Ready To Love: Season 9/ Episode 5 “Pajama Jam” – Episode Recap & Review

At a pajama party, everyone comes together for a game that goes a little too far.

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Tommy welcoming people to his pajama jammy jam

Plot Recap

Different Kind Of Dates – Domonique, Alexis, Laron, Vanessa

A date when you get stretched out? What about a yoga date where you are on paddle boards? “Ready To Love” may have never been known for inventive date ideas, but it decides to have the cast do something different, and while it doesn’t lead to a better connection, it made for an experience.

Alexis and Domonique go on the stretch date, and while it is shown she is limber, Domonique? Well, not so much. As for Laron and Vanessa? Laron, unfortunately, ends up shaking like a twig throughout a good portion, so hitting yoga poses rather than ending up in the water is hard. But they both have fun. Minus Laron having to defend being someone who works from home, so what most see as partying is him just trying to socialize.

An Intimate Pajama Party – Alexis, Jonathan, Will, Patrice, Koshiea, Laron, Chaz, Justin, Meiko, Mya

Domonique explaining the point of them playing 'Truth or Sexy
“Domonique explaining the point of them playing ‘Truth or Sexy,'” Ready To Love, Season 9/ Episode 5 “Pajama Jam,” 2024, (OWN)

With two episodes past the last mixer, it is time again for everyone to come together and check in, and like in past seasons, a game takes place that helps reveal who is into who. But, unlike in the past, there are no shockers. However, there are hurt feelings.

Mainly, Laron gets in his feelings regarding Koshiea talking and enjoying the company and attention of other guys. However, while he is jealous, he has no issue flirtatiously playing with Mya when she brings up that he is a party boy – which is a narrative he wants to cease. Yet, despite him calling her out and her trying to reassure him, this all devolves into him cursing and Chaz having to get involved because it is becoming a bit much.

Which, when the games begin and Patrice is asked to note who is the sexiest, don’t think Chaz stepping in like that isn’t a factor. As for who else gets notable attention? That would be Alexis. Jonathan and Will are pushed to serve a dare, like kissing her feet or whispering sweet nothings, and while Will keeps it tame, Jonathan decides to do the most. However, in his defense, Mya was pushed to do a dare where she had to throw that thing in a circle for the man she had the least connection with, and Justin got an eye full.

Justin explaining he isn't against playing a stepfather, as he has dated many a woman with children
“Justin explaining he isn’t against playing a stepfather, as he has dated many a woman with children,” Ready To Love, Season 9/ Episode 5 “Pajama Jam,” 2024, (OWN)

Leaving us with Meiko. She is struggling in the journey for two reasons: The first is that she doesn’t want more kids since she has an 18-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son, and she is done. The second one, which might be equally killer, is she has been given the “Homie” label by many, except Justin.

The Homie vs. The Attitude – Meiko, Koshiea

Hence, Meiko ends up in the bottom two with Koshiea, a repeat visitor to the bottom. But potentially due to Layllen leaving, we’re left on a cliffhanger to buy the show time.

Other Noteworthy Information

  1. Next Eliminated (Men): It will either be Laron or Will. More than likely, Laron, since Koshiea was his top connection, and their blow-up during the pajama party won’t be forgotten.
  2. Next Eliminated (Women): With the bottom two having Meiko and Koshiea, I feel Koshiea will be eliminated due to how most men talked about her. However, Meiko could be close behind thanks to that homie label and since she doesn’t want additional kids.
  3. Final Three: Vanessa and Chaz, Alexis and somebody, Mya and somebody

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February 9, 2024





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Previous Episode: Ready To Love: Season 9/ Episode 4 “Getting Intimate” (Series Page | Character Guide)


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Chaz Calling Out Laron

Chaz trying to talk to Laron about how he was treating Koshiea
“Chaz trying to talk to Laron about how he was treating Koshiea,” Ready To Love, Season 9/ Episode 5 “Pajama Jam,” 2024, (OWN)

Someone needed to call out Laron. I get it. Knowing the person you like is interested in others can be a hit to the ego, especially if you aren’t doing that great. However, his actions were immature to the highest degree.

For him to get on her about how she was acting, and then as soon as Mya started teasing him, he becomes an utter hypocrite? That was mind-boggling. But then add in him cursing and doubling down even when called out? I truly feel like he is and needs to be next.

Koshiea’s Commentary

I feel like Koshiea minas well self-eliminate since this isn’t likely the show for her, but until that happens, I’m going to continue to enjoy her commentary. Her jokes, in reflection of the moment, are some of the most hysterical I think we’ve seen in a long time, and just imagining the reactions during the reunion show already has me giddy. Especially since you know Alexis will use that as proof regarding what she said during the last women’s elimination.

The Group Mixer

I appreciate the group mixer because it lets everyone know where they stand. Now, do feelings get hurt, like Laron? Yes. Does it confirm things, like we saw for Meika and Alexis? Also, yes.

But, I will admit, unlike in past seasons, I don’t feel like we got a clear idea of who is seriously pairing with whom in regards to who could be end game. I think we still have a lot of people in the talking stage.

On The Fence

Moving A Bit Too Fast There, Buddy

Alexis talking about Jonathan pulling her onto his lap
“Alexis talking about Jonathan pulling her onto his lap,” Ready To Love, Season 9/ Episode 5 “Pajama Jam,” 2024, (OWN)

When it comes to “Ready To Love,” the mention or notion of “Sex” is consistent. Mind you, the show is about relationships and love, but with everyone in their 30s and beyond, there are certain assumptions.

However, the problem with the push for intimacy, especially considering Tommy uses innuendo and then backs away from what most would think he means, is that it feels too soon and sets a weird tone. Generally speaking, the show is ten weeks, and while we know people are texting, calling, and might be seeing each other off-camera, that doesn’t mean actions like Jonathan coercing Alexis on his lap are appropriate.

This isn’t to downplay things that are welcomed and consensual like Mya throwing that ass in a circle for Justin. Still, there are reasons why there have been moments throughout the series where lines got crossed, people got called out, and some even quit. It’s also why we’ve always wished Tommy would have a second, not his wife, regarding this show.

In some ways, he fosters the environment and is far more reactive than proactive. Which isn’t to say he can physically do much in any of the situations, but there remains a wish that someone would do something.

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Ready To Love: Season 9/ Episode 5 "Pajama Jam" – Episode Review


“Ready To Love” continues to show you love’s potential and why this show, despite the many years it has been on, is a work in progress.

  • Chaz Calling Out Laron - 84%
  • Koshiea’s Commentary - 82%
  • The Group Mixer - 83%
  • Moving A Bit Too Fast There, Buddy - 73%


  • The Group Mixer
  • Koshiea’s Commentary
  • Chaz Calling Out Laron


  • Moving A Bit Too Fast There, Buddy

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