In a throwback to the first season, the women get to eliminate two guys, and with three struggling with the ladies, who is going to be kicked off?

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Air Date 10/26/2019

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Getting To Know You: Alexis, London, Brent, Ieashia

For some of the couples, they get the one on one time needed to solidify their relationship. Take Alexis. With Jimmy not really on her radar anymore, she focuses on London. Leading to her revealing perceptions about her are often wrong. For example, while, like most, she got bullied for being pretty, she also notes she fought back, perhaps to the point of ending up in juvenile detention centers a few times – if not for other reasons. Also, she brings up having a difficult time with authority growing up.

As for London? He talks about his parents’ divorce, and how that affected him when he was 7, and how he was a bit wild with his mom but his dad didn’t play that. Which, the way he makes it seem, was a turning point in his life and helped him develop into the man he is.

As for Brent and Ieashia? After seemingly being on the bench for a long time, Ieashia is in the game, and she makes a real connection with Brent. Primarily in them talking about their past marriages and how volatile they got. For Ieashia it was physically dangerous for her, to the point she and he kids had to leave everything behind, and for Brent is was a verbally abusive relationship. The kind he knew was deteriorating fast and was better off being dissolved.

Ieashia noting she is connecting with Brent.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. Considering the way Brent talked about his ex and him fighting, what were some of the things he’d say to her, and was she reacting aggressively to him, or was he starting it?

It’s Always The Ones You Least Expect: Kerry, Reva, Nina, Darin

Kerry decides to send a risqué text, and it puts an end to any interest Reva had for him. For even with his explanation of not liking the nickname of “Cat Daddy,” one of Kerry’s most admirable traits was how mature he seems. So him pulling a young folk move with getting a bit explicit, that makes Reva uncomfortable and pushes her to share what happened with the ladies.

Leading us to Darin. Since the beginning, it seems he and Ashima were a lock, and the key had long been buried. However, it seems with the attention he has been getting from Nina, he’s been secretly trying to find that key. Making you wonder, when it comes to this show, at what point would everyone leave someone alone? Is it solely when they don’t want them?

Who Presents The Least Red Flags?: Terrell, Jimmy, Kimber, Chika, Kerry, Reva

That is a question that needs to be asked due to Kerry, Kimber, and Jimmy. In the episode, Kimber and Jimmy go on a date, and between that and the conversation she has amongst the ladies, she realizes she is second choice. He clearly wants Alexis, but with her not giving him the time of day, Kimber is next in line without a crystal heart. So, there is a red flag there.

Kimber calling out Jimmy.
Kimber: Jimmy, don’t be slutty with your hearts.

However, Jimmy isn’t the only one sporting a red flag. Chika, after his outburst, is sporting many red flags due to the women being worried if he could turn violent. After all, if he can act like that in public, what would hold him back in private? Hence him being one of the eliminations this week.

Which leaves Kerry and Terrell – since, even with Jimmy’s game being peeped, he is allowed to go into another week. Terrell’s issue is that the women see him as desperate since he texts them all, gives them all gifts, and while he is alright, no one is really feeling him right now. Then with Kerry, perhaps the main issue is that everyone only sees him with Reva, even Tommy, and Reva is seemingly done with him.

But, in the end, Terrell is eliminated since, despite what Reva said, the ladies still would like her and Kerry together. However, with Kerry saying he is done, likely due to Reva spreading what he did around, you know he is in trouble. Especially since Kimber hinted that, despite Kerry thinking he has options, that may not be the case.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. Did anyone vote for Kerry to stay for themselves?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

I can’t move on unless I know something is settled.
— Nina

Other Noteworthy Facts, Moments, and Random Thoughts

  • Why is this noted as season 1? Shouldn’t this be considered a whole new season?



Terrell Was Comical

Terrell moving his finger to hugh Ashima.

John 2.0 had me laughing. For one, has he never had female friends? Did he not think ordering things in bulk, and sending the same text to everyone, that wouldn’t get around? Also, why was he sending pictures of himself? Mind you, seemingly nothing XXX, or else he would have been in more trouble than Kerry with inappropriate texts, but what the heck?

Also, I can’t be the only one who was dying when he took his gift from Ashima and then hushed her by putting a finger on her lips? What tv show or movie is he basing his personality on? I just wanna know, for if he can make it this funny, I’d love to see where he got his inspiration from.

Low Point

So Everyone Is Going To Ignore What Reva Said, Huh?

Am I the only one who understands Reva is done with Kerry? Why is it everyone is talking second chances and all that? Do they see her as competition, think she can’t do better, what is going on here? Because keeping him, seemingly for her, seemed so disrespectful. Especially after that text, which clearly rubbed her, and some of the others, the wrong way.

On The Fence

Trying To Remember No One Is Official, So No One Is Doing Anything Wrong

Nina making it clear no one is official, until they are official.

Nina presented a wake-up call that just because things are going well, it doesn’t mean you two are official. What it means is you got their attention for that moment and, when you leave, it can be diverted to someone else. Which, forever and a day, is going to have me confused and messed up. Not just because of the history many of these women have, in past relationships, but just how bold they are.

I mean, honesty is key, but it is one thing if Darin was being honest with Ashima but for Nina to let her know she ain’t as special as she thinks she is? That is what makes this whole show so sketchy. While people are honest in the moment about their past, they never seem to be honest about who else has their eye and what’s truly going on. The men especially will dodge questions about who they are interested in and try to be smooth with it.

As for the women? Well, outside of Alexis, barely at this point, it seems they know who they want and aren’t necessarily playing the field. And even with Alexis, considering how she acts with London vs. Jimmy, it’s clear who is her priority and that she isn’t playing any games. For, unlike the men, there seems to be no desire to juggle here and make sure one ball doesn’t know when the other left the hand.


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Creator Will Packer
Air Date 10/23/2018
Genre(s) Reality TV, Dating Show
Good If You Like Dating Shows
Introduced This Episode
Himself Tommy Miles
Himself Alexx
Himself Aaron
Herself Stormy
Herself Shanta
Herself Tiffany
Himself Michael
Himself Chris
Himself Paco
Herself Melinda
Herself Angel
Himself Kebba
Herself Dr. Lexy
Herself Ashlee
Herself Shatava
Herself Shea
Himself Darnell
Himself Devan
Herself Rita
Herself Christina
Herself Courtney
Trying To Remember No One Is Official, So No One Is Doing Anything Wrong - 75%
So Everyone Is Going To Ignore What Reva Said, Huh? - 65%
Terrell Was Comical - 80%


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