Raven’s Home: Season 1/ Episode 10 “Fears of a Clown” – Recap/Review (with Spoilers)

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Raven comes face to face with one of her biggest fears: Clowns. Meanwhile, the kids make a new friend with said new clown’s son.

Meet Wally: Wally, Booker, Tess, Nia, Levi

The parade of guest stars, we’ll likely never see again, continues with Wally (Tristan DeVan). A new neighbor, who’s in 7th grade, from Colorado, and is considered dreamy by the girls. As for the boys, they think he is cool since he has this giant gorilla hand and seems a bit more crafty. Such as making a fort, robot costumes, and a few other things.

Which kind of helps the girls get over their crush for while they find Wally cute, when he reveals he is kind of like Booker and Levi, to a point, there goes the rose-colored glasses.

The Clowns Are Coming: Raven, Diane, Chelsea

Raven has coulrophobia (a fear of clowns). So with Raven seeing Wally’s mom Diane (Valerie Azlynn) in her close costume, yeah that sets her off. She starts hiding in closets with bats, acting erratic, and when she meets Diane she is very insulting. This is despite Chelsea trying to help Raven face her fears in a similar fashion to how Raven helped Chelsea face the truth about Garret.

My Bad…: Raven, Diane, Chelsea, Wally, Booker, Tess, Nia, Levi

Raven gets chewed out by everyone, except Tess since she doesn’t want to burn any bridges, over how she treated Diane. So, to apologize, Raven puts on a performance for Diane. She acts like a vaudeville type of clown and with that, Diane is won over and accepts Raven’s eccentric apology.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What triggered Raven’s fear of clowns?
  2. With the girls getting crushes, will we see the same from the boys soon?


Chelsea Trying To Help Raven

As we saw in “Vending the Rules,” Chelsea and Raven’s relationship has long since matured since their teen years. That and they rely on each other to help continue their growth as people. Now, while Chelsea was dealing with the serious matter of moving pass all Garret did to her, for Raven it is her fear of clowns. Which, Chelsea uses the same methods Raven did to try to help. Well, not dress up like a clown, but direct and confrontational approaches to perhaps dispel the apprehension, or in this case, fear.

Thing is, as we learned in “In-vision of Privacy,” what works for Chelsea doesn’t always work for Raven. Yet, you have to appreciate that Chelsea tried even with knowing how stubborn Raven is. For, it seems, being that Raven trusts Chelsea, eventually her words get through. As shown when Raven questioned why all the kids were coming at her neck and Chelsea was able to break through.


So, Is Wally Going To Be Around For More Than One Episode?

I’m just hoping all these guest stars we meet aren’t one and done characters. Be it the 8th grader Nia impressed with her makeup skills, the boy Tess had a crush on in the last episode or Wally. For while I get this is a live audience kind of show so we can’t have a huge cast, I’m starting to miss these people they introduce to us.

On The Fence

Cute Boy *Drool*

I can’t speak about how it is to be a teenage girl but maybe because I imagine myself as a more Jessi type, from Big Mouth, I just can’t wrap my head around Nia and Tess tripping over themselves. Those moments seemed pure Disney in the old school idea of how girls act. But, again, not being a girl, I very well might know what I’m talking about.

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