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Raven’s Home: Season 1/ Episode 13 “Vest in Show” [Season Finale] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Season 1 of Raven’s Home comes to an end with Raven making a bold and scary decision. One which Booker attributed to.

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Money is a major issue in Raven’s Home. The heating bill is $300, the water bill $400, and Chelsea still can’t find a job [note]Devon sends money, but it ain’t enough for them kind of bills.[/note]. Though, all things considered, she could do like Tess’ mom and pull insurance scams, slipping and falling in stores, to make some money. But, that isn’t Chelsea’s thing.

So, until she gets a job, everyone is reliant on Raven’s income and it is becoming hard for her to be the sole breadwinner. Not to the point of going off on Chelsea, but definitely to the point she may eventually do like Jessica (?) wants to and rip the weave out of Paisley’s head. For Raven is working at home or at the office day and night to design clothes for dogs. An adjacent to her dream job of designing for human beings.

Yet, no matter what she does, Paisley doesn’t enjoy anything she creates. In fact, her taste are more aligned with what Booker makes than Raven. His plunger with a hat design for a doggie vest? LOVE IT! Thus leading to Raven depending on Booker to design vests for the whole show. Which works out – until Paisley wants, for her fashion show, a live painting. Something Raven can’t do since she tries to sneak Booker in.

Which, as you can imagine, is a problem for a multitude of reasons. One being that Paisley doesn’t like kids and doesn’t know Raven has any. On top of that, Paisley is mad anal about things and high maintenance. So, as you can imagine, as Raven pursues her scheme it all goes to heck. For with this giant suit she has on having dog treats, all the dogs go right to them and it exposes Raven and Booker.

Thus leading to Raven having a conversation long overdue – one in which she quits. Then, not too long after, Liz Anya comes in, for reasons which make no sense, and ends up buying Raven’s jacket. To the tune of $10,000. Money Raven plans to start her own business with.


Raven Starting Her Own Business

Not only will we likely not see Paisley for a long time, if ever again, but Raven is opening her own business! Of which should lead to a lot of interesting storylines and true to life lessons when it comes to season 2. Be it taxes, managing employees, of which surely this will be a co-family business which means Chelsea and Raven bumping heads at times. Especially considering Chelsea used to run a business. Plus, it will probably also mean the kids being more independent since the launch of that business will likely take both Chelsea and Raven’s time. So here is to seeing how the family dynamic changes as Raven puts on her small business/ entrepreneur hat and drops some knowledge on the audience.

Though, I would be remiss to not note how great it was that Tess and Levi came up with the idea to take advantage of a pizza shop putting their house number on the fliers. If only because it sort of showed how these kids, especially as they learn about the family money issues, will figure a way to help out.

The Struggles of Finding a Job

Chelsea has been looking for a job the entire season. Something which probably is hard because not only is Chelsea readjusting to a lower income bracket, but now she has to impress and work for other people. And I’d argue, similar to Raven, Chelsea has the kind of personality where it is better if she works for herself than is pushed to work for others.

Though, one of the things I like about Chelsea’s struggle, and Raven’s in extension about work, is that as much as it is presented as a joke, finding a job, getting an interview, and etc, it isn’t. Your resume has to be just right, you have to look and come off a certain way for one interview, repeat that performance for a second one, pass a background check and etc. And just looking for a job that fits you is a full-time gig which Chelsea has to manage while co-parenting her kid, Raven’s kid, along with Tess who is just over at the apartment a lot.


Nia Really Needs A Big Time Mommy and Me Moment

It has long been made clear that Booker may not necessarily be Raven’s favorite, but he is her partner in hijinks 9/10. With that, it seems Nia barely gets to participate in major moments with her mom and is usually regulated to doing things with Tess. Which is increasingly getting sad because it is like Nia is the red-headed stepchild sometimes. As if she is Tess’ sister and not Raven’s daughter.

Like, take what happens this episode, it would have been nice if the way Raven connected with Nia was because they both liked painting. Something Nia could have still presented as something that just came to her and with the whole dual vision thing not leading to Booker revealing he has visions, that could have been dropped.

Still Waiting For Raven to Learn Booker Has Visions

I don’t know if they are waiting for the 2nd season to premiere, maybe a mid-season finale, next season’s finale, if not the series finale, but I really want this reveal out of the way. If only because, again, I want more Nia and Raven moments and as long as Booker’s visions are secret, that impedes Nia progressing with her mom.

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  1. It actually bothered me that Nia wasn’t even on the episode! Not even a throwaway comment that she was off visiting her dad or something, but that’s twice this season that she’s absent, and in spite of being one of Raven’s kids, much like you said it feels like she’s been relegated to the main hijinks of the episodes.


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