While the jokes keep coming, a handful of serious moments remind you of some of the issues Raven is facing raising a family on her own. With help from Chelsea which can only be chalked up to good intentions. Don’t Call The Landlord: Chelsea, Raven, Booker, Nia, Levi Being that Raven never told the land…

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While the jokes keep coming, a handful of serious moments remind you of some of the issues Raven is facing raising a family on her own. With help from Chelsea which can only be chalked up to good intentions.

Don’t Call The Landlord: Chelsea, Raven, Booker, Nia, Levi

Being that Raven never told the land lord Chelsea’s family moved in, she has let a lot of stuff go neglected. Be it issues with light switches and the bathroom, and things of that nature, to avoid any conversation with Mr. Jablonski (Bruno Amato) she has let things go. However, when Booker breaks the dish washer, and he and Nia tire of doing dishes by hand, they call Mr. Jablonski and get him to fix the washer.

Unfortunately, due to their look out Levi getting distracted, he isn’t able to warn them Raven is back. Thus forcing them to try and hide Mr. Jablonski but then Chelsea discovers him. Leading to him learning she lives there and that causing a huge problem.



I think it is time to ask what Chelsea really contributes here? She doesn’t have a job, she notes her savings are tapped and her husband stole her money, so she is broke, and it seems, at best, she is trying to be a home maker. Yet, with her only skill seemingly being interior design, I can only fathom friendship is what keeps Raven from becoming completely aggravated by her friend.

Because, even if you want to factor the money Raven is saving on not having a baby sitter, considering how much Chelsea could make, doing something, I think the extra paycheck would outweigh whatever Raven might be saving.

The Rent Increase: Chelsea, Raven, Nia, Booker

Nia and Booker with Mr. Jablonski (Bruno Amato)
Nia and Booker with Mr. Jablonski (Bruno Amato)

With Mr. Jablonski learning about Chelsea, he raises the rent for next month by $1000. Something Raven sure as hell can’t afford alone for while she has a job, one which has the audacity to call her in on a Saturday – to fix dog pants, she is struggling now. So, being that she is such a good worker, she asks for a raise and the dummy of a boss she has says no. Not because Raven just got a raise or anything [note]She’s been working at the location 3 years[/note], but because of a dog’s wedding she, her boss, can’t afford to do it right now.

During all this, Chelsea doesn’t do much since she seemingly has become used to people taking care of things for her. So, Raven’s kids are trying to make sacrifices. They have an impromptu roof sale of their things and make a little more than $200. It is but a dent, but being that they see all their mom does to make their life comfortable, much less they don’t want to be homeless, they try to pitch in.

Something Raven appreciates them doing.



I wonder with Devon seemingly moving to Texas, will he contribute some sort of child support to Raven? Much less, outside of taking the kids to school, does he contribute in any other way? Not to imply he is at all a deadbeat, but more so I ask because Raven verbalizes often that she is financially not in an ideal place. Something made worse with two more mouths to feed which seemingly all are relying on her paycheck. So, with that in mind, I wonder if Devon and her split cleanly and she left it at that or has thoughts of support ever crossed her mind?

Money issues aside, anyone else wonder what kind of fashion place Raven is working in? For between how her boss acts and her designing pants for dogs, I’m both happy she got into the industry but side eyeing where she is. I mean, yeah, momma got to pay the bills and this show isn’t about Raven having some ideal life but doesn’t her boss Paisley (Skyler Day) remind you way too much of the racist woman who didn’t hire black people? Also, I can’t be the only one sick of that nasally white girl accent right?

Lastly, wasn’t it sad and cute how Booker and Nia sold their things to help? Cute due to the effort they made, but also sad since who knows how many kids were put in that position and things didn’t turn out alright in the end. Which, if you didn’t know better, with the way the child actors performed, there might have been a slight inkling that maybe the two families would end up homeless.

Merna: Chelsea, Raven, Booker, Nia, Levi, Tess

Merna’s apartment

While Nia and Booker are selling their stuff, Levi was supposed to be looking out for Raven. However, he ends up just playing with his drone, the last thing his dad gave him, which Tess hits with a bat. Then, afterwards, before knowing that was the last thing Levi got from his dad before going to prison, she decides to help him find and get it.

Problem is, it ended up in the apartment of the woman everyone, even Raven, assumed was a witch. An idea not helped by the fact Merna (Peggy Miley), has a hoarder level doll collection. But, lo and behold, she is actually a nice lady. One which, because Levi befriended her, it saves Raven and Chelsea from trying to figure out how to get $1000 more dollars a month alongside getting kicked out.

For, you see, Merna is not only Mr. Jablonski’s mother but the owner of the building. So with that, she shuts down whatever her son was talking about and the leaves Levi the hero.


I’m starting to think Tess’ role on this show is going to be like Nekeisha on The Carmichael Show. She may be there for a few scenes, she’ll clue you in on how terrible her life is, but after that, she is out. Which I’m perfectly fine with. Since I’m still unsure how to perceived Tess as a character.

Tess aside, I wonder if guest stars on Raven’s Home are going to be reoccurring or one and done? For I was really trying to understand why the hell did Merna have all those creepy dolls. Much less, how does she feel about being considered the witch of the building? Never mind what she did for a living, what happened to Mr. Jablonski’s father, who seemingly wasn’t much help, and just getting a full sense of who she is.

For while I do appreciate how the show dips its foot into more serious topics, it would be nice if it just got comfortable in those moments for a bit. Truly explored the pain instead of just making note of it then inserting some kind of comic relief. After all, the Disney Channel is perhaps the only network which really gives child actors the platform to really show their talent. So one could only hope with them turning down the effort of having their stars being comic masterminds and singers, they maybe crafting them to have the dramatic chops to cleanly transition to FreeForm, if not ABC one day.

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  1. Very heart touching episode! Got to admire Booker & Nia trying their best to raise money to keep them from being evicted…aww! So cute at the end when Booker said to Nia, “Levi’s getting my smooches!” (Booker had a vision of his mom telling him he saved the apartment and hugging him, but it turned out Levi was the hero)…but then Rae says, “Now, everybody’s getting smooches! Come here!” 🙂

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