Ready To Love: Make A Move: Season 1/ Episode 4 “Keep Your Options Open” – Recap and Review (with Spoilers)


“Ready To Love: Make A Move” probably has the least dramatic episode of the franchise, even with tough elimination decisions.

General Information

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Release Date (OWN) November 3, 2023
Director(s) N/A
Writer(s) N/A
Newly Noted Characters and Cast
Self Gary
Self Justin
Self Keith
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Self Ashlee
Self Donald
Self Kirsten
Self Verneashia
Self Zadia
Self Cameron
Self Jabari
Self Ramon
Self Maurice
Self Shareese

Plot Recap

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Let Me Be Selfish – Ashlee, Donald, Kirsten, Justin

Because most of Ashlee’s life has been people pleasing, showing grace, and getting burned for doing so, she decides when it comes to Donald, she has to let him go. He gracefully exits, and with that, Kirston is her keeper, but it is questionable for how long.

A new guy, Justin, pops in, and with him saying everything that Ashlee needs to hear while Kirsten begins to falter since he doesn’t understand her need to be more than a best friend, it seems like he might be in a precarious position. One that may get him cut just as soon as he was kept.

You Win Some, You Lost Some – Verneashia, Zadia, Gary, Cameron, Jabari, Ramon

Ramon, who Verneashia rejected, comes back, and Zadia goes on a date with him. It doesn’t seem to go where it needs to for him to bump off Cameron, but she had a good time. As for Verneashia’s current date? Well, Jabari is at that point where he seems to want to lock things down and go exclusive, but Verneashia is still very much enjoying the process of being pursued and desired, so she makes it clear he isn’t stuck waiting on her.

As you can imagine, this is frustrating to him, but he doesn’t have much choice in the process. But, luckily for him, Gary, a sports podcaster, isn’t someone who Verneashia thinks is better than Jabari. However, I would submit that if Jabari complicates the process for Verneashia, he will likely get the boot.

You Might Be In Trouble – Maurice, Shareese, Keith

It’s been repeatedly said that while Shareese likes Maurice, his communication skills, or lack thereof, get on her nerves. So, with each man she meets, like Keith, who can give her conversation, it makes you wonder if Maurice’s finances and style can keep him the MVP.

Well, like with Ashlee, we’re left on a cliffhanger to see if Maurice is going to be replaced with Keith, a barber who owns his own salon.

Other Noteworthy Information

  1. Prediction: Shareese will definitely drop Maurice, and Ashlee will drop Kirsten and might regret Donald being given the boot.
  2. It increasingly seems like Ashlee might be jealous of Zadia and the attention some of the men she is interested in have, or may have, in her.

New Character Description(s)


“Gary,” Ready To Love: Make A Move, “Season 1/ Episode 4 ‘Keep Your Options Open,’” 2023, (OWN)

Gary is a 45-year-old father of two boys, 15 and 14, who works in transportation, but his passion is really doing sports commentary on social media and via his podcast.


“Justin,” Ready To Love: Make A Move, “Season 1/ Episode 4 ‘Keep Your Options Open,’” 2023, (OWN)

Justin is the 35-year-old food and beverage director of the Magnolia Hotel, who is from Baton Rogue.


“Keith,” Ready To Love: Make A Move, “Season 1/ Episode 4 ‘Keep Your Options Open,’” 2023, (OWN)

Keith is 50 years old, was born and raised in Louisiana, and while he has been engaged, he has never been married. However, he is very much married to his job as a barber and running his own salon.



How Donald Handled Being Eliminated

There is something about Donald’s exit that was bittersweet. You understand, like Verneashia, that Ashlee needed to make a hard decision and not ignore someone’s flaws and lack of initiative, as she may have in the past. Yet, despite that acknowledgement, it doesn’t mean she didn’t cut a great guy. One who knew how to exit with grace and regrets but didn’t lash out and make a fool of himself.

We can only hope all the men have such maturity, especially those who have a bit of ego.

Tamica Coaching Kirston A Bit

I’m not going to pretend Tamica makes a grand comeback after last week’s criticism because I still question how much is she part of the decision-making here. But, questions of what happened behind the scenes aside, I do like and appreciate her being there for the ladies and pushing the men to step up a bit.

Some, like Kirsten, seem to know what to say and do but simply don’t know if they should, maybe think it is corny, too much, and etc. So, having someone give them encouragement and a push, is necessary. Add in Tamica isn’t here to play both sides but has the ladies as priority, and you don’t get this sinister, for a lack of a better term, feel that this is about them getting a solid couple to strengthen their resume, but making sure these ladies experience what they desire.

It Was Just A Regular Ole Dating Show

While Zadia and Shareese had another conversation which moved the needle but still pushed the idea Zadia isn’t fully aware how she pissed Shareese off, it was a minor part of the episode. The main focus was just everyone dating, trying to get their match, and questioning if they should stick with what they know or the one who is new and potentially exciting.

Does this mean less “I need to talk about this on social media” drama? Yes. But, sometimes it’s nice to know the journey doesn’t have to have fabricated obstacles and instead, the only issues will be whether someone tried hard enough, comparisons to this new person, and just where your head is at on any given day because this whole thing can be overwhelming.

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Ready To Love: Make A Move: Season 1/ Episode 4 “Keep Your Options Open” - Overview


A part of me wishes episodes like this were the standard. There is not much drama amongst the cast, and the only issue is whether or not they believe this person is the one. But, as shown in the preview of the next episode, this is a reprieve and will not become a standard.

  • How Donald Handled Being Eliminated - 83%
  • Tamica Coaching Kirston A Bit - 82%
  • It Was Just A Regular Ole Dating Show - 83.5%
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  • It Was Just A Regular Ole Dating Show
  • Tamica Coaching Kirston A Bit
  • How Donald Handled Being Eliminated


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