Vanessa ready to figure out how this will end.

Final decisions are made, and boy, when it comes to rejection, some people are MESSY!

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Plot Recap

Over Before It Begun – Mya, Laron

Laron has what can only be described as a breakdown. With being rejected by Mya in front of everyone, he puts on the theatrics that get so bad it likely was embarrassing for Mya. Hence, despite Tommy putting minor pressure on her to reconsider, she said no.

Which I bet makes her wish she gave William the chance he deserved now.

The Unchosen – Vanessa, Patrice, Chaz

Chaz is rejected by both of his connections, and both endings have a dramatic flare that Laron likely aspires to have. For Vanessa, Chaz is rejected first. This is followed by Chaz revealing the flowers that he gave her, before being rejected, had one that was petrified (dead).

He notes that the dead flower represents his feelings, and when I tell you, I was rolling my eyes and shocked by his audacity to say he doesn’t want to be enemies. Because, mind you, alongside the dead flower, he addresses all the issues they had with barely any accountability and presents what sounds like a string of insults to her. Insults that are eloquently put together, but insults nonetheless.

Chaz ending things with Vanessa

Then with Patrice? She ends things nicely, without any theatrics, and he takes it. But again, he decides to keep one flower and say the most despite doing the least when it mattered.

Now, as for why Patrice rejected him? Because he looked good on paper, with having a house and more, but in person? Through phone calls and texts? He did enough, but it wasn’t enough.

The Final Decision – Mieka, Justin, Patrice, Alonzo

In the end, Justin and Mieka choose each other, and so do Patrice and Alonzo. For Justin and Mieka, it was an easy decision, especially as Mieka showed signs that maybe she’d want a kid with Justin. So, while she couldn’t say she loved him or was on that path, like many who can’t say the words but know other expressions that convey the same feeling, her point got across.

As for Patrice? Simply put, life is too long to be bored, and while Chaz looked good on paper, Alonzo looked good in real life. Yes, the man may not own a home, but it isn’t like he can’t get one, and on top of that, while Patrice may need him to be serious at times, it isn’t like she can’t show him what he doesn’t know or be the example of what he doesn’t have.



The Drama

Between Chaz and Laron, we got so much drama. I’d even say what Laron gave us was comical as he was talking to Mya like a kid whose mom said she needed some alone time. It’s sad to see from someone so worried about how he would look on television, but lowkey hilarious. Albeit not for Mya, but she made her choice when she went to bat for Laron over William.

Then with Chaz? That whole scene when it was him and Vanessa was just wild. It was the type of moment that felt like it was scripted or a producer gave him an idea, and he ran with it because who in their right mind would do all that? A petrified flower? Chaz talking about not wanting to be enemies yet spewing a bunch of insults and downplaying how you made someone feel? I don’t know how much “Ready To Love” is just grown people being foolish and how much might be set up by production, but the fact he agreed to any of that made Patrice rejecting him feel so good to watch.

The Final Choices Were Cute And Made Sense

Mieka happy about the journey she and Justin are on

When it comes to Mieka and Justin, I feel like they lived up to “The Process” or “The Journey,” especially her. From being totally against having kids, maybe because of the experience with her ex, to having ideas and thoughts about seeing a man she likes raise their biological child, not just the children she had with someone else, is a shift. The kind that, in many ways, shows most who come on “Ready To Love” are more so looking for something different than are ready, willing, and flexible.

After all, no one is desperate. They simply are tired of wasting their time, feeling like they’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places, and need a little help to find someone out of their comfort zone. I mean, look at Patrice and Alonzo. The attraction for her was to find someone to be silly with, and what he got in return was someone who wanted that fun side and something serious too.

Now, yeah, the reunion show pushes the idea that things went south after the regular season finale, but maybe that was cut in such a way that maybe she was talking about someone else?

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Ready To Love (S09E12) Review


I’d submit we got a balance. In the case of Mieka and Justin, Alonzo and Patrice, we potentially got what the show aims for. However, as shown by Laron and Chaz, there is only so much this show can do to help people find love when you must always consider some people would rather play the game better than put their controller down.

  • The Final Choices Were Cute And Made Sense - 83%
  • The Drama - 82%
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  • The Drama
  • The Final Choices Were Cute And Made Sense


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