Tamica decides to have the ladies date the same man. Will this mean drama or the type of maturity you’d hope for?

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General Information

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Release Date (OWN) October 2, 2023
Director(s) N/A
Writer(s) N/A
Newly Noted Characters and Cast
Self Kirsten
Self Walter
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Self Ashlee
Self Zadia
Self Donald
Self Cameron
Self Verneashia
Self Maurice
Self Shareese
Self Jabari

Plot Recap

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It’s All Dependent On What You Give – Ashlee, Zadia, Kirsten, Donald, Cameron

Despite knowing multiple singles, it is decided two ladies will date the same man. Luckily for Ashlee and Zadia, they both don’t enjoy the guy. Kirsten, while able to vibe with Ashlee, since you know she is ready and willing, Zadia? She is a little drier, and Kirsten seems to match his date’s vibe.

But, so comes the issue of whether Ashlee, considering Donald’s communication hasn’t been great lately, will go with someone new or keep her old thing? As for Zadia? With no interest in Kirsten, she and Cameron continue going strong to the point that they might be locked in.

A Better But Unfamiliar Option – Verneashia, Maurice, Walter, Shareese, Jabari

For Verneashia and Shareese, Walter is not a bad option at all. Yes, he is a musician, which comes with some things to potentially worry about. However, he brings grown man energy and conversation, and while divorced, he doesn’t mention having kids. So, with that in mind, you’d think Shareese would be all for it since Maurice has baggage that she usually isn’t for.

Yet, that doesn’t happen, and while Verneashia is a little iffy on Jabari having a 9 to 5 with a salary cap, at the same time, she likes what she is used to and doesn’t want to give it up.

Holding Steady – Shareese, Verneashia, Ashlee, Zadia

With the exception of Ashlee, everyone makes a decision on who they will keep or not, and with Ashlee, the challenge is that she is a former people pleaser put into a position where, even if it is low stakes, she has to hurt someone. Thus leaving us on a cliffhanger to be resolved in the next episode.

Other Noteworthy Information

  1. Zadia and Shareese have words again, with it seeming Zadia doesn’t fully take accountability for her actions.

Questions Left Unanswered

  1. Will the men get a second chance down the line?

New Character Description(s)


Kirsten is a 36-year-old former NFL player turned entrepreneur, with no word on what business, or businesses, he is involved in to substantiate what he means by entrepreneur.


Walter is a 46-year-old musician with over 33 years of experience in music. He was born and raised in New Orleans and was married for 19 years. No word if he has kids or not.



Not Everyone Is For Everyone

One of the few things I like about the whole idea of two ladies dating the same guy is the example it sets. Some men, like Walter, are the same person no matter who they are with, and that’s their vibe. Others, like Kirsten, they match your energy. Ashlee is goofy and playful, so he was goofy and playful. Zadia is a bit more stern, so he matched her style.

Is this to say Kirsten couldn’t have kicked it up a notch with Zadia? No, he could have certainly done more. However, this episode acted as a reminder that what you give can often be what you receive and how much effort matters.

Low Points

Neither Lady Chose Walter

Everyone needs someone financially stable or savvy, I get that. However, Walter didn’t go into his finances for us to know if that was or could have been a major issue, and, in my mind, I get Shareese wants someone financially at or above her level, and Maurice is that. However, Maurice seemingly needs a trophy wife or someone who can handle the fact his role as a provider is where his value is more than as a partner – no shade.

Then, with Verneashia, I feel torn. On one hand, everyone and their cousin on this show sometimes seems to use the word “Entrepreneur” to avoid talking about what they actually do for a living. But, the idea is, their income is only limited by their ambition, work ethic, and intelligence. But on the other end, a stable income is nothing to sneeze at.

That can set the tone and budget of the household, and considering Verneashia is looking to do something different, a man with a steady income might be better than one with high earning potential but also the potential to have a prolonged dry spell.

On The Fence

Having Ladies Date The Same Guy

I just don’t want the drama. Bad enough, Zadia and Shareese have beef, and that may never end, but considering the number of men Tamica says she has on deck, why even put the ladies in a position of reenacting Brandy and Monica’s “The Boy Is Mine?”

Can’t Tamica Have A Conversation To Know What The Ladies Like?

Let me say, I’ve only talked to a matchmaker once, but in that conversation, I felt they got an idea of what I was looking for and wanted. So, even though Tamica’s day job isn’t being a matchmaker, I feel she would be better off having conversations than relying on the superficial to see what sticks.

Yes, Shareese wants someone with money, so Maurice is a good pick, but the man can’t hold a conversation worth a damn. Zadia wants someone to take the lead in conversation, and they have to be fine with not having kids. Which, in the South, I’m not saying that is a deal breaker since there are likely millions of men who don’t want kids. However, in the “Ready To Love” franchise, it doesn’t seem like too many men don’t want some sort of “Legacy.” Which I put in quotes since a lot of men have used that term to describe what they want.

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While it is clear Zadia and Shareese have no love lost between them, it appears there could be love gained for the ladies as things go forward.

  • Not Everyone Is For Everyone - 83%
  • Neither Lady Chose Walter - 69%
  • Having Ladies Date The Same Guy - 72%
  • Can’t Tamica Have A Conversation To Know What The Ladies Like? - 73%


  • Not Everyone Is For Everyone


  • Can’t Tamica Have A Conversation To Know What The Ladies Like?
  • Having Ladies Date The Same Guy
  • Neither Lady Chose Walter

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