I’m having a bit of a difficult time getting into this. If only because, while you can tell there maybe arcs and episode to episode storylines, the comedy is sort of dated. Also, Raven Home doesn’t have that, for a lack of a better term, cross over appeal where it can appeal to both Disney’s…

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I’m having a bit of a difficult time getting into this. If only because, while you can tell there maybe arcs and episode to episode storylines, the comedy is sort of dated. Also, Raven Home doesn’t have that, for a lack of a better term, cross over appeal where it can appeal to both Disney’s demographic and the people who pay the bills for said demographic.

So I’ll probably stick it out for about 5 episodes and then make a final decision from there.

Privacy in a Young Girl’s Life: Nia

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With the way everyone’s living arrangement is, the only person seemingly not happy is Nia. After all, she is becoming a teenager and while she doesn’t have anything necessarily to hide, she still wants privacy. Especially so things, like her training bra, don’t end up flaunted around for a joke.

However, no one seems to want to listen to her vent besides Tess.


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When it comes to comedies, there are a few ways of handling things. There is to build a story around a joke, create jokes based off a story, or by finding the comedy in a dark topic. Raven’s Home kind of plays with each idea but doesn’t really commit to any of them. Like with Nia. The sort of “dark topic” is that with Nia being considered so independent, as noted at the end of the first episode, she sometimes can be, and feels, neglected. Which she has learned to tolerate, for the most part, but of course it is going to weigh her down. For never mind her brother not listening, but her mom too? Her primary care giver? I mean, who else is a girl to run to?

You Are The Father: Nia, Devon, Raven, Booker, Levi, Chelsea

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Booker gets a vision of Levi moving and with him finally getting to have a brother, he tries to figure out a way to make him not want to move. All the while ignoring Nia so the girl ends up going to her dad, Devon, for advice. Maybe even to live with him.

However, with Devon being a weatherman, much less talking about moving to Dallas for a new job, it would mean Nia having to be separated from her brother and mom. Something she doesn’t want but something has to give. Seeing Levi in her training bra, under the impression Chelsea just shrank his shirt, was the final straw.


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You know, with seeing Devon, much less the way Raven interacts with him, you have to wonder why did they divorce? They seem amicable toward one another, and Raven still has the hots for him, so what is going on here? Did he stop having feelings for her, did they realize they work together better as friends? What’s the story there? For it seems they didn’t break up on bad terms and can co-parent in a highly functional way, so what is the story? [note] Imagine the many ways she tried to dodge Devon when divorce probably came up in a vision. [/note]

Alongside that, how has Chelsea been functioning all this time? Has she really been relying on men in order to not end up homeless? Because I remember Chelsea being a bit goofy and out there, but has she become a female version of the dumb Disney dad?

For that is the thing which has me hesitant about really committing to this show. Like Girl Meets World, the show has its moments but there is such a tug of war between slapstick funny and just the jokes coming naturally. That alongside allowing some things to just be serious without a comic relief.

But, to be honest, I barely remember That So Raven being a show to consistently take serious, so maybe I just need to adjust my expectations to truly get into the show?

The Sacrifices Parents Make: Nia, Devon, Raven, Booker, Chelsea

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In the end, Nia doesn’t end up going with Devon. If only because Chelsea moves into Raven’s room and Nia gets her own room back. Also, the twins reconcile, as they did in the 1st episode, with a hug and apology. Something which hopefully doesn’t just become a weekly thing for these two.


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I think there is a need to remind oneself that just because Raven is now a full grown adult, and maybe willing to touch on adult issues, she knows her bread and butter is playing a silly person. One who hides behind coffee machines, puts on disguises, and never is just straight forward. Which, of course, is odd now since she is an adult and with kids, but some things never change right? Yes, she may have more responsibilities now, but it doesn’t mean she is capable, or desires, to face some challenges head on.

But in that sort of lies one of the problems which may affect this show’s longevity. Has the character of Raven Baxter evolved or is pretty much the same? Arguably, Chelsea has become worse since now she isn’t this quirky and fun teenager but a grown up idiot. So is Raven just a functioning adult who still lets her visions run her ragged?

And speaking of visions, I wonder when will it come about that Booker has visions to Raven and when she will share she too can see glimpses of the future? Not that it is a pressing matter, but it sort of feels like it should be right? It is pretty much the only thing introduced the show can build towards. That and Chelsea maybe using her interior design skills to get a job and possibly move out. Assuming that may ever happen.

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