Ready To Love: Season 8/ Episode 4 “Advocate Sue” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Jeffri making fun of Sue-Ann

The drama begins as Blake causes a rift between two women, someone gets slighted, and with someone self-eliminating, it opens the door for new connections.

The drama begins as Blake causes a rift between two women, someone gets slighted, and with someone self-eliminating, it opens the door for new connections.

Aired (OWN) January 27, 2023
Episode Title Advocate Sue
Director(s) To Be Determined
Writer(s) N/A


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The Good – Jeffri, Mark Anthony, Mercedes, DeMario, Corvaya, Lyndon, Morgan, Jonique, Tony, Cynthia, Anthony

Unfortunately, Andre not only got COVID but self-eliminated. It isn’t clear if that is because he would miss too many episodes, if someone has a compromised immune system, or what, but with him gone, Cynthia lost the main connection she was invested in. Luckily, Anthony swoops in and gets her attention before anyone else can, which ends up a win for him. But he isn’t alone in changing things a bit. Mark Anthony wins over Jeffri in a big way, leading to DeMario moving down a notch in her top 3.

But, even with Mark Anthony publicly making it clear he has an interest in Jeffri, and even kissing her on the lips and rubbing her feet before he did Mercedes, Mercedes ain’t worried. She may not have another visible connection, but she feels very secure. Which isn’t a universal feeling, but there are those given the kind of attention which makes them feel somewhat safe.

Jonique, for example, only gets Tony’s attention, but one guy being invested is good enough if he is serious. Then with Morgan? While she likes Tony, he doesn’t pursue her as she wants, or feels she deserves, to be pursued. So, despite curving him before, she claims Lyndon is the hottest guy in the competition, likely to upset Tony more than to praise Lyndon.

Which leaves us with Corvaya. DeMario has been hyping what they could be for a while, and with sitting down and talking, you can see it. Corvaya finally gets to open up and explain her seeking a certain lifestyle and status is because she grew up poor and has no desire to end up with someone who either reminds her of that life or could bring her back there. Hence rejecting Lyndon for him having a roommate likely triggers the idea of struggle.

The Bad – Marcia, Bluu, Jeffri, Sue Ann, Blake, Tony, Morgan

Jeffri saying to the group that Blake already chose her, is possessive of her and doesn’t want anyone else rubs Sue Ann the wrong way. However, being in the bottom twice seems to make Blake act funny. First, he buys a rather shiny, but I won’t say expensive without an appraiser, gift for Sue Ann to thank her for going to bat for him. Following that, as a producer likely told him to, he tries to confront Jeffri, but with it being clear Jeffri isn’t for the BS, Blake stumbles to get her to say what happened and to try to get anything started.

But, with him doing that and knowing he heard what happened in the lounge from somewhere, Jeffri decides to confront Sue Ann, who goes to bat for the only man right now really investing their time into her. Which is admirable, but you can tell she knows she is defending someone on shaky ground. But with Jeffri not pulling out receipts, while Blake looks bad, Jeffri not finishing him doesn’t look all that good either.

Outside of that drama, Bluu and Marcia go on a date, and with her noting she doesn’t like outdoor activities, he withdraws his interest, and between Tony and Morgan? Morgan wants to love Tony, but with never being in love, she is scared about letting herself go. Yet, with her not outright rejecting Tony and breaking things off, it seems she might be suspicious but still wants to be in consideration for his top three.

The Elimination – Jeffri, Marcia, Corvaya, DeMario, Mark Anthony

With DeMario being upset Jeffri and Mark Anthony kissed, he is all in on Corvaya, and with her in the bottom two, he is ready to use the lifeline. No one seems to agree on this, but with DeMario acting so passionately, Marcia giving the homie vibes gets her in the bottom three, and Jeffri’s comments and just not giving the time of day to some brings her up for elimination as well.

But, based on previews, she and Sue Ann will do more rounds, so she is safe. As for Marcia and Corvaya? It’s hard to say if DeMario was able to save her or allowed himself to be outvoted.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Maybe I’m dumb, but I’d like some clarity – does the save mean one person can’t be eliminated or that there won’t be an elimination period? Also, shouldn’t there be ramifications for that since the show can only have so many episodes.
  2. When was the last time we had a season without a self-elimination?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Bottom 2 (Men): Blake and DeMario – Blake because he has one sole connection, and DeMario for the same reason, but Blake will get kicked for he has only one ally and said all the wrong things thus far
  2. Bottom 2 (Women): With being left on a cliffhanger, it is hard to say. However, I think Corvaya, Jonique, and Marcia are who seem to be the least invested in, when it comes to who the men want to be in a relationship with. So, two of these three will be in the bottom two next time, especially if Corvaya or Marcia are eliminated.
  3. Final Couples: Mark Anthony and Mercedes, Cynthia and Somebody, Tony and Morgan (but it is revealed things ended or are rocky at the reunion show)




I feel like Cynthia remains in this place where she is on the show for all the right reasons. Now, I can’t say whether she’ll find love, because I don’t see these men holding a candle to Andre. But who knows? All that is clear to me is that she is one of the few people, man or woman, who have come on this show in years who doesn’t seem looking or ready for drama, never mind has no desire to be problematic to get extra screen time.

Gaining A Understanding Of Corvaya

Growing up poor sets a precedent. So while Corvaya may seem like someone who is very superficial and all about status, I would submit that, since she has already been through the struggle, she doesn’t want to go back to that. What she wants is to distance herself from that as much as possible, both on her own and with a partner. So her lack of interest in Lyndon is less about not giving him grace or understanding and simply being in a different chapter of her life and not trying to revisit an old one.

After a certain point, being in the struggle with your partner isn’t cute and doesn’t build character – it’s embarrassing.

On The Fence

The Whole Blake, Jeffri, and Sue-Ann Drama

I feel like there is a mix between miscommunication and lack of communication here. Jeffri could have shut everything down with receipts, since I know there has to be a text proving what she says is correct. But, at the same time, we’ve seen and heard what these men say, and you and I know, the right thing said by the wrong person won’t be taken as a compliment. So Blake could have been all complimentary, attentive, and should intention with Jeffri, and because she didn’t feel the same, it became annoying, possessive, and worth sharing to get him out off the show.

But, even with all that said, I feel like Sue Ann just taking Blake’s side, with minimal questions or asking for proof or evidence strange for someone who is an attorney for a living.

Enjoying The Mixer Made It Clear Who Is In Whose Top, But Also Thinking Mixers Should Be Spread Out More

Part of me appreciates that mixers coerce people to reveal who they are interested in verbally and with actions. However, I think mixers are happening too damn much. Maybe every three or so episodes, a mixer would be good. But every episode but the third had one, and I think it is more of a hindrance to people finding connections than giving them more opportunities to.

Yes, DeMario’s negative reaction to Jeffri and Mark Anthony kissing saved them both time. But I would submit him flipping out like he did to save Corvaya was due to him knowing and seeing too much and getting hit with feelings of desperation.

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