“Ready To Love” continues to be more a subtle horror series than a show that could inspire someone to put themselves out there and find love.

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Background Information

Episode Title Fort Worth Reunion: Part 1
Release Date April 5, 2024
Network OWN
Director(s) Jeff Tan
Writer(s) N/A
Previous Episode Season 9/ Episode 12
Series Page Ready To Love
Character Guide Ready To Love Cast

Cast Guide

Character’s Name Actor’s Name
Self Alonzo
Self Patrice
Self Will
Self Mieka
Self Koshiea
Self Alexis
Self Laron

Plot Recap

He Said, She Said – Alonzo, Patrice, Will, Mieka, Koshiea, Alexis

Is everyone grown on “Ready To Love?” Yes. Do they still go back and forth like they did with their parents? Oh absolutely! But many situations are bad because most don’t know when to stop talking. Alonzo is called out for his female friends, one of whom he slept with, which makes Patrice uncomfortable and question her ultimate decision. He feels offended that his name is being dragged through the mud, but he lets it go once the follow-up segment is over. Patrice doesn’t, but Alonzo does.

But then comes Will. For Alonzo, it was him and Patrice going back and forth, but as the evening goes on, it becomes a free-for-all that usually features Alexis in the mix. For as Will addresses his criticism and the comments about him sleeping on the floor, like a fresh tag team partner who has been watching their teammate get their ass whipped, Alexis jumps in and wants to take on everybody. Whether it is Mieka or Koshiea, she seemed ready to fight.

Gone Too Soon – Glenn, Layllen, Alexis

Switching to calmer storylines, Glenn, who self-eliminated before meeting one person during the mixer, shows up, and Tommy sends him on a speed-dating adventure. One that leads to Alexis questioning his excuse of dropping off his son and ending up in a car accident that day, hence frazzled nerves and dropping out. Yet, despite that confrontation, Glenn seems to be doing well.

The same could be said for Layllen, the second person to leave the process in what may be a season record of four self-eliminations. It isn’t clear what the family matter was, but it appears resolved, and she doesn’t seem to regret leaving based on where she is now, though she does recognize the connections she had at the time.

Picking Fights And Playing Victim – Alexis, Laron

While there were a lot of beefs this season, no one had bigger problems with someone than Alexis and Laron. The animosity has mostly been about what it was assumed Alexis said that broke the trust of what is said in the lounge stays in the lounge. But, as we’ve seen with Laron, like how he got William eliminated, he isn’t above playing the game.

This time around, though, he doesn’t have an opponent like William, who is generally calm, cool, and collected. Instead he has Alexis who is remarkably loud, pressing most for an altercation, and with each time she speaks it being something a bit wild, when things get heated, the focus is on her. As you can imagine, anyone who is acting like they are drunk and having a good time doesn’t see themselves as the problem, so she is confused and shocked as people try to get her off the couch to have a breather while Laron gets to sit and watch.


On The Fence

Bring On The Petty & Immature

With “Ready To Love” being one of the few, maybe only, reality shows I watch, I find myself wanting to ask, are all reunion shows like this? Is it all about people trying to save face over taking accountability? Even if it is recognizing there was miscommunication? Do people like Will need to bring up people getting plastic surgery, talking about having tubes tied, and things like that? Are we often subject to men and women going back and forth and both looking like fools in the process?

Don’t get me wrong; a part of me is entertained by this, hence why I keep watching. However, when it comes to folks like Alexis who appear and then act out like she did, I begin to question how bad the penalty for not showing up is. Never mind, considering she made a comment that made it sound like she paid for something, whether it was her dress, makeup, or what have you, why in the world would you spend all that money to potentially look foolish?

Again, as a viewer, I appreciate the entertainment, but at the same time, it is hard to not wonder and worry the side effects of this level of madness being caught on film for the person acting out, and the larger conversations that creates.

The Confessional Area

I don’t know whose idea that was, but we don’t need it. The commentary from when people are in the back room, or just a well-placed mic picking up what people say under their breath, is all we need. People getting to go into some room and speak their piece makes no sense. Say what you wanna say, and mean it with your full chest, knowing the repercussions can come swiftly. Don’t hide away and make snide comments that likely won’t be addressed.

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