Ready To Love: Season 9/ Episode 3 “Finger Lickin’” – Episode Recap & Review

As all the singles come together, we’re reminded that anyone who gets too serious or asks what can be considered hard questions doesn’t know how this game is played.

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Plot Recap

The Big Mixer

When everyone comes together, so begins the question of who may find a match and who may remain in the struggle? Vanessa, who was in the bottom of her group, does attract some attention, as Alexis, Patrice, Mya, and Layllen gain many of the men’s attention.

As for the flip side? While Lamar is talking to everyone, it seems Jonathan and, surprisingly, William are doing the best. Chaz is still on the good foot but not as focused on in this episode and as for the others? Well, some,+ like April and Kosheia, seem to have limited appeal.

Group Dates

But, to be fair, it’s one-on-one time that really decides who may stay and go, and we see two group dates that don’t necessarily go well for all parties. The first has Alonzo, Alexis, Jonathan, and Koshiea. Everyone seems to like Alexis, but Koshiea remains a selective taste. Between noting she likes to be spoiled and some of her questions, the men seem to want distance.

She isn’t alone, though in people wanting distance from her. Lamar, Vannesa, Patrice, and William go on a group date. Lamar is a bit uncouth, especially regarding his conversation topics, leading to Patrice and Vanessa losing interest. However, William does well. Is he either Vanessa or Patrice’s top guy? I wouldn’t say that, but he isn’t likely to end up in the bottom.

Elimination Time

So, who does end up in the bottom? April and Koshiea. Koshiea is in the bottom due to lack of interest in all but one guy and April? The issue some men have with her is her line of questioning and her approach. For some, like Jonathan, her asking too much about the men’s past make them uncomfortable for their focus is the future. But, as she notes to Jonathan, she has insecurities and lacks self-control, and the men may argue it shows.

Hence why, with no man going to bat for her, April is eliminated in Koshiea? Well, it is revealed that while only one man went to bat for her to keep dating, Alonzo was trying to do something beyond that with the audacity to ask if Kosheia liked to be choked or spanked. A topic he seemingly didn’t realize was inappropriate for whatever reason.

Other Noteworthy Information

  1. Next To Be Eliminated (Men): Lamar is going to be eliminated next as it doesn’t seem any of the women are into him, and he doesn’t have the charm to offset his off-putting comments.
  2. Next To Be Eliminated (Women): Koshiea will likely be eliminated next since only one guy is into her. I feel like she has a growing roster of men who aren’t just neutral about her, but would rather see her go than stay.
  3. Final Couples: I feel like Alexis is going to make it to the end, but I’m unsure who may join her. I want to say Layllen and Mya, but I think if Patrice finds the right guy, she could be in the final three. The issue is, I don’t think anyone is necessarily attached just yet.

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Community Rating: 100% (1 votes)

On The Fence

Still More Ready To Date Than Ready To Love

While some of April’s questions were uncomfortable, a part of me feels that, with the way this show is supposed to be set up, everyone is dating with intention, right? So, whether or not you are single or just looking at your options is something I think is worth asking.

But, as we’ve seen throughout the series, most get uncomfortable talking about their past or relationship with others. They try to focus on the here and now, with who they are with. The thing is, how you talk about an ex and how you set boundaries, whether you are just dating around seeing who you can catch or you are just focused on one person, is important.

However, with how “Ready To Love” works, too many enjoy and try to keep things ambiguous so you can’t really press anyone without looking crazy or be too exclusive for this is a numbers game. Which sucks, but this is a dating show more so than one helping people find love, relationships, or people to start a family with.

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