As the getaway ends, and the ladies have the power to eliminate, it seems to come down to who the first choice is and their backup plan.

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Release Date (OWN) September 8, 2023
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Plot Recap

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So, None Of Ya’ll Are Going To Be Honest? – Janelle, Jessica, Chris, Maurier

After Sierra is eliminated, everyone goes back into the house, and the question of who used the word “Combative” is asked. Chris doesn’t own up to it, and because of that, Maurier has to fall on the sword for a bit. Jessica knows the idea of using that word wasn’t from him, and while it is pointed out that he still said it, Jessica would rather focus on who presented that narrative.

Katarina commenting on the 'Combative' feedback towards Jessica
“Katarina commenting on the ‘Combative’ feedback towards Jessica,” Ready To Love, “The Getaway, Part 2,” 2023, (OWN)

Which is what Janelle wants to focus on. It’s understood Maurier said the words but with the connotation the word “combative” has, while she isn’t trying to start a witch hunt on her friend’s behalf, you can tell she isn’t going to let this go, especially since Jessica has an idea of who pushed that word to be said.

First Choice & Back Ups – Chris, Lee, Aries, Katarina, Maurier, Phil, Quentin, Janelle, Jessica

While the conversation about who said what goes unresolved, at least until the reunion show, everyone is just trying to figure a way to move forward. As before, Lee tries to get some quality time with Quentin, but Janelle keeps that from happening. Chris, despite seemingly being willing to let what Aries has with Phil develop, now seems to be revisiting what can be there.

As for how Phil feels? Chris isn’t on his radar, really. He is all in on Aries, and there is a recognition there is an attraction, but there is a growing worry about how they can operate when things get serious. Phil makes it seem he has only been fully stable for four months, with the latest reason things were shaky being the death of his father and stepfather in the last year. Which is understandable, but it seems that despite the vulnerability and grace Chris was given, Phil doesn’t get the same.

Switching to Maurier, it seems with feeling like he messed up again, once more, he explores his options, and that means trying to push out the friend zone again with Katarina. Ultimately, it appears he doesn’t, but you can see there is a desire to push through, it is just that you can tell Katarina would rather have someone like Quentin but seemingly is trying to will herself into liking Maurier.

Blood In The Water – Jessica, Chris, Aries, Maurier

Jessica Ready To Love Season 9 Episode 10 The Getaway Part 2 scaled
“Jessica noting how she is going to handle, during the getaway, dealing with the emotional toll of being called ‘Combative’,” Ready To Love, “The Getaway, Part 2,” 2023, (OWN)

As it stood, Maurier struggled still with being too close to the friend zone for comfort vs. Janelle and Jessica being sure and uncomfortable with Chris continuing due to his “combative” comment. Now, numbers-wise, with Chris having Aries, Lee, and Katarina interested in him, you’d think he’d be safe, right? Jessica and Katarina may have liked Maurier, but Jessica was the only one set on him, while Katarina had a good chance with Chris and a chance in hell with Quinton.

Yet, despite Chris having everything working in his favor, he is the one who gets cut, and it was decided that Jessica would be the one to cut him. This leads to the first dramatic exit of the season as Chris curses at Jessica and pushes the narrative Lee tried to that Jessica is just mad things didn’t work out between her and Chris.

It’s hard to say if that is true or not, but what is factual is that Chris came out of character and was made to look like Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde.


Next Eliminated (Women)

With Chris gone, Lee has to be the next one to go. Phil, Maurier, and I’d add in Quentin, haven’t shown any real and sustained interest in her. Quentin, who matters the most of the three since she likes him, has especially paid her dust in order to be with or appease Janelle. So as Sierra saw the writing on the wall, I can only hope Lee can as well.

As for who may join her? It would have to be Katarina. While she is interested in Maurier and Quentin, like Lee, she doesn’t have much of a chance with Quentin and Maurier? He is a process-by-elimination pick for her. Someone who, like the rest of the ladies, she appears capable of being a friend with, but isn’t her top choice.

Final Three

Janelle and Quentin, Maurier and Jessica, and Phil and Aries.


Notable Performances or Moments

Chris’ Send Off

Chris calling Jessica evil
“Chris calling Jessica evil,” Ready To Love, “The Getaway, Part 2,” 2023, (OWN)

A part of me will always feel torn about seeing Black people come out of character and make an ass of themselves on television. For even if I don’t agree with their beliefs, at the same time, we share a culture, and in this case, are both Black men.

With that said, with us increasingly more invested in the drama than the romance, Chris deciding to go off on Jessica, without a good reason, was one of the most entertaining moments of the season. He got caught, only owned up to it when he realized there was no longer any getting out of it, and then flipped out while Jessica just sat there and by no means matched his energy.

At this point, I think the reunion show for this season might be one of the best with how the focus seems to be setting that up vs. finding three good couples.

On The Fence

Chris Being Chosen Doesn’t Make Much Sense

I don’t understand how Chris got eliminated. Lee and Katarina can surely see that they don’t have a chance with Quentin, right? Katarina has struggled to see Maurier past being a friend, so why would she eliminate the man she has a chance with? Why would Lee? Heck, considering how Aries makes it increasingly seem she is attracted to Phil but may not see him as a stable partner, why would the majority of women allow Chris to go?

Is it because Jessica has no other interest besides Maurier? Outside of Janelle, who has that level of loyalty to her to get rid of a man with three connections for the guy who can barely hang onto one? Something don’t seem right here.

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Increasingly, I’m looking forward to the reunion show more than who ends up together.

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