Nephew Tommy
"Nephew Tommy," Ready To Love, "Blink If You Need Help," 2023, (OWN)

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Release Date (OWN) September 1, 2023
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The Last Shall Finish First? – Katarina, Chris, Aries, Phillip, Lee, Janelle, Sierra, Maurier, Jessica, Quinton

Katarina recognizes that she pretty much has to start over. The men we have seen her with thus far are either gone or notably attached to others, but she is willing to make an effort. Some of it leads her into the danger zone, like pursuing Quinton, who Janelle has on lock. Lee also tries to make a move, and it is questionable if that is a good idea.

However, with Chris deciding Phillip and Aries are set and to leave Aries alone, he is available. So Lee and Katarina focus on him, and he is torn. Lee is that ideal submissive woman he wants, but Katarina is willing to be submissive, has a spark to her that melds well with him, and to boot, she gets his culture.

Which leads us to Sierra. It has been vocalized that she has the homie vibe more than once, and Maurier has made it appear she is a backup or someone he is settling for. She feels that energy, and so, despite the getaway allowing many to have some form of relaxation, once Tommy tells everyone someone is leaving in the morning, she doesn’t unpack her bag since she knows what it is.

Now, this doesn’t mean she quits, since this still is one of the few seasons without someone self-eliminating. However, Maurier is in a tough spot. Jessica attempts to show love, but she is struggling a bit. Sierra is expecting to be chased and experience that whole Queen ideal, and Maurier isn’t doing that. His issue is that he feels like he doesn’t know love, so he needs to be guided a bit, and while that could work for Jessica, who perhaps struggles just the same, Sierra may not want to teach a grown man what he needs to do.

Who Are You Talking To? – Janelle, Kat, Chris, Quinton

“Chris,” Ready To Love, “Blink If You Need Help,” 2023, (OWN)

Janelle is very territorial when it comes to Quinton, as established, and so if there is an opportunity to diminish someone who has an interest in him, she takes it. Case in point, there was a conversation that includes Chris showing himself to be old-fashioned in ways that a portion of modern women don’t appreciate. How? Let’s just say he thinks women shouldn’t lead because they are emotional and a sprinkle of other things that, for a portion of the ladies on the show, it is disagreeable.

But, while many ladies disagree with him, Janelle and Kat have a disagreement that goes beyond agreeing to disagree to keep the peace. Kat doesn’t take well to Janelle’s tone, Janelle doesn’t believe in letting things go, so things escalate until Kat has to walk away. Janelle, despite winning the battle, may slowly be losing the war since hearing Janelle call the other ladies all types of b****es seemingly breaks, momentarily, the spell Quinton is under.

However, it is not long enough for one of the other ladies to present themselves as a viable option.

We Have To Even Up These Numbers – Sierra, Jessica

With Sierra and Jessica only having Maurier for a connection, and neither desirable by any man but him, he is tasked with making a decision that could be who he ends up with or potentially rejects as the numbers dwindle. On one side is Sierra, who is fun and bubbly, but she isn’t in a good place between homie vibes and some feeling like she does the most.

As for Jessica? Maurier has the audacity to repeat Chris’ criticism of her being “combative,” and honestly, with what Maurier said, I can’t imagine either woman really wanting to stay for someone who can say what he did. But, as for who will stay or go, we get yet another cliffhanger and won’t find out till next week.


Next Eliminated (Men)

It’s between Maurier and Chris. At this point, Maurier might be cool with certain ladies, like Jessica and Sierra, but it doesn’t seem like he is going to find love with either. Sierra may understand that, with Maurier not knowing love, he can’t give it, in a romantic sense, but she is quick to say she deserves better. Then with Jessica, I wouldn’t say Jessica doesn’t want love, but she may just want a life partner because she’d like someone to come home to more than anything else.

Switching to Chris, his issue could be that what he said out loud may have gotten a co-sign from Janelle, but she isn’t one of his connections. His connections are Lee, who is a church mouse about all the commotion, and Katarina, who seems to have mixed feelings about traditional gender roles.

But between the two, considering we’re setup to see Chris go off, either he gets eliminated or is the one who quits this season. Maurier is likely safe.

Next Eliminated (Women)

Sierra is likely the one to go. The men have not paid her much if any mind the entire season, and Maurier has verbally said she gives homie vibes and made it clear that she is second to Jessica. Now, while Jessica may not be as vocal as Janelle or spending the type of quality time Aries and Phil are, she is doing something. She brought Maurier a plate, he brought her something to take her shower, so while it isn’t the most exciting of connections, that may very well be the point. They don’t need a bombastic, in-your-face love. They just need someone who will look out for them, love them, and show up.

Final Couples

Aries and Phil are the top couple of the season right now, and while I remain unsure if they can last, especially after the “Meet The Family” episode you know is coming, they were the only pairing I had a inkling of faith in. Beyond them, Janelle and Quinton, though who knows if that will last past the reunion, and as for the final couple? I want to say Maurier and Jessica. Something about them being low-key is different and nice.



Kat vs. Janelle

“Janelle,” Ready To Love, “Blink If You Need Help,” 2023, (OWN)

When “Ready To Love” is lacking in couples to believe in, there is always drama to keep you distracted. Now, you and I know the drama won’t come to a head until the reunion show, but who doesn’t like a tease or a little preview?

Phil and Aries

While we don’t see much between Phil and Aries beyond him rubbing her feet, that’s something, right? In comparison to Janelle being territorial and Maurier being pulled two ways since he perhaps doesn’t know what he wants since he isn’t sure if his two remaining options are what he likes, Phil and Aries being secluded might be what the show needs.

Maurier and Jessica

Though, don’t get me wrong, as said before, I think one of the issues I, and many have, is that we expect love to look a certain way, be a certain way, and if we can’t find that, or even produce it, we think something is wrong with us. Yet, as Jessica and Maurier may potentially show, sometimes you don’t need a partner who is a little jealous, wants you touching their feet, or all the stuff we’re indoctrinated to believe are signs of love.

Sometimes, it is just little things like seeing someone is a bit overwhelmed or tired and bringing them a plate and, as Claire told Elvin in “The Cosby Show,” this being met with some form of reciprocity. Nothing grandeur or one side escalating things, but a reminder that at the heart of any relationship, romantic or not, is someone who likes you, enjoys your company, and wants to make an effort even when they aren’t sure what you may need but have an idea of what they can give.

Low Points

Ya’ll Barking Up The Wrong Quinton

I don’t know why Katarina and Lee are trying. Quinton doesn’t seem to want to tell Janelle no, push her away, or set the kind of boundaries which could imply he is still on this journey looking for love. He is either locked down or locked up at this point, so while I get he has the smile, charm, and muscles, they need to focus on Chris and see Quinton as a lost cause.

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It’s a shame when the most exciting thing about a show that totes itself to be about people finding love, is the drama between people who have no sort of relationship.

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  • Maurier and Jessica
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  • Kat vs. Janelle


  • Ya’ll Barking Up The Wrong Quinton

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