Ready To Love: Make A Move: Season 1 – Review

OWN’s longest-running franchise, “Ready To Love,” has a new season each year, or sometimes six months. With “Ready To Love: Make A Move,” the formula is modified so that it is only alumni, and the four can’t be eliminated as they once again go on “The Journey.”

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In the second spin-off of “Ready To Love,” we are re-introduced to past contestants, Ashlee, Verneashia, Zadia, and Shareese, who didn’t end up with love at the end of their season and, for two, were quite embarrassed. Yet, things are different this time around.

The ladies can’t be eliminated, but the men can be, and with that, they can just enjoy the dating process. However, with a new date each week and the ability to keep one man as a constant, while the show fixes one problem the ladies had before, it introduces a new one in the process.

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While this iteration hasn’t been renewed nor cancelled, a new season of the mainline show has just premiered.


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Tamica Bringing Something Different

Tamica Lee
“Tamica Lee,” Ready To Love: Make A Movie, “Welcome To Nola,” 2023, (OWN)

Throughout the multiple seasons of “Ready To Love,” one of the constants have been Nephew Tommy. Now, it’s understood he is a comedian, and his experience comes from having a successful marriage and being a host on multiple shows. However, between the reunion shows and how he handles things during deliberation, there has always been a slick ick when it comes to him, especially with how he coached the women vs. the men.

Tamica seemed different, and it should be noted when comparing her to Tommy, she was given a different scenario to work with. She had four ladies who knew how this worked, and the process was in their favor. However, what she did that Tommy didn’t do was get more involved in the process.

For example, there isn’t just a mixer sporadically throughout the process, but rather before each elimination. So if Tamica needs to pull either a man or woman to the side, try to course correct them, call them out, what have you, she can do so. This pushes the idea that, while the process is still flawed, maybe one of the issues is that there are too many people for just one host to manage, even if they split their attention between them every other week.


Kamil Ready To Love Season 5 Episode 6 Second Shot At Love

While watching Kamil date was difficult, her commentary on Zadia’s relationship with Cameron was gold. I’m talking aftershow type of gold. For whether it is her facial expressions or asking real-deal questions that Zadia surely wasn’t asking, she brought both a sense of entertainment and realness to the situation.

Heck, all things considered, she pushed the idea that maybe an alumnus should host a season or reunion show, considering they have experience with the process or “Journey.”

Shareese and Zadia

“Shareese,” Ready To Love: Make A Move | Season 1/ Episode 8 “All Work, No Play” | 2023 | OWN

Honestly, I didn’t understand why Shareese and Zadia were originally chosen for this show. Both had quite a bit of drama and early on, it didn’t seem like they matured in a way where they could navigate through what this show called for.

Yet, as the ones who seemed perfect for this show struggled in Ashlee and Verneashia, such wasn’t the case for Zadia and Shareese. Zadia, yes, ultimately ended up with Cameron, who didn’t have the time, or wanted to make the time, for her. But Shareese? She got her prince charming.

Now, was it an easy journey? No. One of the guys tried to date her and Verneashia on the sly and had to be called out for it. But considering how Tamica was supposed to be a matchmaker and for potentially the hardest one, she found what might be the perfect match? Major kudos should be in play.

And I’d like to add that Shareese had hilarious jokes at the reunion show.

On The Fence

The Usual Drama Expected, Just With Less People Involved

From the ladies fighting amongst themselves, guys doing shady things, or wasting their time, “Ready To Love: Make A Move” fit right in with its elder franchise, but with a better focus on the drama since it wasn’t split as many ways. For example, Ashlee’s insecurities were a top point of contention as she and Verneashia, in some ways, made the push that they were the prize and that they didn’t have to meet the guys halfway.

Ashlee not happy about how her date with Kirston is going
“Ashlee not happy about how her date with Kirston is going,” Ready To Love: Make A Move, “Episode 5 “Blast From The Past,” 2023, (OWN)

With Ashlee, her reasoning came from wanting to change the way her relationships are set up since she is used to doing the most and getting back the least. Verneashia? Well, like many who are type-A in their work life, she has a desire to be more submissive and feminine in her personal life, and sees some like Tabari, who won’t at least initiate conversation to be a problem.

Yet, we can’t discount the issues between ladies. Shareese had problems with Zadia as Zadia was in pursuit of Cameron. This includes Zadia waking Shareese up out of her sleep when she got locked out and how Zadia didn’t take full accountability for anything she said to Shareese. Also, because Shareese isn’t a girls girl type, living with three other women who bonded with each other far more than her, was an issue that got called out at the reunion show.

This is alongside Ashlee and Stormy having issues over how Stormy was during a date she was invited on, which led to a funny quip from Shareese at the reunion show. All of this delivered the kind of drama you’d expect with more people, so as much as the franchise trying to figure out different ways to better the participants’ experience is noble, it seems some drama just can’t be avoided.

However, whether that is by design or not is hard to say.

Good If You Like

  • Dating shows with drama

What I Hope To See

Honestly, a part of me wonders if the same drama would happen if this was gender-flipped for the men.


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Ready To Love: Make A Move: Season 1 - Review


In terms of entertainment value, “Ready To Love: Make A Move” delivers. However, while it makes changes to try to improve the idea that romance is possible, the struggle remains.

  • Tamica Bringing Something Different - 83%
  • Kamil - 82%
  • Shareese and Zadia - 81%
  • The Usual Drama Expected, Just With Less People Involved - 77%


  • Shareese and Zadia
  • Kamil
  • Tamica Bringing Something Different


  • The Usual Drama Expected, Just With Less People Involved

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