Ready To Love: Make A Move: Season 1/ Episode 2 “Wake-Up Call” – Recap and Review


Tamica sets the ladies up on some dates, and they easily handle their first elimination. However, drama between Zadia and Shareese shakes up the house.

General Information

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Release Date (OWN) October 20, 2023
Director(s) N/A
Writer(s) N/A
Newly Noted Characters and Cast
Self Cameron
Self Maurice
Self Ramon
Self Marcus
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Self Tamica
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Self Shareese
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Self Ashlee
Self Antonio
Self Jabari
Self Donald

Plot Recap

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Time To Switch Things Up – Tamica, Zadia, Cameron, Shareese, Maurice, Ramon, Verneashia, Marcus, Ashlee

So, with the ladies picking their choices in the first episode, Tamica picks them in the second, and for Zadia, she chooses Cameron, who is a go-getter, can keep up with her banter-wise, and seems to be a good match. Shareese is paired with Maurice, who might be divorced with multiple children, but with the youngest one grown, and the man knowing how to wear a suit? She passes on the negatives and focuses on the positives. He is a lawyer, and while his conversation skills could use work, she can set aside some of his challenges.

As for Verneashia and Ashlee? Verneashia goes on a date with Ramon, who is a former ball player, non-NBA, and while he is tall, he doesn’t have much, if any, dating history for Verneashia to go off of, which is an issue. Switching to Ashlee, she goes out with Marcus, who is an assistant principal, and with her formerly working in a school system as a speech therapist, they connect. However, him mistaking her for Zadia when they first met raises a red flag.

See, What You Not Gonna Do Is – Shareese, Tamica, Zadia, Ashlee, Verneashia, Cameron, Maurice, Ramon, Marcus, Antonio, Jabari, Donald

When it comes to deciding who stays or who goes, the first thing that had to be handled is the beef between Zadia and Shareese, which is growing. Now, why are the two beefing? Zadia and Cameron, who really hit it off, talked for hours until around 7 AM. Zadia forgot her key, and while Ashlee seemingly was her best friend in the house, she called Shareese, who took offense to her waking her out of her sleep.

Now, to make matters worse, Zadia keeps from Tamica her talking to Cameron without the cameras around, and Shareese finds out about it. This leads to the topic of a rule where men can’t come over, and while Ashlee and Verneashia are okay with it, to keep the peace, Zadia and Shareese bump heads a bit over it. This isn’t to say Zadia is trying to break her abstinence run of multiple years, but she has no desire to back down from Shareese no matter what the disagreement is, which begins to consume the episode.

Though, to be frank, who stays and who goes feels obvious when it comes to the men the ladies chose vs. who Tamica chose. Jabari was nice and all, but Zadia knew that was Verneashia’s man, and with Ramon lacking a relationship resume and having not dated in over a decade, she decides to stick with Jabari rather than try to work with someone inexperienced.

With that said, that means Cameron gets to stay, but with him talking a bit too much with Shareese, he may find himself in the middle of some drama he wasn’t bargaining for. But, that aside, Shareese chooses Marcus over Antonio, for while she still doesn’t want a man with any sort of baggage, Marcus does like the finer things in life, and with his own practice, he can afford it for himself and her, so, concession are willing to be made.

Which leaves Ashlee, who sticks with Donald since Marcus couldn’t remember what Ashlee was wearing when they first met and was ready to try to convince her she didn’t know the color of the dress she had on.

New Character Description(s)


Cameron is a 36-year-old pharmacist and photographer with his own photography company, which has international staff. He is from Omaha, Nebraska, but went to school in Atlanta and, surprisingly, went to the same college as Zadia for a short time.


Maurice is a 51-year-old attorney who is divorced with four children, of which the youngest is 21.


Ramon is a 38-year-old former basketball player who was in the G league in the United States and played for multiple international basketball teams. His last relationship was in 2008, and it lasted two years.


Marcus is a 41-year-old high school assistant principal.



Ashlee and Verneashia

I really appreciate how these two are willing to give a chance, maybe work with the guy, but at the same time, since their time on their original seasons, they know how to remain firm. Ashlee may think things are a little too fun and not personal enough yet with Donald, but she can recognize Marcus tripping up, trying to double down, and then playing catch up isn’t the move.

Now, does all of this we see remind us why online and app dating can be terrible since there is no real path to redemption due to how quickly things move? Yes. However, the idea has always been with “Ready To Love” that you are a person of a certain age, you should know what you want, so don’t waste time and go get your person.

Case in point with Verneashia. She isn’t a cougar, a sugar momma, or desiring any title where she will have to teach a grown man how to date, never mind date a woman with kids. She is about to be an empty nester, and this dude hasn’t been with someone since Obama got elected. Which, yes, it is applaudable that he made an effort to have a career and got to travel the world because of it. But he can play catch up on someone else’s time.

Never mind, Verneashia just raised three kids, and he may want to have one, which would put her back to diapers and losing sleep.

On The Fence

Zadia vs. Shareese

“Zadia,” Ready To Love: Make A Move, “Wake Up Call,”, 2023, (OWN)

Clearly, the show can find someone for these two, and it is clear that they knew that putting these women together would lead something to happen. So damn giving them their own rooms and space, let’s put them together and wait for sparks to fly.

Which, honestly, is annoying and frustrating for either they are more than willing to take the bait or are crafting a storyline for the camera. Either way, I’m hoping this conflict dies down, and they don’t pick with the two who seem to be here for love rather than the entertainment of the masses.

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Ready To Love: Make A Move: Season 1/ Episode 2 “Wake-Up Call” - Overview


I feel like, for the rest of the season, the highlight will consistently be whatever Verneashia and Ashlee have going on while I grow tired of Shareese and Zadia, even though it seems Zadia and Shareese may actually be on the path to finding someone.

  • Zadia vs. Shareese - 74%
  • Ashlee and Verneashia - 83%
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  • Ashlee and Verneashia


  • Zadia vs. Shareese

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