It’s that peculiar time of “Ready To Love” when cast members meet the exes and more often than not, it blows up in the other person’s face.

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Release Date (OWN) August 18, 2023
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Plot Recap

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Well, That Was Eye Opening – Janelle, Maurier, Jessica, Chris, Quinton, Lee, Herbert, Keyra, Phil

Poor Maurier. While he may have been talking with Jessica and Janelle for a while, it seems he forgot the one thing you should never do on “Ready To Love,” and that is not be traditional in a conservative sense. For when the ladies meet his ex-girlfriend, named Jessica, she brings out tarot cards, and with that, the word “Occult” is thrown out there, and if either had some in their purse, I’m sure holy water would have been thrown. Thus leaving Maurier with an egg on his face and a setup that may surely send him home.

Janelle making it clear she isn't into Maurier's spiritual exploration
“Janelle making it clear she isn’t into Maurier’s spiritual exploration,” Ready To Love, “Meet The Exes,” 2023, (OWN)

But, while Maurier bombs in a way that will set up his departure, for the ladies, things aren’t always in their favor. Lee, for example, when she meets Quinton’s ex, gets so overwhelmed by Janelle also being there and Quinton openly saying he ghosted her, that is Lee, that she clams up and seemingly taps out in the middle of the date. On the opposite end, Jessica meets Chris’ ex, and from coming in strong to the push that she’ll be in servitude towards Chris, she too hears everything that could raise a giant red flag regarding her top interest.

Not to be outdone, Keyra, while on a group date, mentions she’d prefer a man without kids, which is a problem since, alongside Phil, who invited her to meet his ex, a good portion of the men are fathers. Which is something Herbert would also like to be, but unlike Janelle, he doesn’t want to be someone’s adoptive father but their biological father, which creates issues for him regarding moving forward with her.

I Won’t Say I’m In Love, But I’m On My Way – Janelle, Quinton, Chris, Aries, Phil

At this point, Quinton and Janelle seem locked in. He isn’t scared off by her end-of-the-year timeline regarding getting engaged, is cool with adopting children, and is showing the effort that Herbert isn’t. Then with Aries, both Chris and Phil think she is perfect for their life. For Chris, she is demure, sweet, lets him be vulnerable and gives him space to do so, and she doesn’t complain about the idea that he will be her king and in his ambitious pursuit of maintaining and gaining resources for the household, she may have to take a step back in some of her ambitions.

Aries confused by Phil's ex's struggles
“Aries confused by Phil’s ex’s struggles,” Ready To Love, “Meet The Exes,” 2023, (OWN)

As for Phil? His ex notes that, in the past, physical affection was something he struggled to give, but with Aries, that isn’t a problem. Even during the date, he has one hand on her thigh, and we’ve seen them kiss, so between evolving and Aries not being whatever his ex is, it seems more like a problem that existed strictly between them.

You Already Know Who It Is – Keyra, Sierra

Sierra did get the chance to meet Maurier’s ex, since, in his struggle, he tried to will himself into liking Sierra. However, like most, if not all the men, Sierra has a homie vibe that they struggle to imagine can become a romantic partner. And considering nearly all the men have someone they are far more interested in than her, she ends up in the bottom two.

Now, why is Keyra in the bottom two? Because no one likes or wants her at this point. Between her interactions with Quinton and Maurier, and lack thereof with Chris, combined with Herbert moving on and Phil not having much, if any, connection with her? She is an easy one to cut.

Keyra glad she is eliminated
“Keyra glad she is eliminated,” Ready To Love, “Meet The Exes,” 2023, (OWN)

This isn’t to say Lee wasn’t part of the conversation, but with the men not getting the chance to do a double elimination, she is safe.


Next Eliminated (Men)

Maurier is out. As noted in the past episode, if you aren’t straight, live in the binary, Christian, and live a very narrow life outside of enjoying traveling, you are in danger from the start. So for Maurier to be into what Janelle says is “The Occult?” That was the kiss of death, and the person most likely to join him in the bottom two, to me, will be Herbert. The lack of effort, combined with Janelle having a stronger connection with Quinton, means her being willing to let an iffy thing go for something more sure.

Next Eliminated (Women)

Sierra is going to be the next to go. I don’t see her bouncing back from the homie comment and her clearly putting herself out there, and no one wanting that person. Joining her will be Lee since, between the “Too Busy” comment from Phil and Quinton noting he ghosted her, it seems she is just here because no one told her to leave.

Now, I still think Jessica could be in danger since Maurier definitely knows she isn’t into his lifestyle, and Chris appears to think she is too Type-A, but I think she could have a late-in-the-season connection potentially. Also, I feel like Katarina should be part of the conversation since she doesn’t appear to have any strong connections, but I think she’ll skate by since she hasn’t done or said anything to offend or put off the men yet.

Final Couples

Quinton and Janelle, I feel, are locked in at this point, though I still don’t know if they’ll make it past the reunion. Joining them are Phil and Aries, who also I see something happening or being said that blows up what they have. Beyond those four, I don’t see a third couple with the way things are going.


On The Fence

Meeting The Ex Still Is An Odd Stapple Of This Show

Maurier questioning the point of this exercise
“Maurier questioning the point of this exercise,” Ready To Love, “Meet The Exes,” 2023, (OWN)

Did this episode show that, by meeting someone’s ex, you can get to know them? Yes. However, as shown through Phil’s ex, one of the problems is that their relationship with them had a whole different person involved. Phil, when he was with her, had an inconsistent job, he was younger, and likely a litany of other factors at play.

Heck, even with Maurier, clearly before this episode, he walked with the Lord and knew the lingo, but with bringing on his ex, all that did was shown he was open to other forms of spiritual development beyond Christianity. That was something he specifically did with her, just as with one person you may have liked to travel with, another was someone you did a lot of arts and crafts projects – each relationship is unique because of both person’s backgrounds being different, alongside their interest, and the curiosity which comes from learning from and about each other.

But, as for the ladies learning about the men? I’d even say Chris’ ex being on isn’t great since, while she is a submissive woman, it could be that Chris doesn’t necessarily need someone who is trying to wait on him hand and foot. If he did, he would have officially dropped Jessica a long time ago; I would hope/think. That just happens to be how that person loved and, overall, I get this whole scenario can be eye-opening for some and cause drama or issues for others, but it still is one of those things where, of all the curve balls, this one is probably up there with what can be dismissed.

Episode Directory

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Asked and Answered

Answers to some questions you may have regarding this episode:

Why Aren’t Chris and His Ex Valerie Still Together?

She didn’t want to be his girlfriend forever – likely meaning he wasn’t in a rush to marry her.

Why Aren’t Quintin And His Ex Briana Together?

Because Quinton was content with remaining single and wasn’t for monogamy when he was with her.

Why Aren’t Maurier And His Ex Jessica Together?

He doesn’t explicitly say why, but he notes he messed up

He doesn’t explicitly say why, but he notes he messed up

Due to lack of physical affection coming from Phil, and Ameena having to question if she was friend-zoned.

Why Aren’t Herbert and his ex together?

This isn’t revealed.

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  • Meeting The Ex Still Is An Odd Stapple Of This Show

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