Tommy decides it is time for an open forum for people to air out grievances. Which, hopefully, becomes a “Ready To Love” seasonal thing like the getaway.

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Tommy decides it is time for an open forum for people to air out grievances. Which, hopefully, becomes a “Ready To Love” seasonal thing like the getaway.

Aired (OWN) 9/2/2022
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Let’s Try To Be Romantic – LJ, Shareese, Jamala, Randall, Swasey, Lunie, Shakyra, Justice, Sampson, Brandi, Kayla, Mike, Kadian

Tommy tasks the gentlemen with being romantic when it comes to their dates this week. That leads to a range of dates from LJ doing salsa with Shareese, Randall and Jamala making candles to Swasey having people exercise, Mike playing pool with Kayla, and Sampson taking Brandi to a nice restaurant. For most, the dates go well or are uneventful.

One example is LJ and Shareese, who got along well when dancing but had an excruciatingly dry conversation after. Also, for Swasey’s date, not much came out of that. Shakyra and Lunie got some exercise, but no one really got closer. Yes, Justice talked to Lunie, but with the consistent critique about how he dates and him not budging? Should we take any conversations he has seriously?

Now, as for those who made progress or had interesting dates? Sampson, whose love language apparently is gifts, made a move on Brandi, and while she is still very much #TeamMike, she could be tempted. However, like many of the ladies, she wants someone who has already been consistent or is. Hence Jamala is trying to lock down Randall, who is one of the only people on here with three viable connections. One of which, Kayla, could have something with Mike, but since Mike doesn’t like Kayla having kissed the other men, he is hesitant to fully commit to her.

An Open Forum

Randall addressing Jamala's comment
“Randall addressing Jamala’s comment,” Ready To Love, ” Real-er Than You’ve Ever Been,” 2022, (OWN)

While this season has had a lot of group dates and mixers, they haven’t been honed in on anything beyond eating, drinking, talking to who you want to, and ignoring all others. Tommy moderates the latest meet-up and pushes people to speak on how they feel about one another, leading to some contention. Of course, Shakyra brings up Kadian telling her business, which Kadian has minimal remorse about. Also, Shareese addresses the issues she has had with Kadian, but pushes the idea that they bicker like sisters rather than something which could be seen as two enemies butting heads.

But, drama between the ladies aside, the fun comes from when people call each other out because of how they are acting throughout the process. Jamala calls out Randall for potentially playing the field. Sampson gets called out about giving gifts to everyone, and Mike and Kayla pick up right where their date left off regarding their status. Which, of course, leaves Brandi uncomfortable and wanting a drink.

Elimination Time – Shareese, Shakyra, LJ

So, who gets eliminated? Well, the bottom two end up being Shakyra and Shareese. Shakyra is in the bottom two for while the men have given her grace, it seems clear that she hasn’t recovered to the point of this process, with so many men and things being televised, is the best for her. As for Shareese? Being that only Sampson has gotten past her wall, the rest of the guys maintain their original perception of her, which wasn’t positive.

But, between the two, worries about Shakyra’s mental and emotional health win out over a lack of a connection with Shareese, so there goes Shakyra.

Things To Note

What Could Happen Next

  1. Final Couples: Mika and Brandi, Sampson and Shareese, Randall and somebody (Tranika or Jamala)
  2. Eliminated (Men): Justice and Swasey since Justice isn’t anyone’s top, and Swasey might only be in Kadian’s top, and she is likely going to be chopped next. That is unless someone has another dramatic moment that eclipses her
  3. Eliminated (Women): Kadian and Shareese – just because women with strong personalities on this show struggle. However, Kayla could also be an option since she’s gone on dates but isn’t necessarily anyone’s top.



The Open Forum

There are a lot of traditions that “Ready To Love” has. There is meeting the best friends, the families, the aim for three couples, the group getaway, and more. However, even with seven seasons under its belt, that doesn’t mean new traditions can’t be added. For example, this whole open forum thing? That needs to be a thing.

Nephew Tommy noting conversations needed to happen
“Nephew Tommy noting conversations needed to happen,” Ready To Love, ” Real-er Than You’ve Ever Been,” 2022, (OWN)

Why? Because too much happens within lounges amongst the same sex and in side conversations. “Ready To Love” has always needed more transparency and a means for people to get critiques before elimination time. This makes the open forum perfect both as an idea and, considering it’s about to be time to meet friends, family, and the seasonal getaway trip? This is perhaps the first opportunity for everyone to say what they think of one another to both push for resolution or set up more drama.

Sampson getting called out about his gift-giving was unexpected since Sampson is generally portrayed as a good guy who isn’t flawless but seems to know how to excel in how “Ready To Love.” Then, Randall being called out and the idea being pushed he is playing the field? All of this addresses issues people have in a way that may take away from the reunion special but shows there is an effort to do more than make good television.

Add in most, like Kayla, can be uncomfortable with talking about their other connections, this truly might be one of the few opportunities where people can be appropriately tested. We, viewers and cast members, can see their ability to handle confrontation, and critique, see how honest they can be when multiple people can hold them accountable, and see whether or not they are ready to love or just like attention.

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Nephew Tommy prepping everyone for an open forum about the process
Ready To Love: Season 7/ Episode 6 “Real-er Than You’ve Ever Been” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
With an open forum, “Ready To Love” balances its need for drama and the recognition that these people are in an uncomfortable dating process that allows for secrets and inflated egos and makes dating harder. But, by pushing for communication and transparency, between making it to the end or having a valuable life lesson, people can actually get feedback outside of when it is time to get eliminated.
The Open Forum

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