Ready To Love: Season 9/ Episode 4 “Getting Intimate” – Episode Recap & Review

Another person who obviously shouldn’t have been cast is eliminated, as Tommy brings on one person, and we get our second self-elimination of the season.

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Vanessa smiling at Chaz

Plot Recap

The New Guy – Justin

Justin with his shirt off, being introduced
Justin with his shirt off, being introduced

With Glen being one of the first to drop out before the mixer, Tommy decides to bring on Justin. He is a 34-year-old physical education teacher from Mississippi but has been local to Fort Worth for about 20 years. The ladies seem to like him, especially since he doesn’t need to have children.

Intimacy and Boundaries – Alexis, William, Will, Lamar, Rasheena, Chaz, Patrice, Alonzo, Koshiea, Vanessa, Mya, Mieka, Jonathan, Laron, Justin

As Jonathan continues to struggle with people asking him about his relationship resume, Lamar pushes forward with the idea that you can ask sexual or even suggestive questions to women without them being comfortable first. This is a major problem for him, but being that he is selfish, he doesn’t care how he makes other women feel.

Luckily, though, while some of the men seem a bit clueless, others are making headway. Alonzo gives Koshiea a proper apology after their spat during the last elimination, Chaz and Vanessa are on cloud 9, and when it comes to Justin? Oh, he has some fans. Rasheena likes him because he is a dog person, and doesn’t need to have kids, and in previews, it seems Mieka will like him for this as well.

Moving on, Patrice and Alonzo bond, for he makes her laugh; Laron, to some surprise, is able to get Mya talking about the potential of being a power couple, and for Alexis, it seems William and Will have caught her eye. William because of how athletic he is, as well as his willingness to be vulnerable, and then with Will? It’s this duality of his relationship with God, yet still being someone fun and not overbearing with his faith.

Too Soon For Lust – Will, Lamar, Alexis, Koshiea

However, while Will can be fun and seem like he has touched a bible, because some feel that he and Lamar are making them uncomfortable, those two end up in the bottom two. Alexis defends Will in a way that disregards how some, like Koshiea, feel, which causes a verbal altercation. However, as we’ve seen throughout the series, most aren’t really about that action so while curse words and threats are issued, no one lays hands on one another.

Ultimately, though, Lamar is eliminated since it is clear he had no desire to adapt to how the ladies feel and doesn’t have anything about him to offset talking about threesomes, open relationships, and all the things that are not commonly desired by any lady who has been on “Ready To Love.”

Other Noteworthy Information

Layllen noting she is self-eliminating
Layllen noting she is self-eliminating
  1. Layllen self-eliminated due to personal reasons.
  2. Domonique has been strangely absent.
  3. Next Eliminated (Men): I feel Jonathan, Will, or William will be next. Jonathan due to him not acknowledging his last relationship was with his wife, and it is only natural for the women to want to know what happened. Will, with barely any women who have ever been on this show appreciating things getting too sexual too quickly is likely to have a problem, and for William? It’s just the stability of his job.
  4. Next Eliminated (Women): Koshiea is in danger, especially since Lamar and Mya had a good time, which means he has options.
  5. Final Couples: Chaz and Vanessa, Alexis and either Will or William

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February 2, 2024





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Previous Episode: Ready To Love: Season 9/ Episode 3 “Finger Lickin’” (Series Page | Character Guide)


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  1. How soon would you be comfortable to speak about something sexual with a person you are dating?


Some Potential Couples Are Forming

Between Vanessa, Chaz, and Alexis seemingly gaining traction, alongside Mya, we’re happy to see that the process may work out for somebody. Vanessa, especially since she is more reserved than the other ladies. But, it is going to be interesting to see the reaction to her relationship resume and how the men feel about it. Whether they don’t care or it brings up questions. Never mind, if some, like Jonathan, may get petty (even if Vanessa and him barely interact).

Low Points

Who Talks About Sex So Early?

I don’t understand Lamar. “Ready To Love” clearly is focused on being in a relationship with someone, not hooking up, and while I get sex is very important to some people, especially men who have been on this show, but why have that be the core of your conversations and interactions? Why push something that can feel like the extreme, especially since this show doesn’t pursue the level of diversity needed where you can be so liberal about your sexuality?

Again and again, I find myself wondering if these people have never watched or heard of the show? Did they not do their research? If there is one woman who is down to openly talk about sex, that is maybe once every 3 to 4 casts. But I guess the idea here is that we got to build up to the hard decisions and have a handful of people put on who are clearly not meant for this show.

On The Fence

You Gotta Know History To Show Progression

Mieka noting she needs more information about Jonathan.
Mieka noting she needs more information about Jonathan.

After seeing “Tonight’s Conversation,” one of the things that has been stuck in my head is the idea of knowing someone’s relationship resume. How were you as a partner, what are some of your patterns, good and bad, and if you reached a major milestone like marriage, while that is a success, there is still a need to question why it ended.

To me, Jonathan and other men being skittish about going into their past and trying to just push forward doesn’t make sense. From what it seems, these ladies are looking for something long-term, like being married, and want to make sure you understand what it means to be in a serious relationship.

It’s fine that, as an individual, you have a job and ambitions, but how are you as a partner? How do you handle conflict? Many say they want someone they can communicate with, but are you willing to be held accountable just as much as you want someone else to do the same?

Sometimes, I think, with the way the process works, it shouldn’t just be dates like bowling and things like that, but group sessions where someone is really pushing those hard questions. We saw it for one or two seasons, a mixer/check-in, and with Tommy’s pajama party in the next episode, I hope many get the type of clarity that some seem to shy away from.

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Ready To Love: Season 9/ Episode 4 "Getting Intimate" – Episode Review


The frustration continues in ways that are saddening. Clearly, I still have hopes or expectations for this show, but the casting leaves me thinking we may have finally realized the problem and solving that may go far beyond what Tommy can do.

  • Some Potential Couples Are Forming - 81%
  • Who Talks About Sex So Early? - 67%
  • You Gotta Know History To Show Progression - 74%


  • Some Potential Couples Are Forming


  • You Gotta Know History To Show Progression
  • Who Talks About Sex So Early?

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