As the last episode’s drama dies down, many are forced to recognize “The Process” is nearly over and decisions need to be made, or you will be eliminated.

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As the last episode’s drama dies down, many are forced to recognize “The Process” is nearly over and decisions need to be made, or you will be eliminated.

Episode Name Getting Clarity
Aired 6/11/2021
Network OWN
Directed By TBD
Written By N/A

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We Good, Right? – Joel, Verneashia, Amber, Kris, Alexis

After Alexis exposing Amber, she is forced onto an apology tour. With Alexis, she apologizes for Ron using her to seemingly show off in front of his friends and make Alexis jealous. Then with Kris, she has to apologize to him because, I guess, to keep the peace? Maybe to not get eliminated? Honestly, it’s hard to understand the reason she apologized, considering “The Process” isn’t over.

Though, it could just be about using Joel and Verneashia’s example of hashing out what happened in the past to keep things steady in the future. For after all that happened, they cool, they cuddling, sharing a room even, and really do seem endgame. Which is Amber and Kris’ goal so, it seems we could have two of the final three couples.

I Pretty Much Made My Decision – Joel, Kyra, Liz

Liz noting she secure in her connection with Jason
Liz noting she secure in her connection with Jason

Jason is a bit hypocritical. While being split between Liz and Kyra, he seems to want Kyra to be less on the fence about him and AJ. Which, for her, like him, remains a hard decision because there is a give and take there. But for Joel, things are easier with Liz and with Kyra, he still feels like there is this guard up. So when Nephew Tommy pushes the question of who he would leave with if things ended today, Liz is said, without a lot of thought.

So, What Are My Options… – Alexis, AJ, Kyra

This pushes AJ to decide who is being eliminated since Jason pushes the idea he no longer wants Kyra, and with Alexis having no matches but AJ, she too doesn’t have options. This, as you can imagine, makes for a difficult decision for AJ.

When it comes to Alexis, they get each other without arguing to hash things out. Now, this isn’t to play down Alexis sometimes checking him and holding him accountable, but it is recognized he knows how to manage her anger and not try to throw it back at her. She appreciates this, even though she so direly wishes he would pursue her consistently and be more available when she does reach out.

Kyra trying to draw Jason's attention
Kyra trying to draw Jason’s attention

But, in comparison to Kyra, it seems both realize their relationship is built on trying to redeem themselves. AJ is perpetually trying to redeem himself for the date gone wrong and Kyra? Sometimes, it seems like she is just trying to make sure she doesn’t waste her time. So, she allows AJ to attempt to redeem himself to feel like she is making good decisions. Which, I’d submit, is also why she still entertains Jason. She cannot leave this show feeling like a failure and failing on national television.

Yet, for a moment, it seemed AJ was done. However, what is familiar keeps him from having her leave, even after saying she isn’t ready to love. Thus, it seems Nephew Tommy’s directive is being ignored, and Kyra is staying.

Commentary/ Review


Trying To Figure Out Who The Third Couple Could Be

I’m not going to pretend Verneashia and Joel are perfect. Mainly due to it feeling like she stuck with him because no one else pursued her, and he has stuck with her since too many were going after Kyra. Also, based on the next episode’s preview, I recognize that Amber and Kris aren’t perfect. Yes, they may not argue, but it also seems like they don’t argue because they’ve rarely been tested. Luckily, they agree on most things, but with him talking about waiting to have sex until they are married, it seems we’ll really get to see how they handle conflict resolution.

As for the rest? I feel like Liz and Jason are right where Amber and Kris are at. Things may not be superficial, but neither have been pushed to see how their dynamic is under stress. For, at this point, Liz isn’t worried about Kyra, and it seems she is in puppy love like Adrienne was with Khalfani last season – and you remember how that went.

Then, when it comes to AJ? Honestly, I don’t see him in the final three. As noted in the recap, his relationship with Kyra seems more about redeeming his reputation than her being the one. As for Alexis? I feel like, with her, he likes the attention and thinks she is cool. However, he doesn’t really want her. Heck, I think, in terms of dating and how AJ is portrayed, he wants to date, but not on the terms many of the ladies of the show desire. He wants it to be casual and not that intense.

So, like many times before, there is the question of whether we’re going to get matches because that’s all who is left, or due to people truly finding the one.

Low Points

Am I Missing Something?

To be honest, considering they haven’t verbalized being exclusive, and no titles have been given, I’m quite confused as to why Amber was apologizing to Kris. Alexis, I get, because she was aware of Alexis’ struggles but Kris? Explain. Also, while I get it has been weeks now, so the idea of you narrowing your choice makes sense, Jason and his Jedi mind trick of taking the pressure off himself and putting on Kyra wasn’t lost on me. How are you going to push her to make a decision when you admit you’re still 50/50 minutes before?

Kyra being insulted by Jason
Kyra being insulted by Jason

I don’t know about you, but I’m not saying Jason is a bad guy, but I feel that we may see a different side to him if he actually gets pushed or challenged. Because, with watching Ready To Love since the beginning, it seems you don’t really get to know who these people, the men especially, are until they are put on the ropes.

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