Levi as a ghost girl

Similar to the Halloween episodes of Girl Meets World, while there isn’t much in the way of story progress there is some insight into the importance of character relationships.

Bringing Halloween To You: Tess, Nia

With Nia having chicken pox means she can’t go trick or treating. However, with Tess having it three times, once the actual chicken pox and the rest major rashes, she decides to spend the night with her friend. Not having some regular old sleepover though. Instead, tapping into her inner Chelsea, she redecorates Nia’s room to fit a Halloween theme and comical gives her the experience of trick or treating. Showing how deep her bond is with Nia.

The Ghost Of The Roof Is In The Walls: Booker, Levi, Travis (Nicolas Cantu), Raven, Chelsea

Meet Travis (Nicolas Cantu)
Meet Travis (Nicolas Cantu)

Another episode, another random associate of Booker we likely will never see again. However, unlike past guest stars, I don’t think we’ll miss Travis much. He is an obnoxious boy who seems jealous of the attention Booker attracts over a ghost story Tess told him. So, to prove it is real, Booker invites Travis over. But with learning from Tess the story was a lie leads Booker using poor Levi to make it seem real.

Thus leading to the usual hijinks. Of which Levi ends up in what I believe is a water tower, with a maintenance door, that he falls through. So with Levi being stuck in the walls creates a ghost effect and after being rescued by Raven and Booker, and falling through three stories with minimal injuries, Chelsea finds them. Alongside her is Travis who sees them covered in dirt and who knows what, and with him thinking they are real ghosts, the goal is accomplished.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Raven mentions she is behind in rent. Leading you to wonder how bad is the family struggling financially?



Nearly every other episode Tess drops a nugget about how her home life goes beyond being a little odd and is probably just a bit depressing and frustrating. In fact, one could argue that she is being neglected considering how she makes it appear she gets more than love and attention but perhaps also food from Raven’s home. So to see her steal a bunch of things in order to make sure Nia doesn’t feel left out on Halloween was quite special.

But I think we also have to bring up her relationship with Booker and Levi. The whole ghost thing might have created an awkward moment for them, but her noting that teasing is how she shows love reveals a multitude of things. The first being that, in a platonic way, of course, Tess loves Booker and Levi as much as Nia. May show it differently, but she loves them just the same.

Also, it may give some insight into how much Raven has had influence over Tess. After all, the main way Raven shows love is through teasing. She teases Chelsea, her kids, Levi, and pretty much anyone who enters her home. All of which, through observation, Tess may have figured is how healthy relationships show affection and love. Hence why she too uses this method. She is showing love the way the most loving person in her life shows it to her.

Collected Quote(s)

You don’t have plans, you have an idea. It’s not a plan till you ask me. – Raven

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