and self-eliminates.

The Problem Is – Phil, Maurier, Quinton

With Lee eliminating herself, the men don’t have to tell a woman they aren’t ready to love but have to think about what obstacles remain. For Phil, the constant question of his financial stability is an issue, especially since he feels like he is in a place where he can focus on thriving and not survival, which is where Aries’ head seems to be.

As for Quinton? Janelle not being pro-having biological kids is an issue, which brings her age as an issue. Quinton seems more attached to Janelle, and his family can see it, but kids can be a make-or-break issue for him. After all, it isn’t like, outside this process, he doesn’t have options he can explore.

Jessica talking about making her final decision
“Jessica talking about making her final decision,” Ready To Love, “Meet The Family,” 2023, (OWN)

Which leaves Maurier, the only one with multiple options. Jessica, while compatible, definitely has issues with his means of expressing faith, wants four kids, and likely isn’t down to moving to Africa. On the other hand, Katarina explores faith similar to Maurier, is cool with moving to Africa, and the only issue there might be her not confirming whether they have moved past friend vibes.


Final Couples

Maurier and Katarina seem like the only pairing that could really work, while all others seemingly won’t last as there could be better options beyond what was presented in the process.


Notable Performances or Moments

Lee Self Eliminating

Lee overstayed in the process. She, based on what was shown, never made a strong connection. It appeared she was never in anyone’s first position, just a backup because she was nice, and fit that submissive profile, but as shown, that was never enough. So, her finally seeing the writing on the wall and eliminating herself was wonderful to see since she deserves better.


Fun vs. Security

If there is one thing of interest here, it is the Aries and Phil situation in which it seems clear that he is in a position and mindset where he is looking and believes he can have fun, and Aries is not. It’s an interesting thing to analyze since it reminds you of how gender dynamics are evolving. Aries is looking for a provider, and Phil a partner. She is looking for someone who can maintain or even raise her financial profile, it seems, for money is a major issue.

However, from what Phil says and seems to live his life, he makes enough to be happy, has reconfigured his life to pursue interests that may not make money, and now he just wants someone to share these newfound joys with. Watching these two really reminds you that love and affection is really not enough for most. Sometimes, like being nice and capable of having a conversation, it is the bare minimum basics to match or exceed where someone is financially for anything real to really develop.

On The Fence

Towards the End, Really Addressing The Issues

While there has been a push to address issues multiple times throughout the season, it seems to really be hitting faces of many that things aren’t right here. Now, in some ways, you get it. Your focus has to be split on multiple people to not get eliminated, so sometimes you can’t really look hard at the issues that could keep someone from being the one. However, I feel like, as a viewer, a lot of the issues seemed clear from the start.

Phil talking about his situation with Aries
“Phil talking about his situation with Aries,” Ready To Love, “Meet The Family,” 2023, (OWN)

Now, granted, being in the situation and watching an edited version of it is massively different. However, Quinton and Janelle’s issue of him wanting biological children was addressed way before this and made clear with her hesitance due to her being a decade older. Maurier’s issues with Jessica, especially regarding his spirituality, aren’t new. Heck, Aries, and Phil, his finances being in flux, have been a side-eye topic for weeks now.

So why exactly, with all the talking that can be done off and on camera, it is pushed that we’ve really come to a major crux is worthy of a raised eyebrow. But, it has long been assumed that making it to the end, for some, might be more important than finding a love that could last.

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There are lessons to be learned, beyond seeing the signs of when one might be wasting their time in the latest episode.

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